The Temple of Quazula is a special one-hour movie.


A mayan princess named Kisa is banished to the forest by her wicked, jealous sister Quazula. Quazula then covers the entire land in a thick fog to prevent anyone from finding the princess. Team Umizoomi goes to find Princess Kisa and bring her back to her rightful throne, but not if Quazula and her minions have anything to say about it!



Once there was a beautiful young princess who went by the name of Kisa. She was kind, friendly, and helped anyone she she lived in. Kisa was loved by all, but she wasn't alone. She had a sister who was older, bitter, and wicked. She went by the name of Quazula. She was cruel to the people and animals around her.

Their mother, The Queen, was falling ill. She had said that soon a new queen would have to take her place when her soul would no longer stay in her body. Quazula was confident the she would she would become queen because she was the oldest. However, that confidence was soon shattered when she eavesdropped and her that her father was going to make Kisa the queen because she was the kindest. Furious by this revelation, Quazula hatched a plan that would dispose of her younger sister.

Quazula hiked to the highest mountains where she found two creatures that could control dark magic. She offered them a reward in exchange for their dark magic. The two creatures were reluctant at first, until they heard the reward was freedom to walk in the outside world without worry of turning into stone. They were pleased by the reward and offered Quazula the dark magic.

The dark magic was then used to banish Princess Kisa to a part of the deep, dark forest the only she and the two creatures know of. The people of the kingdom worried about Kisa and planned to do a search. Quazula was afraid her plan would be exposed if the kingdom did find the young princess, so she used the dark magic to cover the kingdom and the forest in a thick fog. No person could leave the kingdom without being aware of the surprises that could happen in the forest. The offer between Quazula and the two creatures was fulfilled, but at what cost?

How to Save a Mayan Princess

We cut to Team Umizoomi in Modern-Day Umi City where it's revealed that Bot was telling the story of Princess Kisa to Milli and Geo. Milli is sad that nobody will be ever able to find Princess Kisa as long as Quazula and the two creature reign over the kingdom. Geo is mad that Quazula would do something like that just so she can become queen. Bot says he knows. He then tells Milli and Geo that only a brave hero would would be able to go though the fog without worrying about the dangers of the forest and to stand up to the Queen. Milli then wishes there could be a way to save the princess. Bot replies that it would take a miracle.He then then turns to the next page, revealing a small incantation within. Team Umizoomi says the incantion all together, which then opens a little portal inside the book. The portal sucks in Team Umizoomi to Who-Knows-Where.


The Temple of Quazula

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