UmiCar's Lullaby is a song heard in the Season 5 episode, "The Missing Music Box". The team sings it to UmiCar with the music box to get him to sleep after retrieving it.

Lyrics Edit

Bot: The shining sun has gone to bed

It's time to rest your sleepyhead

So cuddle up real tight and go to sleep

Geo: Just close your eyes and drift away

'Cause it's the end of a lovely day

Milli: Now lose yourself in slumber oh so deep

Geo: And while the moon is shining bright,

The stars will keep you warm at night

Bot: Relax and let your cares all fade away

Milli: Rest your wheels and you will dream

While you are showered with moonbeams,

Team Umizoomi: And you will wake up to another day

It's time to say goodnight, dear friend

It's time to sleep until night ends

Now snuggle up all nice and tight

And sleep the whole night through

It's time for you to go to sleep

And math adventures all will keep

So close your eyes and dream a dream or two

It's sleepytime for you