A Lovely Lunch Edit

  • (The episode starts with Team Umizoomi at a restaurant at a table made just for them. The team turns to the screen.)
  • Milli: Hi, Umifriend! We're Team Umizoomi. One of our friends invited us for lunch at Garden Peaks Restaurant.
  • Bot: Have you ever been invited to lunch? (small pause) Having lunch with people you know is a great bonding experience.
  • Geo: The friend who invited us has a yellow vest with a stop sign badge (as Geo describes the person, Bot's Robot Computer turns on, showing us a silhouette of a familiar character. With each detail given out, that detail appears on the silhouette), red boots, and brown fur.
  • Doormouse: Where is team umizoomi? I got gylerow so I don't have to worry about it.
  • Bot: Who do you think that is? (small pause) DoorMouse! He's invited us to lunch today. (Bot turns off the robot computer.) He should be coming here any minute.
  • (We cut to Doormouse driving his car, Red Majesty, to the restaurant parking lot. There, Doormouse parks his car and gets out, wearing a red convertable bag. He walks up to the reservations table where a hostess is waiting.)
  • Hostess: Do you have a reservation?
  • DoorMouse: I'm Doormouse, and I sit with Team Umizoomi. Wait, bot????
  • Bot: I'm here 
  • Hostess: Right this way, sir.
  • (Both Doormouse and the hostess wake up to the same table that Team Umizoomi is in. The hostess lowers her hand down to the floor so Doormouse can walk on it. The hostess raises Doormouse up to the table. Doormouse walks off the hand and walks to the only empty chair in the table to sit.)
  • Hostess: Enjoy your lunch.
  • Doormouse: Thanks. (The hostess walks away.)
  • Bot: It's nice to see you at lunch, DoorMouse.
  • Milli: DOORMOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • DoorMouse: I'm so glad I finally found the time to eat with you guys, even in this crazy lunch hour. Well, the waiter should be coming any minute with our menus.

Indowner (LAST) Edit

  • (We pan away from DoorMouse and Team Umizoomi to the parking lot, where the Troublemakers ZAPIY drive into the remaining parking spot. Big Trouble and Little Trouble jump out of Trouble Truck and walk up towards the restaurant.)
  • Big Trouble: You've got to try this restaurant. I actually went here once. They have all sorts of nice foods and---
  • Little Trouble: Hush up and hide! YES HUSH BIGTROUBLE
  • Milli: OK, team! Doormouse has dawned!
  • Geo: Well, too bad.
  • Milli: But it is true!!!
  • Bot:tursyt
  • Milli: oh dear it's the end now maybe