Prolouge: DepatureEdit

  • (The special starts on a rainy day. We pan down from the sky to reveal a train station. We cut to the inside of the train station, where it is crowded. At one of the ticket booths, a woman is helping an unknown person with tickets.)
  • Train Station Woman: Do you want tickets for the whole family?
  • ??? (Male): No thank you. We just want two tickets for our children.
  • Train Station Woman: Do you have any plans for your children?
  • ??? (Male): Yes we do. We're going to send our children to temporary care to help them grow.
  • Train Station Woman: I hope that as long as you have some sort of communication with them, they won't get into trouble. Here are your tickets.
  • (The train station woman hands two tickets to the unknown person.)
  • ??? (Male): Thank you.
  • (The unknown person takes the tickets.)
  • ??? (Female): Honey? Do you have the tickets?
  • (The unknown person reveals himself to be a man no taller than 7 1/2". He has short red hair, beady eyes, and a simplifyed face. He wears a lime-green jacket and dark green clothes underneath. The man, whose name is Kilo, has a sad look on his face.)
  • Kilo: Yes.
  • (The man runs up to the edge of the counter and jumps off, landing on the concrete floor on his feet. He runs up to a woman who is 7" tall. The woman, named Tera, has long blue hair and a simplified face slightly different from the man's face. She wears a lavender jacket and purple clothes underneath. Like the man, she has a sad look on her face. The little man and woman are husband and wife.)
  • Tera: Our children are waiting at the platform.
  • (The man just nods. Both are walking towards the platform. Cut to one of the boarding stations, where a group of people are waiting for the train. Among the people are two (literally) small and very young children. One child is a girl with long red hair. She wears pink clothes. Another is a boy with short blue hair. He wears blue clothes.)
  • Tera: (off-screen, sing-song) Oh, Milli, Geo, over here!
  • Milli: Yes?
  • Tera: Mommy and Daddy have to send you away.
  • Geo: Why?
  • Kilo: It's a grown up thing. We're going to send you away.
  • (The screen pans to Milli and Geo on the train.)
  • Geo: Is this the last time we'll see you?
  • Tera: No...Mommy and Daddy will return soon, I hope you understand...right?
  • Milli: Yes, goodbye!
  • Kilo: Bye!
  • (The doors close and the Train start to move while Tera and Kilo wave goodbye)

Chapter 1: The Introduction Edit

  • (The two children suddenly arrive at Umi-City)
  • Geo: It looks...beautiful...
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