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Prolouge: The circus invitation[]

  • (The episode starts at Fountain Headquarters where Geo and Bot sing "Knick Knack Paddy whack". Blazey runs to them. Geo turns to her with a happy face.)

Blazey: (barkig) Hi Geo! I'm Blazey! Ruff! Ruff!

Geo: Hello! I'm glad it's you, Blazey!

Blazey: (barking)

(He immediately turns to Bot)

Geo: Bot, it’s Blazey!

Bot: *Surprised* Huh!?

Oh hi, Blazey. Geo and I were singing "Knick Knack Paddy Whack". I have not seen Milli lately.

Blazey: Ruff! Ruff!

Geo (Looking at bot): Neither have I.

(Umi-Alarm sounds)

Bot: It’s the Umi-Alarm! That means I am suddenly getting a call.

Geo: Let's check who's calling on your Belly-Belly…

Both: Belly-Screen!

(The screen whirls to show Milli)

Bot: Hi, Milli. Where are you?

Milli: Hi, Bot. I am at the park where there are a lot of circus tents today.

(She points her finger to the screen and then waves)

By the way, I see Blazey.

Hi, Blazey. Want to play a little game with me?

Blazey: Ruff, Ruff, Ruff, Ruff!

Milli: Great. Let's play "Pattern Puzzle". That is the game where you guess which object is the right pattern. Zoom out Bot.

Right now there are three circus tents (Red/Orange, Yellow/Purple, Blue/Green). My friend "The Pink Elephant" says that she is in one of those tents. I even see her sign over there.

Blazey, Here's a hint to the last place I was.

Pattern of........ (Her dress transforms into a pattern of Green and Blue stripes) Green and Blue stripes!! Now. Which of the three tents has green and blue stripes?

Blazey: That one!

Yeah. That one. Thanks, Blazey.

Blazey: I got it!

(Geo and Bot take a blue and green Umicar to the tent.)

There, they see Milli, but no pink elephant.

Milli: Hey. Where is pink elephant? She was here a while ago.

Blazey: Un elefante rosado.

Bot's satellite activates.

Bot: Listen. I'm picking up a 2nd signal. We can see whom else is calling from my belly belly....

All: Belly Screen!

Bot: It's Pink elephant's circus friends. Red Rhino, Blue Hippo and Green Gorilla!

Blazey: el rinoceronte rojo, el hipopotamo azul, y el gorilla verde.

Blue Hippo: Hi, Team Umizoomi.

Geo: Hi, blue hippo. What's up?

Green Gorilla: Bad news! Our lead actor, pink elephant is trapped in a cave in a giant sized cage. Good news! We have a video to show you.

(Video shows the troublemakers sneaking in the circus tent to capture the pink elephant and putting her in a cage and piutting ihe cage on to trouble truck, taking it to a cave with the number 7 on it.)

Pink elephant: You guys have some nerve trapping me in this cave. Please get me out of here immediately!

Big trouble: I don't think so! We like making trouble!

Pink elephant: Well you two won't get away with this! Someone! PLEASE HELP ME! *cries

(The end of the video)

Red Rhino: Hurry, you three. Please help her get out of the cage!

Geo: Don’t worry, Red Rhino. We’re on our way.

Red Rhino: Thanks, Team Umizoomi! See you soon!

Bot: We gotta rescue the Pink Elephant from the troublemakers.

Geo: We’re gonna need your help Blazey. Will you help us rescue the Pink Elephant?

Blazey: Ruff!

Milli: Great! Team Umizoomi...

All: It’s time for action!

Blazey: Arr?

Milli: Wait. What's that? Trouble makers in a helicopter?

(The Helicopter has a tube which sucks Milli up)

Blazey: Milli! Arooooooooooooooooo!

Bot: Oh no!! Now Milli's in trouble too! Now we need to rescue both her and the pink elephant, but we can't do it without you, Blazey!! Please! Help up!! Would you please?

Blazey: (sadly barks)

Bot: **Sighs relief* Phew. Thanks a lot! Once again.....

Geo, Blazey and Bot: It's time for action!!!

("We Are Team Umizoomi" plays in the key of E-Flat Major)