Milli and Bot bring out a special Mixing Cube so they can combine they're body parts together to defeat an army of Slim Ants. But the Mixing Cube they have has the wrong colors. So they must get home quickly to find one with the right colors.

Intro: Running Away From the Slim AntsEdit

  • (Milli and Bot are at the park and look the viewers)
  • Milli: Hello there, it's me, Milli. And this is my best robot friend, Bot.
  • Bot: Hello, hello.
  • Milli: We are members of the tiniest superheroes ever - Team Umizoomi! We are hanging out in the forest.
  • (small footsteps can be heard)
  • Bot: What was that?
  • Milli: Beats me.


  • This episode reveals that two Team Umizoomi members can combine together to become one hero. Bot also reveals if all four members combine, they become a giant robot.
  • While Geo is voiced by Juan Mirt in this episode, Milli is voiced by Sophia Fox.
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