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Blazey's ice lizard Bruni is in trouble! When Doormouse showed Bruni his new magic trick he accedently sent her in a bubble! Meanwhile Blazey and the team were trying to find Bruni and met Doormouse and saw Bruni in different locations. Can Team Umizoomi and Blazey find Bruni and save him?


  • Milli
  • Geo
  • Bot
  • Blazey
  • Bruni
  • Doormouse

​Doormouse The Magician[]

  • Bot: Hi Blazey, today we're going to see Doormouse.
  • Milli: Yeah! He has a suprise for us and we're excited!
  • Geo: When you see Doormouse say "Doormouse"! (The screens pans to some flowers, then a rock, then a gate with Doormouse wearing a cap and a top hat)
  • Blazey! Ruff!
  • Geo: Doormouse!
  • Doormouse: Team Umizoomi!
  • Milli: Doormouse your wearing something new. (Milli looks at the screen) Blazey, Doormouse is wearing a cape and a hat, what's Doormouse dressed up as?
  • Blazey: (barking)
  • Milli: A magician!
  • Bot: Magical-Mechanics! I didn't know that you were a magician Doormouse.
  • Doormouse: I am. And I came to show you my new magic trick.
  • Bot: Blazey has his pet lizard. his name is Bruni.
  • (eating magic food.)
  • Blazey: Hi Bruni!
  • Bruni: Hi!

Lizard Bubble Trouble[]

Meeting Doormouse[]

Vowel Pads[]

A Dream Come True For Two[]


It's known that Doormouse is easy to panick

This is the first time Bruni got here.

This is the 1st episode where Blazey's pet lizard Bruni needed help