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The Wonder Dinos are dinosaurs made by Ming-Ming and Linny with Team Umizoomi supporting.


Neal the Triceratops, counterpart to Ming-Ming and Geo.

Eric the Stegosaurus, counterpart to Tuck and Bot.

Julie the Brontosaurus, counterpart to Linny and Milli.

Billy the T-Rex, counterpart for Ollie and Blazey.

The team's leader is Julie the Brontosaurus.

The Wonder Dinos are Wonder Pets' Dinosaurs to make their way seperate to Team Umizoomi.

They have flyboat, but they don't use it for usual.

Shows and about[]

It's the secondary programme after the Wonder Pets. In the last version of the Wonder Pets, Team Umizoomi came to the classroom and promise to wake up at 5:00 am, otherwize, the Wonder Pets won't be able to have a rescue without teamwork. Because teamwork is good, but not always possible. Umizoomi woke all three pets up and Ollie the bunny has came, Ming-Ming and Linny woke up but Tuck was being lazy and he was sleeping and annoyed of Bot. So Team Umizoomi confirmed to not make his Dinosaur.

Team Umizoomi had helped Ollie to create a dinosaur, while Ming-Ming and Linny are planing about their vehicle and Team Umizoomi's vehicle.

And Tuck didn't hear this because he was sleeping and he didn't care. Ollie was the first one to finish his vehicle and he had gone back to his home. Now, Team Umizoomi make a choice to make whose ones and wake up Tuck. Ming-Ming the Duckling, Linny the Guinea Pig and Tuck the Turtle are the members, but since Tuck is ignoring the event, Ming-Ming and Linny kept going and didn't wake up Tuck anymore. Ming-Ming is the second one to make her Dinosaur. Before, Ollie named its name and gender. Its name is Billy and it is a Tyrannosaurus Rex . And Ollie also give it a gender as male. But Ming-Ming made a Triceratops, and she choose its gender to male. Thirdly, Linny is going to make her dinosaur. She and Team Umizoomi made a Brontosaurus. Linny choose the gender to female and she called her Julie. Lastly Ming-Ming, Linny and Team Umizoomi created UmiCar's friend. Because UmiCar is lonely. Ming-Ming named her taxi to Neal while Team Umizoomi's Stegosaurus is male and called Eric. Finally they choose who is the leader. They found out that Julie never tell lies and being fearless while Eric and Billy sometimes tell lies. Also the Wonder Pets and Team Umizoomi take pity that Julie is the only girl in the group, so they decied that Julie is the leader. The Wonder pets and Team Umizoomi left Flyboat and UmiCar in the classroom, while testing the four vehicles that they made. They tested Ollie's Billy first because he is the guest to the classroom. Ollie was fun to use the ship that he's a captain. Ming-Ming was the second one to drive her dinosaur, Neal. She was enjoying her Triceratops. Linny tested her subway, Julie and she is very impressed of her. Team Umizoomi made a Stegosaurus and Bot is the rider, and their dinosaur, Eric is the friend of UmiCar. At 8:00 am, they closed the event because ones they are all done. Tuck wakes up and he got mad because he didn't have his dinosaur. It is his fault to break the promise with Team Umizoomi while Ming-Ming and Linny kept their promise with Team Umizoomi. When he pleaded to make is dinosaur, none agreed and they all refused to make his vehicle because of his punishment due to break the promise. Since the Wonder Pets are the riders of the dinosaurs, the company made a rule that their vehicles are for teamwork is not possible. So they can drive, but cannot take other Wonder Pet(s) to their vehicle. The Wonder Pets said yes. But they said thad they're allowed to take passengers like Team Umizoomi and any animals they are in trouble and they must escape from that place.


1. Save the Brontosaurus! (First time the leader, Julie is in trouble.)

2. Save the Duckling! (Ming-Ming is in trouble and Julie is sick.)

3. Save the Wonder Dinos! (Every member in Wonder Dinos are in trouble.)

4. Save the Bunny! (Ollie is in trouble)

6. Save Bambi the Fawn! (Episode with Billy the ship.)

7. Save the T Rex! (Billy is in trouble.)

8. Save the Triceratops! (Neal is in trouble.)

9. The Triceratops saves the day. (Julie and Eric are in trouble.)

10. The Brontosaurus saves the day. (Neal is in trouble and Eric is sick.)

11. Save the Kitten! (Brownie is in trouble that to turn a deer into kitten and he needs cure.)

12. Save the Stegosaurus! (Eric is in trouble.)

Save the Guinea Pig has planned but cancelled.


It is important to keep your promises.


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