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An evil mermaid emperor has taken over the kingdom of Meralore, wreak havoc throughout the ocean, and is planning to take over the surface world next! Azure, The Blue Mermaid, tries to stop the the mermaid emperor. The evil mermaid emperor realizes that The Blue Mermaid has glowing scales and places a dark spell on her, taking her tail away and only leaving her with human legs. With all hope lost, Team Umizoomi takes the Blue Mermaid to Zeppo, who knows the only way to save Meralore and return The Blue Mermaid to normal. Team Umizoomi need to get Meralore's Heart at a underground lake, but the mermaid emperor is in pursuit, and the team's powers aren't enough to stop him. Will Team Umizoomi and The Blue Mermaid prevail? Maybe an unexpected helper will know the way.

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  • The Blue Mermaid wasn't call Azure in The Legend of the Blue Mermaid. Yet when her name is said, nobody is surprised or confused by it.
  • it is art only


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