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Doormouse feels like that Umi-City is nothing but a boring place to live in. That is until a tornado strucked and he was sent to the land of Ounces! Fortunately there is a way to return! But he has to be careful because the Evil Werlock will cause some trouble indeed.


  • Doormouse
  • Milli
  • Geo
  • Bot
  • Scarecrow (Portrayed as Geo)
  • Tin Man (Portrayed as Bot)
  • Cowardly Lion (Portrayed as Milli)
  • Gilmore Borealis the Good Warlock of Winter's Snow/The Warlock of the North
  • Glinda Australia the Good Witch of Summer's Flames/The Witch of the South
  • Gibeon Hesperio the Bad Warlock of Autumn's Winds/The Warlock of the West
  • Gertie Orientu the Bad Witch of Spring's Roots/The Witch of the East

Prolouge: The Tornado Strikes[]

(The Episode opens where Team Umizoomi is outside Doormouse's house, with Bot and Doormouse trying to renovate Doormouse's shed, and Milli and Geo playing.)

Bot: (Looks at the camera and then waves hello) Oh hi Umi-Friend! I'm bot, this is Doormouse.

Doormouse: Hey, I'm doormouse.

Bot: We're helping Doormouse rebuilding his shed. Do you have a shed? (Bot stops and waits for a reply) Wow…

(Milli and Geo are playing off screen, when a ball nearly hits bot on the head)

Scene 1: Welcome to the Land of Ounces[]

Scene 2: A Scarecrow without a Brain[]

Scene 3: How can a Robot Move?[]

Scene 4: Scaredy Cat[]