Start of the StoryEdit

(The episode starts when Geo's looking out the window)

Geo: Oh hi! I'm just looking outside, *sigh* I'm just wondering something.

(Milli comes in) Milli: Geo, why are you looking outside?

Geo: I'm just wondering about who we faced. Zilch, Squiddy, Dumptruck, Grog etc.

Milli: Maybe. But still, they are villains except Zilch.

Geo: 🎵I'm just wondering about them, how we solved problems. Like find mermaids, returning keys, getting my shape belt back.🎵

Milli: 🎵Sometimes there are problems that people will might do again.🎵

Geo: 🎵What if i’m right, is I should be true, if I did something...something...something wrong.🎵

Milli and Geo: 🎵Sometimes things come, sometimes thing go, but when we’re together. We can do anything.🎵

Geo: I guess I should get to bed.

Milli: Goodnight.

Innocent Shape Bandit Edit

(The Umi Alarm can be heard)

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