​The Umizoomi Rescue

​Team Umizoomi is in trouble! When Doormouse showed Team Umizoomi his new magic trick he accedently sent them in bubbles! Meanwhile Zigzag and Alphonse were trying to find Team Umizoomi and met Doormouse and saw Team Umizoomi in different locations. Can Zigzag and Alphonse find Team Umizoomi and save them.


  • Milli
  • Geo
  • Bot
  • Doormouse
  • Zigzag
  • Alphonse
  • Butterflies
  • Frog
  • Purple fish
  • Orange fish

​Doormouse The Magician

  • (The episode starts where we can see a girl in purple and boy in orange)
  • ???: Alphonse can you even tell the map.
  • Alphonse: Sure Zigzag, Huh? (He looks at the camera) Oh hi! I'm Alphonse and this is my friend Zigzag.
  • Zigzag: Hi we're looking for "Team Umizoomi" they must be around here somewhere.
  • (The screen pans to the sky and down to Team Umizoomi)
  • Bot: Hi Umi-Friend, today we're going to see Doormouse.
  • Milli: Yeah! He has a suprise for us and we're excited!
  • Geo: When you see Doormouse say "Doormouse"! (The screens pans to some flowers, then a rock, then a gate with Doormouse wearing a cap and a top hat) Doormouse!
  • Doormouse: Team Umizoomi!
  • Milli: Doormouse your wearing something new. (Milli looks at the screen) Umi-Friend, Doormouse is wearing a cape and a hat, what's Doormouse dressed up as? A magician!
  • Bot: Magical-Mechanics! I didn't know that you were a magician Doormouse.
  • Doormouse: I am. And I came to show you my new magic trick.

​Triple Bubble Trouble

  • Doormouse: My trick is called the bubble trick.
  • Milli, Geo and Bot: Ooh!
  • Doormouse: All what I have to do is say "bubble" three times.
  • (Doormouse grabs his wand and prepares to do the bubble trick) Doormouse: Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble!
  • (Doormouse's hat starts to shake)
  • Milli: Uh-oh.
  • Geo: I think Doormouse said the magic word wrong.
  • (Three large bubble appear and head to Team Umizoomi)
  • Milli: Oh no! The bubbles are heading for us!
  • Doormouse: Oh dear! What did the bubbles do? They captured Team Umizoomi!
  • Geo: Doormouse we need help!
  • Doormouse: Don't worry I tell Team Umizoom- oh wait your in trouble. Oops. *freaking out* Who's gonna help Team Umizoomi! * Normal Tone* It's okay someone has to help.
  • (To the camera) Can help me find someone to help? (Zigzag and Alphonse show up and glows in a white aura) Yeah! those two.

Meeting Doormouse

  • Doormouse: Hey! Hey!
  • Zigzag: Oh hi. Do you know where's Team Umizoomi is?
  • (Doormouse points up) Doormouse: Up there. (The screen pans up to Team Umizoomi in bubbles)
  • Bot: Help us!
  • Geo: Uh Milli? I think were floating away.
  • Doormouse: *Panicking* Oh no! They're getting away! They're getting away!
  • (Alphonse pats Doormouse) Alphonse: Could please calm down.
  • Doormouse: Sorry. Anyways are you guys hungry? I make pretty good pizza! Oh and BTW my name is Doormouse.
  • Zigzag: My name is Zigzag.
  • Alphonse: And I'm Alphonse.
  • (We cut to Doormouse, Zigzag and Alphonse eating pizza)
  • Doormouse: So why did you come here anyways?
  • Zigzag: We want to be in their team.
  • Milli: Help us!
  • Zigzag: Oh no! We have to help them!
  • Alphonse: Will you help us find Team Umizoomi? Great!
  • Zigzag: Zigzag and Alphonse, It's time for action!

Forest Frenzy

  • Zigzag: Ok we have to find a green bubble, where do see a bubble?
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