The Umi City Guards are an organization specializing in guarding and protecting the city.


The Main LeadersEdit

  • DoorMouse (Founder/Leader)
  • Lira Lennox (co-founder)

The High Class GuardsEdit

  • ???

The Middle Class GuardsEdit

  • ???

The Beggining Class GuardsEdit

  • ???

Temporary/Honorary GuardsEdit

  • Team Umizoomi


The standard uniform consist of a primary color scheme (red, yellow, and blue). The uniform design usually consist of a jacket (if a jumpsuit is not worn), pants/skirts/tights, a jumpsuit, shoes of any design (mainly boots), and a yellow vest. To show people thier occupation, the Umi City Guards wear a stop sign badge with a symbol of said occupation on it. The uniform can be altered depending on some of the occupations, and the badge can be foregone on a few occasions.

The uniform can be customized to fit a certain guard (i.e. for Milli, her vest becomes a dress that she can change patterns in it like her normal dress).

The Beginning Class Guards (the ones who are being trained) start off with the basic uniform, minus the badge and vest. Once the training is complete, the beginning class guards are promoted to middle class guards and given the vest and badge. When a middle class guard is promoted to high class, he/she is free to add new designs and alterations to his/her current uniform, with the color scheme becoming optional. When a high-class guard is promoted to leader or co-leader, the uniform become optional. Leaders can wear high-end casual wear with the optional color scheme.

The uniform is unisex, but females have the option of wearing a knee-length skirt/dress and tights/leggings in thier uniform. Only one pair of earrings from a female is allowed. Females also have to wear minimal and neutral makeup.

There have been instances of altering a uniform against what is acceptable. For example, take Kathy Caterson. She has torn the sleeves in her uniform and she wears two pairs of earrings instead of one.


  • An Umi City Guard
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