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Geo and Jade get trapped in Team Umizoomi's garage and so Milli and Bot have to catch the Troublemakers and free them.

Intro: Checking UmiCar and Getting Trapped

(Episode starts with Geo and Jade checking on UmiCar) (Jade looks at the screen)

Jade: Oh, hello. I'm Jade the Octopus. That's my friend Geo. 

Geo: Hi.

Jade: And this is Team Umizoomi. We are checking UmiCar to see if he's ready and rearing in case we have an emergency. His engine is A-OK. How are the wheels Geo?

Geo: I think there squeaky Jade.

Jade: I said wheels, not mice.

Geo: No, Jade! There aren't any mice, the wheels are squeaking. They may need oil. Can you get the oil from the shelf?

Jade: OK.

(Jade walks to the shelf) (Climbs up the wall)

Hmm. Can you help? Where is the oil can? Oh here it is. Thanks. I found it! Now let's fix UmiCar's wheels.

Geo: We just need to add 3 drops to each wheel. Count with us.

Geo and Jade: 1... 2... 3! 

Jade: Now for the other one. Count again with us.

Geo and Jade: 1... 2... 3!

Jade: OK UmiCar, try moving and see if the oil worked.

(UmiCar moves back and forth and no squeaking is heard)

It worked! Whoo-hoo! Thanks for counting with me. Alright, now that UmiCar's fixed, let's have some lunch. I'm starving.

Geo: Me too.

Jade: Er, Geo... I think we have another situation.

Geo: But I thought UmiCar is fine.

Jade: He is. But... I see the Troublemakers holding the remote. Don't you dare!

(The Troublemakers push the lever on the remote forward and forcily snap the lever off)

Tremble my tentacles! They broke the remote! 

Big Trouble: Have fun in there! 

Big Trouble and Little Trouble: *Laughs*

Jade: *Gasps* We're trapped! We can't get out! Stuck here all alone. *Cries* I don't like this.

(Tears pour from her eyes)

(Geo hugs Jade)

Geo: Jade you're not alone. You've got me. And that means *doubtfully* I'm stuck too.

Jade: Well I'm glad I've got you. I wish Milli and Bot were here. Where are they anyway?

Milli and Bot Find Out Geo and Jade are Trapped

(Milli and Bot are at the playground)

Milli: Hi, Umi Friend. Me and Bot are at the playground today. Geo and Jade are back at the Fountain Headquarters.

(Umi Alarm sounds)

Bot: Oh no. It's the Umi Alarm. That soun means someone needs our help.

Milli: When someone has a problem here in Umi City, we fix it with our...

Both: Mighty Maths Powers! We're Team Umizoomi! 

Bot: We can find out who needs our help right here on my Belly, Belly...

Both: Belly Screen!

Milli: *Gasps* It's Geo. What's wrong little brother?

Geo: Me and Jade are trapped in the garage. 

(Jade runs around panicking)

Please help us! It was the Troublemakers who got us in this mess.

Bot: Don't worry we're coming.

Milli: We'll be there before you can say...

Both: Ready for action!

Jade: Ready for action. 

(Jade smiles silently for 5 seconds then frowns)

Nothing happened.

Geo: It's just a saying Jade.

Jade: Oh right. Please just hurry. I can't take this anymore.

Milli: Don't worry we're coming.

Geo: Thanks.

(Belly Screen turns off)

Geo: Don't worry Jade. They're coming.

Jade: Thank goodness. I'm gonna find something to do before they arrive.

(Back at the park)

Milli: We've got to get Geo and Jade out of the garage and fix the remote. But we need your help. Will you help me and Bot rescue our friends? Umirific! Team Umizoomi...

Both: It's time for action!

Jade: *Sings* Who's gonna free from the garage?

Milli and Bot: We are - Team Umizoomi!

Geo: *Sings* Who's gonna free us from the garage?

Milli and Bot: We are - Team Umizoomi! We're on a mission to save the day, here we come we're on our way! We're gonna free them from the garage, yeah Team Umizoomi!

Milli: First we need to find the Troublemakers. They have the remote. Come on. Let's save our friends.

Milli and Bot Chase Down the Troublemakers

(Milli and Bot run out of the playground)

We need to look for the Troublemakers. Look carefully and tell me if you see the Troublemakers. 

(The Troublemakers appear from the left road)

Yes! There they are. Let's get them Bot!

Little Trouble: Uh oh. Run!

(The Troublemakers run off)

Bot: After them!

(Milli and Bot run after them)

Look! Their heading to the Umi City Skatepark!

Milli: Their going up the ramp! *Gasps* And over it! We're not gonna give up though. Come on.

Geo and Jade Play Snakes and Ladders and Fix UmiCar Again

(Geo and Jade are playing Snakes and Ladders) (Geo's the blue counter on number 76 and Jade's the red one on number 95)

Jade: Ha, ha! Nice try. It's my go. 

(Jade shakes the dice in the cup)

Right. *To herself* Please be a 5, please be a 5, please be a 5.

(Rolls the dice out of the cup and it lands on 2)

Jade: Oh. Two. 1, 2. What? A snake? Great. Now I go back to number 65.

(Moves counter down snake onto number 65)

Your go.

(Geo rolls the dice and it lands on 4)

Geo: Yes a four! Count with me. 1, 2, 3, 4. A ladder!

(Moves counter up to number 100)

Geo: Look I won! Better luck next time.

Jade: I'm gonna go grab some orange juice from the kitchen.

Geo: Jade you can't. We're stuck remember?

Jade: Oh. *Gasps* UmiCar's wheel has off! We need to put it back on.

Geo: We need to tighten the blot on his wheel. Why don't we use a wrench?

Jade: Great idea. I'll use my Tenat-Tools to find one. Can you help me? To make me use my Tenta-Tools, sing *Sings* Tenta-Tools! *Sings* Tenta-Tools! Let's see.

(Jade's tentacle makes a hammer appear)


(Next a saw appears)


(Makes a plush clownfish appear)

Stafford? What are you doing in there? Never mind.

(Finally, a wrench appears)

I've found one! Now let's fix this... wait. What are we fixing? I think my lamp needs fixing. I'll be right back.

Geo: The wheel needs fixing, not your lamp. Besides you don't even have a lamp.

Jade: I can't believe what I just heard.

Geo: How can you? You don't have ears either.

Jade: Well you don't have... er... ...a recipe for raspberry and cherry tart pie. Or chocolate flapjacks. Or a turquoise lizard wearing a blue wristband.

Geo: That dosen't even exist. Just fix the wheel.

Jade: OK. Bossy. Right. To fix the wheel, we need to the bolt to the left hand side 12 times. Count to 12 with me. 1, 2, 3.. er, what number comes next? 4! 5, 6, 7, 8... er, what comes next? 9! Thanks. There we go. 10, 11... and what's the final number? 12! There. All fixed.

Geo: Hooray!

Jade: Thanks for counting with me. I feel like listening to some music now he's fixed. Now which button is the radio?

Geo: Horn, shield, smoke screen, turbo boost...

Jade: Self-destruct!

(About to push the "Self-destruct button) (Geo grabs her tentacle)

Geo: Jade! We don't UmiCar to self-destruct. Can you help? The radio button is a red triangle. Which shape is a red triangle? This one! 

(Turns on radio and music plays)

There we go.

Jade: Fancy a game of game of Go-Fish?

Geo: You're on.

The Troublemakers Get Caught 

(Milli and Bot are close to the Troublemakers)

Bot: We're close. We need to build enough speed to catch them. According to my calculations, we need to count to 20 to build enough speed to catch them. Can you help count to 20 with us? Great. Count with me.

Milli and Bot: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20! (They move in front of them and stop them)

The Troublemakers: Turn! (They turn another way and into a pile of rubbish)

Little Trouble: Eww, rubbish. That smells bad.

Big Trouble: OK, here's the remote. We give up.

Milli: We got the remote! Now we need to fix it and save our friends.

Geo and Jade Play Go-Fish

(Geo and Jade are holding cards)

Geo: Jade, got any sixes?

Jade: (Holds a card with 6 clubs on it) Oh, not another rhinoceros. (Slams her tentacle on the floor) How did you beat me again? Are you cheating?

Geo: No, I'm not cheating.

Jade: OK. I'm gonna grab some lemonade from the kitchen.

Geo: Jade, we're still stuck remember.

Jade: Oh. I forgot. (Picks up the cards) Right, got any nines?

Geo: Go-fish Jade.

Jade: I win, you lost. (laughs)

Geo: Jade, you still don't understand the game?

Jade: What game? I don't remember playing a game at all.

Geo: It's called Go-fish. If I don't have that card you Say, I say "Go-fish" and you take another from the pile.

Jade: Oh. (laughs after a brief pause) Tell me the whole thing again. I wasn't listening.

Geo: Oh, Jade!

Geo and Jade are Free

(Knocking on the garage)

Milli: (voice) Geo, Jade!

Jade: Who is it?!

Milli: Milli and Bot! We got the remote and fixed it! (button is pressed, and garage door opens)

Jade: Milli, Bot! Finally. Get us out (x12) Get us...

Bot: Calm down Jade, you'll be out now.

(The garage door opens)

Geo: Hooray! We're saved!

Jade: What a relief. I'm hungry.

(The team all hug) (UmiCar beeps happily)

Thanks for saving us. And thank you Umi Friend for helping Milli and Bot get me and Geo out of this garage.

Milli: Umi Friend, we make a great team. With our MIghty Maths Powers, we can do anything.

Bot: I feel a celebration coming on!

(Crazy Shake is performed)

The End

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