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Blazey's ice lizard Bruni is in trouble! When Doormouse showed Bruni his new magic trick he accedently sent her in a bubble! Meanwhile Blazey and the team were trying to find Bruni and met Doormouse and saw Bruni in different locations. Can Team Umizoomi and Blazey find Bruni and save him?


  • Milli
  • Geo
  • Bot
  • Blazey
  • Bruni
  • Doormouse

​Doormouse The Magician

  • Bot: Hi Blazey, today we're going to see Doormouse.
  • Milli: Yeah! He has a suprise for us and we're excited!
  • Geo: When you see Doormouse say "Doormouse"! (The screens pans to some flowers, then a rock, then a gate with Doormouse wearing a cap and a top hat)
  • Blazey! Ruff!
  • Geo: Doormouse!
  • Doormouse: Team Umizoomi!
  • Milli: Doormouse your wearing something new. (Milli looks at the screen) Blazey, Doormouse is wearing a cape and a hat, what's Doormouse dressed up as?
  • Blazey: (barking)
  • Milli: A magician!
  • Bot: Magical-Mechanics! I didn't know that you were a magician Doormouse.
  • Doormouse: I am. And I came to show you my new magic trick.
  • Bot: Blazey has his pet lizard. his name is Bruni.
  • (eating magic food.)
  • Blazey: Hi Bruni!
  • Bruni: Hi!

Lizard Bubble Trouble

Meeting Doormouse

Vowel Pads

A Dream Come True For Two


It's known that Doormouse is easy to panick

This is the first time Bruni got here.

This is the 1st episode where Blazey's pet lizard Bruni needed help

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