Geo and Jade are helping the Umi City Zoo by feeding the animals, but a parrot escapes and the two have to chase after it and return it to it's cage.

Intro: Geo and Jade Feed the AnimalsEdit

  • (Jade and Geo are with the seals at the Umi City Zoo) (Geo sees the screen and waves)
  • Geo: Hi, Umi-Friend. It's me, Geo. And this is my friend Jade.
  • Jade: Hello. We are from Team Umizoomi.
  • Geo: The tiniest superheros in the world.
  • Jade: That's right. But today, we are zookeepers for the day here in the Umi City Zoo.

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  • It appears that neither Milli nor Bot appear in this episode and they aren't even mentioned, which leaves Geo as the only character to appear to every episode.
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