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<<Umi Egyptian Adventure


(The episode opens at Fountain Headquarters)

Geo: Hi, it’s me, Geo!

Milli: I’m Milli

Bot: I’m Bot!

Blazey: And I'm the team's sidekick and pet dragon Blazey! Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!

Geo: Today, Bot’s going to tell us the story of the magical Cat’s Eye necklace of Cleocatra.

Bot: Yep, you ready to hear the story?

Blazey: Ruff! Ruff!

Bot: All right! The cat goddess, Bastet, gave a special necklace with a magical Cat’s Eye jewel to Cleopatra, the ruler of Egypt. Cleopatra’s favorite feline, Cleocatra was furious that Bastet gave the necklace to human, she decided to steal the necklace. But a vigilant golden retriever puppy, Buddasi, saw Cleocatra. And Cleopatra was so mad over being betrayed by her trusted cat, that she used the necklace to make dogs man’s best friend, and cats were banished from the palace.

Big Trouble: Team Umizoomi is reading the story about the lost magical Cat’s Eye necklace of Cleocatra.

Little Trouble: A magical necklace? What a perfect thing to make some trouble with.

Big Trouble: And we love trouble, cause we’re...the Troublemakers.

(The Troublemakers sing their song)

Big Trouble: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Let's pop it!

Little Trouble: Let’s shake it!

Big Trouble: There's trouble!

Little Trouble: Let's make it!

Big Trouble: Let's flip it!

Little Trouble: No, let's flop it!

Big Trouble: Let's tip it!

Little Trouble: Ha, let's topple it!

The Troublemakers: Let's screech it, let's shout it

There ain't no doubt about it.

Trouble abounds when we're around.

We love

Trouble-Dee, Trouble-Dee, Trouble-Dee, Trouble-Dee,

Trouble-Dee, Trouble-Dee, Trouble-Dee, Trouble-Dee,

Trouble-Dee, Trouble-Dee, Trouble-Dee, Trouble-Dee,

Double the trouble for you!

(The song ends)

Big Trouble: Okay, Trouble Truck, time for you to turn into an airplane, cause we’re going to Egypt to find the lost Cat’s Eye necklace of Cleocatra.

Little Trouble: Hello, Team Umizoomi.

Milli: (gasp) It’s the Troublemakers!

Little Trouble: That’s right, Team Umizoomi, and we’re going to Egypt to find the magical Cat’s Eye necklace and use it to make cats man’s best friend.

Big Trouble: Trouble you later, Team Umizoomi.

Blazey: (whimpering) Yikes!

Milli: Oh, no, we can’t let the Troublemakers use the magic of the Cat’s Eye necklace to make cats man’s best friend.

Bot: Listen up, team, we got to beat the Troublemakers to Egypt and find the Cat’s Eye necklace first.

Geo: But we’re going to need your help, will you help us find the Cat’s Eye necklace of Cleocatra?

Blazey: (barking)

Geo: All right!

Bot: Team’s time for action!

Milli: Okay, team, we need to get to Egypt and find the lost Cat’s Eye necklace.

Bot: But Egypt is all the way across the Atlantic Ocean!

Geo: Don’t worry, I can use my super shapes to turn Umi-car into a helicopter. Here’s a blueprint of the shapes we need to turn Umi-car into a helicopter.

Geo: All right, we found all the shapes we need to turn Umi-car into a helicopter.

Super shapes.

Geo: Come on, team, we have to get to Egypt!

Bot: Look, team, there’s the Atlantic Ocean!

Milli: And look up ahead, it’s the Troublemakers!

Little Trouble: Oh, no, Team Umizoomi is right behind us!

Big Trouble: Looks like it’s time for me to use my...Trouble-Dee, Trouble-Dee, Trouble Ray.

Turn those clouds into storm clouds!

Little Trouble: They’ll never get past those.

Milli: Look out, Umi-car, the Troublemakers turned those clouds into storm clouds.

Bot: Don’t worry, Umi-car can use his water cannon to blast away the storm clouds.

Geo: Here come clouds.

Bot: Let’s count to see how many clouds there are Blazey, count them with me.

One, two, three, four.

To blast all four cloud, Blazey, say four cloud blast.

Blazey: Four cloud blast!

Bot: It worked.

Milli: Uh, oh, but here come even more storm clouds.

Bot: Let count to see how many clouds are coming this time, count them with me.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

To blast all seven cloud, say seven cloud blast.

Blazey: Seven cloud blast!

Bot: Looks like we’re out of trouble.

Geo: Uh, Bot?

Bot: Yikes, here come a lot of storm clouds, count them with me.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

To blast all ten clouds, say ten cloud blast.

Blazey: Ten cloud blast!

Milli: Hooray, we made it past all the storm clouds.

Geo: And we made it to Egypt.

Bot: Now let’s go find the Cat’s Eye necklace.

Little Trouble: Oh, we made Egypt.

Big Trouble: Yep!

Trouble Truck: (grunting)

Little Trouble: What is it, Trouble Truck?

Trouble Truck: (grunting)

Big Trouble: He says there’s someone behind us!

Little Trouble: It’s Team Umizoomi!

Big Trouble: Look, it’s a giant gate.

Little Trouble: I got an idea...Trouble-Dee, Trouble-Dee, Trouble Ray, lock the gate shut.

(The gate closes)

Milli: Look out, Umi-car, the gate closed!

Geo: It was the Troublemakers.

Big Trouble: Trouble you later, Team Umizoomi.

(Team Umizoomi pushes, but the gate won’t open)

Bot: (grunting) The gate is locked shut! We can’t open it.

Geo: Look, a yellow key!

Bot: It must open the yellow lock on the gate.

Geo: Huh?

Milli: Hey, where did it go?

Bot: It must be some kind of disappearing key.

Geo: Now it’s over there on that rock and it’s back in the sand.

Bot: Hey, this key keeps moving in the same pattern.

Milli: Help us remember the pattern.

The pattern goes:






Bot: What comes next?

Blazey: (barking) Sand!

Geo: Ha, got you yellow key.

Bot: Now let’s look for the purple key to open the next lock.

Milli: There it is, up in that tree.

Geo: Now it’s in the sand.

Bot: Now it in those mushrooms.

Milli: Help us remember the pattern.

The pattern goes:









Bot: What comes next?

Blazey: (barking) Mushrooms.

Milli: Ha, got you purple key.

Geo: All right, we just need one more key, the orange key.

Bot: There it is, on that stump.

Geo: Now it’s in the flowers.

Milli: Now it’s on that vine.

Bot: Help us remember this last pattern.

The pattern goes:









Bot: What comes next?

Blazey: (barking) Vine.

Bot: Ha, we got the last key.

Milli: Hooray, we opened the gate.

Geo: Now let’s hurry, we got to find the Cat’s Eye necklace before the Troublemakers.

Little Trouble: Look, there’s a secret entrance for Cleocatra’s tomb.

Big Trouble: Yeah, but this secret entrance is protected by a large serpent.

Trouble Truck: Huh?

Little Trouble: That’s a snake, we don’t like snakes.

Big Trouble: Uh, brother, what are you doing?

Little Trouble: Calm yourself brother.

Slither: I am Slither, the serpent protector of Cleocatra’s tomb.

Little Trouble: We hope to secure your permission to enter the tomb.

Slither: I was put here to protect the tomb for centuries, only the descendants of Buddasi may pass, you must look me in the eyes and if I win you will become my supper.

Little Trouble: And if I win.

Slither: Then you are the descendants of Buddasi and you, your brother, and your truck may pass.

Little Trouble: Shanti, shanti, shanti, shanti.

Big Trouble: He’s gone, little bro, you won.

Slither: You are the descendants of Buddasi, I have been waiting so long, you, your brother, and your truck may past, but beware of what’s ahead, there are more tests along this path.

(Slither breathes fire to light up the oil torches)

Slither: If you need my help I will be at your service, good luck, Troublemakers.

Milli: Team, look!

Bot: Oh, my, it’s Cleocatra’s tomb.

Geo: It says here, we need the Bronze of Bastet to open the door.

Bot: I have have the Bronze of Bastet, right here in my, Bot, Bot, botomat.

Here it is, the Bronze of Bastet.

Bot: Now I’ll put it in the slot in the door and then the door will open.


(Bot pushes the Bronze of Bastet in the slot)

(The door opens)

Milli: That’s weird, the oil torches are lit, someone else is here.

Geo: Oh, no, I think the Troublemakers got here first.

Little Trouble: Oh, no.


How will we get across?

Big Trouble: I’ll roll across the sand, and push the button on the other side and it will make a bridge.

Little Trouble: I wish the ancient Egyptians invented elevators.

What’s the hold up?

Big Trouble: There’s something strange about this hallway.

Little Trouble: You worry too much, this room look pretty normal to me!

Big Trouble: Remember what Slither said.

Little Trouble: Oh, that snake has been here too long, he gloomy!


(Little Trouble falls into the pit of snakes)

Big Trouble: Don’t worry, I got you.

Little Trouble: You know what, I’m going to go back outside.

Big Trouble: Not so fast!

Hmm, it’s ancient writing called hieroglyphics, I saw my cousin play this but much smaller.

Big Trouble: You have to get to other side, but you can only move on specific squares, let me show you.

(Big Trouble jumps on the right square, second: Plow, third: Lion, fourth: Man, fifth: Trees, and sixth: Life)

Big Trouble: Come on, guy, jump only on the squares that I did.

Little Trouble: Uh, I don’t get it, it’s just a big, empty room.

Trouble Truck: Bugs, I love bugs.

Big Trouble: That’s disgusting!

Little Trouble: Uh, Trouble Truck, I don’t think they appreciate you eating their cousin!

Big Trouble: Hey, it another one of those buttons.

(The Troublemakers slide down a slide)

Little Trouble: Hey, this looks like Cleopatra’s tomb.

Big Trouble: It’s the lost collar of Cleopatra.

Milli: Oh, no, it’s a quicksand trap!

Bot: Look, there’s a button on the other side, I wonder what it does? Let’s see.


Geo: Hey, pushing that button made a bridge.

Milli: Whoa, this like the ancient Egyptian board game.

Bot: Geo, only jump on the squares I tell you, all right?

Geo: Uh, huh!

Bot: Start here!

Now plow!




and Life!

Geo: Come on, guys!

Big Trouble: We got to make sure Team Umizoomi doesn’t get their hands on the collar.

Little Trouble: I’ll get it!

Big Trouble: Little brother, why are you wearing the collar?

Little Trouble: Relax, big brother, I’m just wearing this until we get home!

Big Trouble: Team Umizoomi?

Bot: Now if you would kindly hand over what is rightfully ours!

Little Trouble: No way! You’ll have to catch us first!

Big Trouble: Trouble-Dee, Trouble-Dee, Trouble Ray!

Make those cat statues come to life!

Geo: Uh, guy, those cat statues that are moving don’t look very friendly!

Blazey: Run! Corra! Corra!

Bot: Quick, split up!

Geo: Time for me to jump over the quicksand.

Blazey: Bye-bye, cats! Adios gatos!

Milli: Ha, those cats will never know how to get across.

See you later, naughty cats!

Blazey: (barking)

Bot: Uh, oh, I’m trapped!

Slither: You will become my supper, cat statues!

Little Trouble: Uh, I’m feeling kind of weird! Meow!

Big Trouble: I think I should remove the collar from my brother because it’s magic is turning him into a cat!

Bot: Arm-extendo!

I got the Cat’s Eye necklace!

Bot: Call Milli and Geo, I got the necklace!

Blazey: (howling)

Milli: We’ll meet you outside!

Little Trouble: How could you let this happen?

Big Trouble: I didn’t let this happen, you did!

Little Trouble: No, you did!

Big Trouble: Hey, is that a big pile of camel poop?

Little Trouble: Camel poop?

Big Trouble: Eww, yuck!

Little Trouble: This is all your fault!

Big Trouble: My fault? This is clearly your fault!

Little Trouble: My fault? It’s always your fault! Oh, disgusting, absolutely disgusting!

Bot: Looks like the Troublemakers won’t be causing anymore trouble today!

Milli: Now let’s get this necklace to the Umi-City treasure museum, where it’ll be safe and sound!

Treasure Museum Owner: Citizens of Um-City, thank Team Umizoomi, Umi-car, and Blazey for finding this…the lost Cat’s Eye necklace of Cleocatra.

Citizens: Wow!

Bot: You sure the necklace will be safe in here? We don’t want it falling into the wrong hands!

Treasure Museum Owner: Now to worry, Bot!

(The security guard activates the laser security system)

Treasure Museum Owner: No man will be able to get through that!

Milli: Thanks for all your help on our big ancient Egypt adventure!

Geo: And help us stop the Troublemakers!

Blazey: You're welcome! Ruff!

Bot: I feel a celebration coming on!

All: 2, 4, 6, 8!

Let's do the crazy shake! Wahoo!

Milli: Let’s celebrate!

Geo: A job well done!

Bot: Let’s crazy shake!

All: And have some fun…everybody crazy shake!

Blazey: Woo hoo!

Team Umizoomi: Yay!

Citizens: Yay!

Troublemakers: Eww, yuck!

Team Umizoomi: Mighty math powers!

Coming on July 22nd at 11:30 on Nick Jr