Umi Cookies! is a 15 second Team Umizoomi Short.

Transcript Edit

(We see Milli eating cookies from a jar on a counter.)

Milli: Mmm, I love cookies! I think i'll grab some more! (Runs off)

(We then transition to the jar of cookies being gone, and Milli walking back to the counter.)

Milli: Woah! Where did all the cookies go? (Walks over to Bot) Bot? Did you take all the cookies?

Bot: Me? I didn't do it.

Milli: If you didn't take it, who did?

(The screen pans over to Geo eating cookies out of the jar.)

Milli and Bot: Geo!

Geo: *Smiling* What? I was hungry!

Milli: Oh. Geo! *Giggles*

(Everyone then laughs)

The End

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