1. Ming-Ming the Duckling
  2. Linny the Guinea Pig
  3. Tuck the Tortise
  4. Chinna the Chicken
  5. Geo
  6. UmiCar
  7. Milli
  8. Bot


Ming-Ming: Let's plan to make our vehicle.

Tuck: But we have flyboat.

Milli: Hey, Wonder Pets, just like I went to the mission alone, how about you guys?

Ming-Ming: Yeah, althrough we need teamwork, but not always possible.

Linny: Ming-Ming, you're right.

Bot: So do we. Our UmiCar is lonely.

Umicar: I need a friend.

Ming-Ming: How about calling Ollie the Bunny?

Linny: That's a great idea, Ming-Ming.

Milli: So UmiCar will wait to finish all vehicles, while Wonder Pets and Team Umizoomi, three members each and Ollie will make the vehicle.

Wonder Pets: Of course.

Milli: But you guys have to make at daybreak. Otherwize you're caught by one of the students or the teacher at 9:00 am. They will be freak out.

Ming-Ming: I'll promise that.

Linny: Me too!

Tuck: Me three!

Bot: It is okay to stay here?

Ming-Ming and Linny: Why, of course, my dear friends.

Milli:Before going to sleep, I'll give rules for making the vehicles

First of all, the safest time is at the daybreak. Usually at 4 or 5:00 am. Team Umizoomi will wake you up three times. First at 4:00 am, second at 5:00 am and last at 7:00 am. If you refuse all the three calls, you cannot make a vehicle and that's not our fault. I will not making your vehicle even you pleaded for make and you won't own your own vehicle.

Secondly, I'll going to close the event at 8:00 am. That is the time that we will test our vehicles and see if it is working well. If you have problems with your vehicles, we can make again or fix it. But according to the first intension, you have to join before the school starts.

Lastly, if you already joined the group and yours is not working well, I can fix it but not making a new member.That is for if the team work is invalid. So you can use if you guys cannot make a flyboat.

You three listened and promised to me. Good luck and keep your promise, good night!




Wonder Pets:I'll never forget about that.

(The next day 4:00 am)

Milli:I'm up!

Bot:Me too!

Ollie:I'm here too!

Geo:Me three!

Milli:Now, get up wonder pets.

Ming-Ming:I'm awake.

Linny:Me too.

Milli:Tuck, get up!

Tuck:Stop it, Team Umizoomi! (angrily)

Ming-Ming:How about having our breakfast now?

Linny:That's a good idea.

Ming-Ming:I'll have a cellary sandwich.

Linny:Me too.

Ollie:I'll eat carrot sandwich.

(Tuck get back to sleep)

Geo:I have pepperoni pizza.

Bot:I have number soup.

Milli:I brought pattern duck eggs.

Milli:I'll mix duck eggs with pattern sandwich.

Ming-Ming:It's tasty. I'm full.

Linny:Me too.

Ollie:Let's build our vehicle then.

Milli:That's a great idea.

(It's 4:20 am)

Ming-Ming:Ollie, you're a guest, so you will build your vehicle first.

Milli:You can test your vehicle.

Ollie:That's great!

Milli:We'll help you to make your vehicle.

Ollie:The seat stands...

Linny:The sail is on the top.

Ollie:Done it! Mine is ship!

Ming-Ming:What's its name and gender?

Ollie:I think I choose the gender male and I'll call him Billy.

He's not the member of the Wonder Cles, and he is two years old.

Yeah, I'm a captain!

Milli:Other inportant information is if you are just act like a normal pets, or if the classroom is not vacant, your vehicle is just a tiny toy, but since you three need rescue the animal in trouble, they became bigger and you can drive them.

They will not be break out even you had finished the rescue.

Wonder Pets:We agree.

Ollie:I'm going to test Billy whether he is all right or needs fixing.

After that, I'm going home. Bye!

Ollie:Hey, you guys, he is working! I successed to make my vehicle!

Milli:Good luck, Ollie. Hope to see you soon!

Ming-Ming:Then how about other vehicles?

(It's 5:00 am)

Bot:Tuck, get up!

Ming-Ming:We're making our vehicles.

Linny:Endeed, this is second last chance. If you don't get up next time, you will not be able to make your vehicle.

Ming-Ming:Then you will never able to get that chance.

Linny:Milli told me that.

Tuck:Stop annoying me! Stay off! Leave me alone to sleep! (In the sleepy voice)

Milli:But you sure, If you want to have your own vehicle, you must wake up next time.

Linny:So let's get back to work, Wonder Pets and Team Umizoomi.

Ming-Ming:So we have the rest of the vehicle.

Linny:Sure. Whose one do you want to make?

Linny and Milli:Well, we're leaders, so we will say to Ming-Ming to make her vehicle first.

Ming-Ming:Thank you, leaders.

Linny:You're welcome, Ming-Ming.

Ming-Ming:I'll choose this one.

It goes wheels, and engine, patrol, and paint with top log taxi.

Linny:Then you're one is a taxi.

Ming-Ming:Mine one is also a male, I'll call him Neal. Mine is one of the Wonder Cles and he is three years old.

Milli:Ming-Ming, are you sure to name the team Wonder Cles?

Ming-Ming and Linny:Of course, yes. Just like we're called the Wonder Pets.

(It's 6:00 am)

Linny:Then this is my turn.

Milli:You want to make this?

Linny:Yes. It is connected and it has driver's seat at front and back.

Ming-Ming:I think yours will be a train, tram or a subway.

Linny:It's a subway. I'll name it Julie. It is female and she is one of the Wonder Cles. She is five years old.

Milli:The ages are the old of their resourses.

Ming-Ming:That's right.

(It's 7:00 am)

Milli:That's it! The Wonder Pets already finished their vehicles, and we should make our vehicle to make a friend of UmiCar.

Ming-Ming:Thanks for helping us. Now I and Linny will help you guys.

Bot:Our one is the bus. I will choose a male and his name is Eric.

Linny:Tuck, get up! This is the last chance.

Tuck:NO! I WISH THAT I WANT TO SLEEP ALL OF THIS DAY! Stop waking me up. (Angrily)

Milli:Then I say that you're okay to not make your vehicle. We'll not wake you up.

Ming-Ming:We've finished our vehicle.

Milli:Hey UmiCar, you have your new friend!

UmiCar:Hello, Eric, nice to meet you.

Eric:Nice you meet you too.

Milli:So we have to choose who is the leader.

Billy is not a Wonder Cle so he is not with that.

Julie:I'm being honest and I have never told lies, honest!

Milli:But I heard Billy and Eric sometimes tell lies to you, Julie.

Ming-Ming:And I take pity of her because she is the only female of her group. 2 lat

Linny:And she is also fearless.

Milli:I confirmed that Julie is the leader. FHUCKaap

Julie:Yey, I'm a leader.

Milli:Because once you choosed their genders, you cannot change it back.

(It's 8:00 am)

Milli:I'll close the event. Tuck cannot make his vehicle.

Ming-Ming:All right.

Linny:I'm fine.

UmiCar:I'm not lonely anymore.

🎵 Team Umizoomi, Ready for action..... Trouble at the Train Station... 🎵

Bot: I'll be the driver of the bus. There is a trouble at the station.

Geo:But we should test our vehicles.

Ming-Ming:I'll test mine. I'm a taxi driver.

Milli:Your taxi works well. Neal is a good boy.

Linny:I'll test my subway.

Milli:Your subway, Julie is also successed to create.

You two Wonder Pets, Ming-Ming and Linny, are successed to work of a vehicles.


Linny:I'm so happy!

Milli:Mine is also successed to make.

(Tuck wakes up)

Tuck:I'm awake. Let's make vehicles.

Ming-Ming:Sorry. We have already closed the event.

Linny:Milli told us that she will close the event.

Bot:So you had to listen to Milli carefully.

Tuck:Can you make mine now?

Ming-Ming:Sorry, I'm not doing it.

Linny:I'll not accept yours.

Milli:Sorry, but I already close this event.

Tuck:(Crying) Then how can I make my vehicle?

Bot:Milli told you, Wonder Pets that if you three didn't woke up before 8:00 am, you cannot have your vehicle and that's not our fault. Ming-Ming and Linny listened to her and keep their promises while you are just sleeping and annoyed by us.

UmiCar:I have my new friend.

Tuck:I'm going to sleep.

(The next day)

Milli:I'm going to ride UmiCar.

Bot:I'll drive Eric.

Geo:I'm a fast member, so I'll skate to go.

Ming-Ming:We don't need flyboat.

Linny:Because we're going travelling with Team Umizoomi. You can take your taxi, Neal and I'll take my subway, Julie.

Tuck:How about me?

Geo:You can run with me.

Tuck:I am not a good runner.

UmiCar:Sorry to say, but you have to stay at your cage.

Linny:Tuck lied to me that he is deligent member.

Milli:Linny, I think you're a delicate guinea pig.

Bot:I'll tell the truth. Two days before, we, Team Umizoomi gave a chance to Wonder Pets to make their own vehicle. So all three Wonder Pets agreed to me. Then when we woke all three up yesterday, Ming-Ming and Linny listened to us and followed and catched the chance, but Tuck was ignoring and he told lie that he will do it later on. The second time, he didn't listened to us and also the last chance that Milli gave. After Milli closed the event and ended and tested the rest of the members, after that Tuck woke up. He told lie to his team leader, Linny that he catched the last chance. Tuck, it's your fault that you don't have a vehicle.

Milli: u#)\go!animateSshdfoafncghsreuiansdforfaforfreesumersatnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAA

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