My little sister her name is Joanna she is in another part of Louisiana I am worried She is kind and caring to her family and friends She has Blackish Brownish hair and blue eyes She gets the hair color and blue eyes from my dad I am her big sister I was born before she was She goes to high school not telling though I treat her with kindness and sweetness a lot because when she and I were little she would be scared she would open my door ask if I am awake and I said yes and she asked if she can sleep with me and I said sure so she laid in bed with me and since then she would always sleep with me So last Saturday she and I were shopping at a store in my state and she and I went to look for stuff to buy so we went to look and I did not find anything to buy. So we went to the other store and I brought a t shirt and that's all I am not telling you anymore about her If you ask or beg me to tell you I will report you and block you

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