Here's the script where the trio goes to find the magical Rainbow Slippers before the wicked sorceress Belladonna gets them.

Intro: Milli's Big Trip

(The episode starts in Milli's room in the Fountain Headquarters)

(Milli is dancing ballet in her room)

(She looks at the screen)

Milli: Hi, Umi-Friend! It's me, Milli! I'm dancing ballet!

(She twirls around two times)

I love to dance ballet! Have you ever danced ballet? It's a lot of fun, but it takes a lot of practice.

(She does a move that looks difficult without breaking a sweat)

(Nearby, Geo and Bot clap)

Geo: That was awesome!

Bot: You're a great dancer!

Milli: Thanks, guys. I love to dance ballet.

(She spins around, but then she trips)


(There is rip sounds as she falls down)


(Geo and Bot hurry over to her)

Geo: Milli, are you alright?

Milli: I'm okay.

(She takes off her ballet slippers, which both are ripped)

But I can't say the same for my slippers...

Bot: Uh oh! What's wrong with Milli's slippers? They're ripped?

Milli: *Sadly* yeah, and they can't be fixed...

Geo: Don't be sad, Milli.

Milli: But I can't dance ballet without ballet slippers.

A Legend's Discovered

(Geo looks at the bookshelf nearby) (Some of the books fell off)

Geo: Hey, some of the books fell off the shelf. We should probably pick them up.

Milli: Okay, Geo.

(They all pick up the fallen books and put them back on the shelf) (After they finished, there was still one book missing)

Hmm.. I think there's some books missing? How many books are missing? 1, right!

Bot: Found it!

(The book looks old and dusty)

It's a little dusty though...

(His antenna becomes a small brush and he uses it to brush off the dust)

That's better.

(On the cover, the book shows a pair of beautiful rainbow ballet shoes)

(Milli notices it)

Milli: Hey, Bot. This book has a picture on it!

(More is coming soon)


Garbage Clean-Up

Tile Trap

Snap to It

Getting the Slippers

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