Milli and Geo swapped bodies! It’s up to Doormouse and Bot to find ingredients to solve the problem before it’s too late, in the meanwhile Milli and Geo must figure out what they should do on each other’s free time!

Intro: Milli’s Switcheroo with Geo too!

(The scene starts with Milli and Geo writing to do lists)

Geo: Oh hi umi-friend! I’m Geo! Me and Milli are finishing to do lists for our free time.

Milli: Yeah...we’re going to do things easily!

Bot: Milli! Geo! Time for bed!

Geo: oh yeah, we’ve got to go to bed soon!

(Milli and Geo enter in the bedrooms)

Geo: *thinking to himself* Boy, I do things real fast, Milli warns me to do things slow...

Milli: *thinking to herself* Geo always tells me to do things faster, so I won’t take to much time for fun...

Milli and Geo: I wonder what’s like to be in each other’s body...

(As the sun sets, the moon rises and sets when the sun comes up...)

Bot: Milli, Geo, it's time for breakfast!

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