Prolouge: The circus invitationEdit

  • (The episode starts at Fountain Headquarters where Geo and Bot sing "Knick Knack Paddy whack". Geo turns to the screen with a happy face.)

Geo: Hello! I'm glad it's you, Umifriend!

(He immediately turns to Bot)

Geo: Bot, it’s Umifriend!

Bot: *Surprised* Huh!?

(He looks at the screen)

Oh hi, Umifriend. Geo and I were singing "Knick Knack Paddy Whack". I have not seen Milli lately.

Geo (Looking at bot): Neither have I.

(Umi-Alarm sounds)

Bot: It’s the Umi-Alarm! That means I am suddenly getting a call.

Geo: Let's check who's calling on your Belly-Belly…

Both: Belly-Screen!

(The screen whirls to show Milli)

Bot: Hi, Milli. Where are you?

Milli: Hi, Bot. I am at the park where there are a lot of circus tents today.

(She points her finger to the screen and then waves)

By the way, I see Umifriend.

Hi, Umifriend. Want to play a little game with me?

(5 seconds to answer)

Milli: Great. Let's play "Pattern Puzzle". That is the game where you guess which object is the right pattern. Zoom out bot.

Right now there are three circus tents (Red/Orange, Yellow/Purple, Blue/Green). My friend "The Pink Elephant" says that she is in one of those tents. I even see her sign over there.

Umifriend, Here's a hint to the last place I was.

Pattern of........ (Her dress transforms into a pattern of Green and Blue stripes) Green and Blue stripes!! Now. Which of the three tents has green and blue stripes?

(5 seconds to answer, the third tent recieves a cyan outline)

Yeah. That one. Thanks, Umifriend.

(Geo and Bot take a blue and green umicar to the tent.)

There, they see Milli, but no pink elephant.

Milli: Hey. Where is pink elephant? She was here a while ago.

Bot's satellite activates.

Bot: Listen. I'm picking up a 2nd signal. We can see whom else is calling from my belly belly....

(All: Belly Screen!)

Bot: It's Pink elephant's circus friends. Red Rhino, Blue Hippo and Green Gorilla!

Blue Hippo: Hi, Team Umizoomi.

Geo: Hi, blue hippo. What's up?

Green Gorilla: Bad news! Our lead actor, pink elephant is trapped in a cave in a giant sized cage. Good news! We have a video to show you.

(Video shows the troublemakers sneaking in the circus tent to capture the pink elephant and putting her in a cage and piutting ihe cage on to trouble truck, taking it to a cave with the number 7 on it.)

Pink elephant: You guys have some nerve trapping me in this cave. Please get me out of here immediately!

Big trouble: I don't think so! We like making trouble!

Pink elephant: Well you two won't get away with this! Someone! PLEASE HELP ME! *cries

(The end of the video)

Red Rhino: Hurry, you three. Please help her get out of the cage!