This is a crossover adventure.


It was a typical day at Fountain Headquarters. Geo was playing with favorite toy truck; Bot was preparing snacks (for later), and Milli was reading a book she recently got: the newest Pokemon book with the new Generation 6 Pokemon. The book is really interesting, escpecially to Milli, who actually really loves Pokemon. At the end of the book, there's a verse on the back of the back cover. When she reads it, she, Geo, and Bot are suddenly transported to the world of Pokemon.

While there, they meet a little Eevee named Adam. To her surprise, Milli can understand him clearly, while Geo and Bot can't understand him at all. It turns out, Adam and all his 4 brothers and 4 sisters got lost from their home and all got separated from each other. The trio may not know how to get back home, but they know that they have to help him find his 8 older siblings (all 8 forms of Eevee) and get them back to their home. Can they help Adam find his family and get back home, and will they get back home?


  • Team Umizoomi
    • Milli
    • Geo
    • Bot
  • The 9 Eevee Siblings
    • Adam (Eevee)
    • Flipper (Vaporeon)
    • Sparky (Jolteon)
    • Timmy(Flareon) 
    • Esmerelda (Espeon)
    • Comet (Umbreon)
    • Serena (Leafeon)
    • Glimmer (Glaceon)
    • Tallulah (Sylveon)




  • Team Umizoomi crossovers with Pokemon.
  • Milli discovers that she has the ability called Poke-Whisper, (which means she can talk to Pokemon.
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