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After telling Geo and Bot a scary ghost story, Milli dresses up as the ghost in an attempt to scare them as a prank. Before long, weird shadows and creepy whistling make the boys think the Fountain headquarters is haunted!

Scary Story[]

(The episode opens in the kitchen of the Fountain Headquarters. The camera then zooms in on Milli, who's cutting a white sheet. She puts it in her pocket before looking at the screen.)

Milli: Hi! My name is Milli. Tonight, we're camping here, at our Fountain Headquarters. Have you ever went camping before? *short pause* Great!

(the camera zooms out a bit)

We're pretending to be campers in our living room. We're gonna eat s'mores, play Truth or Dare, and I'm even telling a scary story. C'mon!

(Milli runs to the living room to see Geo and Bot.)

Hey, guys!

Bot: Hey, Milli! We're all set for camping. *pulls out a bag of marshmallows* I got the marshmallows.

Geo: *pulls out a bag full of graham crackers and chocolate* I got the graham crackers and chocolate.

Milli: And I got.. *pulls out a flashlight* this!

(camera zooms in on the flashlight)

Bot: What does Milli have? *the viewer recognizes the flashlight* A flashlight, right!

Geo: Are you ready to tell the scary story, Millie?

Milli: You bet! *they all look at the screen* Do you wanna hear it? *the viewer agrees* Okay, here goes.

(The camera cuts to the setting of the story where the trio are at a real campsite eating s'mores.)

Story Milli: These are the best s'mores I ever tasted. *bites into her s'more*

Story Bot: Yeah, it's even better than I imagined.

Story Geo: You said it, Bot.

(While the team continue eating, the camera pans in on Story Geo. He then hears a someone whistling.)

*confused* Uh, what was that?

(camera zooms out to show Story Bot)

Story Bot: What was what?

Story Geo: That giggling.

(the whistling is heard again)

There it is again.

Story Bot: I heard it, too.

(The voice keeps whistling, scaring Story Geo and Story Bot, who cling to each other shivering. The camera then zooms out to show Story Milli confused.)

Story Milli: I don't hear anything.

(the lights go out)

Story Geo: *gasps* What happened to the lights?!!

Story Bot: Must be unplugged. *screws the light back in, making the lights go on* There.

(Story Bot then notices that Story Millie's gone.)

Story Bot: Hey, where's Milli? MILLI?!!

(they peek out the tent)


(rustling is heard)

*startled* Did you hear that?

(they re-enter the tent)

Story Bot: This is bad.

(A dark figure appears, running in front of the tent. Story Bot and Story Geo see this from inside.)

W-what was that?!!

(Suddenly, lightning strikes, causing the tent to flash. After the flash, a faceless white ghost with a Milli-shaped body appears inside the tent.)

Story Geo and Story Bot: AHHHHHHHHH! *back away into a wall*

Story Bot: IT'S A GHOST!!

Ghost: Hi, guys. *waves hello*

Story Geo: DON'T HURT US!!

(the ghost reaches her hand out)

Ghost: Nice to meet you.

(she waves her hand before Story Geo shakes it)

Story Geo: *nervously* H-hello. *backs away*

Ghost: Oh, don't worry. I'm nice. *pulls out a bag of s'mores* What some s'mores?

(Story Geo and Story Bot hesitate for a moment, then each take a bite out of one.)


Story Geo: And to think ours were good.

Ghost: Aw, thanks guys! *hugs them* We gonna be together forever.

Story Geo: Oh, yea- wait, what?

Ghost: *giggles evilly*

(Another lightning strike occurs, followed by another set of flashing. The boys and the ghost disappear.)


(The story ends and the camera cuts back to the living room where Milli's still telling the story using shadow puppets.)

Milli: Then the ghost took their souls away, and nobody saw them again.

(The camera cuts to Geo, cowering in a blanket, and Bot, hiding behind a pillow.)

Geo: W-W-What happened to the g-g-g-ghost?

Milli: *shines the flashlight on herself* Nobody knows. There was no telling where she went. There was no telling what happened to her. Nobody even knew her name. Some people called her unknown.

(camera cuts to Geo and Bot)

Some people called her *makes a shadow with her hand* "The Shadow Ghost."

(cuts back to her)

But since she looked like me, everybody agreed on a common name... *pans in on her face* Chilly Milli.

(the camera cuts again to show her whole body)

They say that if you go into the bathroom and summon her with "The Chilly Milli Ritual," she'll come into your house at the stroke of midnight.

(cuts back to Geo and Bot still scared)

And then...

(cuts back after a few moments of suspense)

she GETS YOU!!

(lightning strikes)


Milli: *giggles* C'mon guys, it was just a story.

Truth or Dare[]

Milli: How about we play Truth or Dare?

Geo: Aw, yeah! I love playing Truth or Dare. It's my favorite game. *looks at the camera* Do you like playing Truth or Dare? *short pause* Great!

(cuts back to show all 3 of them)

Alright Milli, you first!

Bot: Truth or Dare?

Milli: *thinks for a moment* I'll pick dare.

Geo: Okay.

Bot: *whispering* Hey Geo. *pulls out a gallon full of liquid* Here's some lemon juice.

Geo: *whispering* Oh, yeah. Milli hates lemon juice. *normal tone* Alright Milli. I dare you to drink this entire gallon of juice.

Milli: *grabs the gallon* What kind of juice is this?

Geo: Drink it and find out.

(camera pans in on Milli)

Milli: *drinks the lemon juice* Ick! That tasted horrible! *looks at the camera* What kind of juice did I drink? *the viewer tells her that it was lemon juice* LEMON JUICE?!!

(The camera cuts to Geo and Bot, who are laughing at her expense.)


(As they continue laughing, the camera cuts back to Milli, who's angry that she got tricked. A lightbulb then flashes over her head signaling she has an idea, before she looks at the camera with a sneaky look on her face.)

Milli: *whispering* I have an idea, Umi-friend.

(she stomps her foot down, grabbing the boys' attention)

*normal tone* Okay, then. Your turn. Truth or Dare?

Geo: I'll pick Dare.

Bot: Me too.

Milli: Okay, then. I dare both of you... *whispers in Geo's ear* to do the Chilly Milli ritual.

Geo: *terrified* W-W-WHAT?!

Bot: Uh-oh. That doesn't sound good. *looks at the screen* What did Milli dare us to do?akes tp

(The viewer tells Bot that Milli dared them to do the Chilly Milli Ritual)


Geo: BUT WHY?!!

Milli: *sighs* Oh, Geo. You thought that dare you gave me was SO funny, did you? Making me drink lemon juice even though you knew I hated it. So I guess it's my turn. *grabs them with her ponytails and takes them to the bathroom

(Geo and Bot gulp)

The Ritual[]

Milli: *lights 3 candles* The candles are ready for the ritual.

(camera zooms in on the candles)

How many candles did I light? *short pause* Yeah, 3!

(the candles glow as she counts them)

1, 2, 3! *faces Geo and Bot* Alright, they're ready!

Bot: *nervously* Uh, you first, Geo.

Geo: No, you first.

Bot: No, you.

Geo. No, you.

Bot: *thinks for a moment* Rock, Paper, Scissors for it?

Geo: Deal.

(close up on their hands)


(Geo has chosen Scissors while Bot has chosen Rock. Bot has won.)

Bot: Geo chose scissors, and I chose rock. Who won? *short pause* I did, YEAH!!

(Geo groans in realization that he has to perform the ritual first.)

Milli: Alright Geo, time to perform. *pushes Geo towards the bathroom*


Milli: Sorry Geo, but you lost. *pushes him inside* Have fun! *slams the door*

(Banging noises are then heard inside the bathroom.)


Milli: Sorry, can't hear you!

(Her umi-phone rings before she picks up.)


Mili: Okay, I'll let you out-after you do the ritual.

(The camera cuts to Geo in the bathroom, who groans in defeat.)

Alright, Geo. There are 5 steps. Step 1: lock the door.

(Geo locks the door)

Step 2: Blow out the candles.

(Geo blows out the candles)

Step 3: Turn on the faucet.

(Geo turns on the faucet)

Step 4: Flush the toilet.

(Geo pushes the toilet handle)

Okay, last step. Go to the mirror and recite the chant on the card.

Geo: T-the mirror? But I don't want the ghost to haunt me. Umi-friend, will you do it with me? *short pause* Okay, here I go.

(Geo walks up to the mirror, where there's a card with a chant written on it.

Geo: YIPE!!

(The camera cuts to Milli, who's revealed to have put her hands through a wall.)

Milli: *to the viewer* Before Geo can say the chant, he needs to hold my hands. Tell Geo to hold my hands!

(back to Geo)

Geo: What did Milli say?

(the viewer tells Geo that he needs to hold Milli's hands)

Hold her hands? *holds the hands*

Milli: Alright Geo, do it.

Geo: Okay. *reading the chant* "C-C-Chilly Milli. (x2). I summon..." *hesitates to read the last part*

Milli: Come on, Geo. We don´t have all night.

Geo: *reluctant* C-C-Chilly Milli?

(He closes his eyes and covers his hand expecting the ghost to pop out, but nothing happens.)

Geo: Huh?

Milli: *opens the door* Okay, you can come out now.

Geo: Sweet relief. *exits the bathroom*

Milli: *re-lighting the candles* Alright, Bot. *grins* Your turn.

Bot: *gulps* Okay.

(Milli closes the door so Bot can do the ritual.)

Milli: Okay, here are the steps. *Bot does the steps as she calls them out* Lock the door, blow out all the candles, turn on the faucet, and flush the toilet.

(Milli puts her hands through the wall again, startling Bot.)

Bot: *sees the hands* YIPE!! Oh, those are Milli's hands. *looks at the screen* What am I supposed to do again? *short pause* Hold them? *holds the hands*

Milli: You know what's next, do you?

Bot: *nervously* Yep. *reading the chant* "Chilly Milli, Chilly Milli. I summon Chilly Milli."

(Bot turns around and covers his eyes, but as before, nothing happens.)

Is she here yet? *the viewer says no* She's not? *looks at the mirror confused* Huh?

(Milli opens the door before Bot exits)

I thought it was gonna come.

Milli: *re-lights the candles* Oh, she is. I just have to do it, too. *enters the bathroom and closes the door*

Geo: Be careful, Milli!

Milli: I will.

(The camera cuts to Milli, who performs the first four steps before standing in front of the mirror.)

Hold my hands, guys!

(Geo and Bot each stick one of their hands into the bathroom and hold Milli's hands.)

Here goes. *reading the chant* "Chilly Milli, Chilly Milli. I summon CHILLY MILLI!!"

(This time, lightning strikes again, potentially signaling the completion of the ritual. Milli then exits the bathroom seeing Geo and Bot covering their eyes.)

Geo: I-Is she here yet?

Milli: Don't worry. She won't be here until the stroke of midnight. *yawns* Night, guys.

(She walks up the stairs and opens the door to her room, then turns around.)

By the way, if you hear a whistle, run. *enters her room*

Milli´s Costume[]

(The camera cuts to Milli inside her bedroom who´s cutting the sheet as seen before.)

Milli: *to the viewer* Don´t tell Geo and Bot, but I´m doing a prank on them. Check it out!

(She holds up the white sheet which resembles Milli's body, but with no legs. She then shows her legs, which are now white.)

I dipped my shoes in washable paint to make them look white. I gonna wear them along with this sheet to make myself look like the ghost, and scare Geo and Bot. Do you wanna see me scare them? *the viewer agrees* Okay. I just have to see if I can fit in the costume. And I can do it with my...

(she jumps up and her ponytails grow)

Milli Measure!

(One of Milli's ponytails measures her dress. It's six units long.)

Lets count how many units long my dress is. Count with me. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6! Six units. Now lets measure my dress.

(The ponytail measures the dress of the sheet. It's eight units long.)

Count with me. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! Eight units. But my dress is only six units long. How many units do I need to cut?

(The viewer deduces that Milli needs to cut 2 two units off of the sheet.)

Two, right! *cuts two units off of the costume's dress* Now I just gotta put it on.

(Milli ducks under the bed and puts on the costume. She then jumps out scares the viewer unexpectedly.)

BOO! *giggles and takes the sheet off* It's just me, Umi-friend. Did I scare you? *the viewer says yes* I got you good. *steps on the sheet* Oh, no. The costume's too tall. Let's measure again.

(Milli's ponytail measures her body from the dress up. She's fifteen units tall.)

How tall am I? *short pause* 15, right! I'm fifteen units tall.

(The ponytail measures the costume. It's twenty units tall.)

How tall is the costume? *short pause* 20, right. That means I have to cut off 5 units. *cuts the costume and puts it back on* Much better. Come on, Umi-friend! Let's scare Geo and bot!

The Haunting Begins[]

(Meanwhile in the kitchen, Geo's waiting for Bot, who's getting more snacks out of the refridgerator. Suddenly, Geo notices something.)

Geo: *points at something* Bot, look!

(The camera scrolls to the window where a giant clock is shown.)

Bot: Oh, no! The clock's about to strike! Count the strikes with me! *BONG!* 1.. *BONG!* 2.. *BONG!* 3.. *BONG!* 4.. *BONG!* 5.. *BONG!* 6.. *BONG!* 7.. *BONG!* 8.. *BONG!* 9.. *BONG!* 10.. *BONG!* 11.. *BONG!* 12! 12 STROKES!!

Geo: But that means...

(Suddenly, a voice is heard whistling loudly. Remembering Milli's warning, Geo and Bot cling to each other realizing that the ghost has come to haunt them. The camera then shows Milli holding a megaphone, who's revealed to have turned herself invisible. She presses a button on her helmet so the audience can completely see her.)

Milli: *queitly* Okay, this is my chance to haunt them with my...

(Her dress changes to a pattern of haunting actions.)

Pattern Power! Now my dress is showing the pattern I need to use so I can scare Geo and Bot.

(camera zooms in on the pattern)

First, I run in front of them, then behind them, and then giggle into my megaphone. Front, Behind, Giggle.

(cuts back to Milli)

Help me follow the pattern.

(The camera cuts to Geo and Bot who notice Milli performing the pattern and get startled after each step.)

*saying each step aloud while performing it* Front, Behind, Giggle. *giggles into megaphone* Front, Behind, Giggle. *giggles into megaphone*. Front, Behind- *cuts to Milli* What comes next? *short pause* Giggle! *giggles into megaphone*

(camera cuts to Geo and Bot)


Milli: It's working! Let's keep going.

(As Milli continues performing the pattern, Geo and Bot scream after each step.)

Front, Behind, Giggle. *giggles into microphone* Front, Behind, Giggle. *giggles into microphone* Front, Behind, Giggle. *giggles into microphone* (cuts to Milli) What comes next? *short pause* Front! *runs in front of Geo and Bot*

Geo and Bot: AHHH!!

Milli: Now what? *short pause* Behind! *runs behind Geo and Bot*

Geo and Bot: AHHH!!

Milli: What comes last? *short pause* Giggle! *giggles into microphone*


Milli: *into the megaphone* That's right. *giggles evilly*

Geo: What do we do, Bot?

(He looks to the side, only to notice that Bot's gone.)

*nervously* Bot?

Milli: *stands in front of her flashlight* Remember, when the flashlight comes on, say "Boo."

(she turns on the flashlight)


(Geo looks behind him to see Milli's giant shadow and freaks out.)


(Geo runs all the way to the living room screaming where he tries to open the door, but to no avail. He then bangs on the door to gets Bot's attention.)


Bot: Who is it?


Bot: What's the password?

Geo: WE DON'T HAVE A- huh?

(He turns around to see an ominous shadow coming his way. He then looks around before spinning his shape belt.)


(Geo takes out a thin cylinder and turns it into a magic wand. He then picks it up before attempting to cast a spell.)

Geo: *points the wand* OPEN SESAME!! ALAKAZAM!! ABRACADABRA!! HOCUS POCUS!! What's the magic word again? Oh, yeah. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!

Bot: *opens the door* What's with the magic wa- *sees the shadow* aaaaAAAAAAAAAHHH!!

(they run in the room)

The Ghost Is Seen[]

(Bot and Geo enter the room before closing the door and locking it. They then proceed to barracade it with wood before catching their breath.)

Bot: I think we lost her.

(the whistling is heard)

I stand corrected.

Geo: *sees a candle floating* LOOK!! THAT CANDLE'S MOVING BY ITSELF!!

Bot: I think she's in here.

(Just like in the story, lightning strikes again, before Milli pops out after the flash in her costume. Sensing her presence, the boys turn around to see her before getting terrified.)


Milli: *waving* Hiiiiiii, guys. *puts her hand out* Nice to meet-


Milli: Aww, come on. I won't do it. Just shake my hand and I'll prove it.

Bot: Are you sure about this, Geo?

(Geo skates to her, then shakes her hands with his head turned and eyes closed. Just like the mirror, nothing happens. He then sees a bag on the floor marked "s'mores.")

Geo: *reading the label* "S'mores?" *takes one out and eats it* WOW!! THIS S'MORE IS AWESOME!!

Milli: Aww, Geo. *wipes of a tear* Gimme a hug!

Bot: Aww, that's swee- *record scratches* Wait a minute...

(A flashback occurs to when the ghost hugs them in the story. The camera cuts back to the real world where Milli's bringing her arm up. Bot thinks that when Geo hugs her, he'll disappear like in the in the story.)


Milli: That's right!! *evil laugh*

Geo: RUN!!

(They run to the door and pull out the wood before opening it and running out.)

Milli: *grabs Bot's leg* GOTCHA!!

Bot: AHHHHHHH!! *grabs Geo's hand*

Geo: BOT!!


(Bot is dragged back into the room)


(Geo skates to his room and closes the door.)

Things That Go Laugh In The Night[]

(Geo skates to his bed before catching his breath. His Umi-phone then rings.)

Geo: It's my Umi-phone! *picks up* BOT!! YOU'RE OKAY!!

Bot: Yeah, but I heard Chilly Milli in the hall. She's going after you.

Geo: *scared* M-Me??

(the whistling is heard)

*to the viewer* W-Who made that sound? *short pause* The ghost?

(More whistling is heard before Geo hides under the covers whimpering. Milli then walks through the door to get inside.)

Milli: I hear Geo whimpering, so he's gotta be in here somewhere. *camera zooms out* Where´s Geo hiding? *short pause* On the bed? Under the covers? *sees Geo* Thanks. *jumps on the bed before clearing her throat calling out to Geo* Geo! Come out, come out, wherever you are! *pointing to the lump on the bed* What's that? I hope someone's not trying to-*grins evilly* -hiiiiiide from me.

(The camera cuts back and forth to Geo, trembling and whimpering under the blanket, and Milli, who's in front of the lump. She slowly walks closer and closer to it until...)

*pulls out the bedsheet* AHA!!


(He flees to the door and attempts to open it, but it won't budge.)

*grunts* It won't open!! *camera zooms out to reveal Milli's heart-shaped padlock* What happened to the door? *short pause* LOCKED?!!

Milli: Looking for this?

(Geo looks behind him before gasping at what he's seen. The camera then scrolls to Milli holding a key.)

All you have to do is come over here and ask nicely.

Geo: Come over?

(Milli nods)

*to the viewer* I don't wanna stay here, but she's so scary. Umi-friend, will you go with me? *short pause* Thanks. *slowly inches in front of her* Uh, C-Chilly Milli?

Milli: *all up on Geo's face* Yes?

Geo: Could please give me that key?

Milli: Hmm... no. *slides it under the bed* You should be thanking me. You were gonna lose it sooner or later, just like your soul. *sees that Geo's gone* Huh? *looking around* Where'd you go? *pointing* HEY!!

Geo: Uh oh. *scrams*

Mill: *runs after him laughing*

(Milli chases Geo arcade style all aroun the room. Eventually, she sees him turn a corner, but after looking, he's gone. Milli then looks around.)

Where are you, Geo?

Geo: Uhhhhhhhh.. I'm not in the tall lamp. *covers his mouth*

Milli: Tall lamp, huh?

(camera zooms out)

*to the viewer* Where's the lamp? *lamp shakes* Thanks.

(She goes to the lamp and looks inside, but Geo's not there anymore. He then pops out behind a cupboard and skates to the door.)

Geo: I have to open the door to get out, but the ghost hid the key. Wait a minute. I can make my own key with my..

(he pulls out and slices his...)

Shape Splitter! Alright, Umi-friend. The first shape we need is a heart. When you see a heart, say, "Heart."

(A triangle pops out, then a pentagon, then a rectangle, then a heart.)

HEART!! *slices a heart-shaped hole in the middle* This can be the back of the key. *throws it* Now we need to spilt a rectangle. When you see a rectangle, say "rectangle."

(A parallelogram pops out, then a trapezoid, then a rectangle.)

RECTANGLE!! *slices it in half horizontally and grabs a piece* This can be the rod. *throws it* The next shape we need to split is a square. When you see a square, say "square."

(A hexagon pops out, then a heptagon, then an octogon, then a rhombus, then a square.)

SQUARE!! *slices it into four pieces and takes two* These can go here. *places them on the edge of the top of the rectangle* The last shape we need is an oval. When you see an oval, say "oval."

(A circle pops up, then a crescent, then an oval.)

OVAL!! *slices a hole in the middle* We can use this to hold the key. *puts it inside the heart* Now, to turn this into a key, we need to sing the words "Super Shapes!" Sing it with me!

(Blue beams come out of his hands as the shapes turn into a key.)

*singing* Super Shapes! Alright, we made the key!Let's see if this works. *inserts it in the lock* Here goes.

(He turns the key before the door opens.)

We did it! Thanks for helping. *getting squished* OOF!!

(The camera zooms out to show that Milli's hugging him.)

Milli: Oh, Geo. You made your own key and opened the door, didn't you?


(Geo escapes and runs away to Milli's room before locking the door.)

Haunted Umi-Phone[]

Geo: That was close. Good thing she cn't here us in here. *sees Bot kneeling* Bot? Are you okay?

Bot: I'm sorry, Geo.

Geo: Huh?

(The camera then cuts to a Milli shaped figure lying on the floor before Geo gasps.)

M-Milli? *Text notification rings* Huh? *pulls out his Umi-phone* A text?

(the text appears on the screen)

*reading the text* "Milli's not here anymore. Only me." What the heck?

Bot: I didn't text that?

Geo: *to the viewer* Who texted me? *short pause* The ghost?

(another text is sent)

Milli's Text: *on-screen* There's no escape"

Bot: *reading the text nervously* "There's no escape?"

Geo: Lemme text her. *speaking while he's texting* "Please don't haunt us. We don't want our souls taken way. Let's talk." *sends the text*

Bot: Uh, Geo..

(Geo sends the text before Bot takes his phone.)

Geo: I had the predictive text on, didn't I? *Bot nods* What did it say, exactly?

(The camera cuts to Milli, who's looking for them in the hallway. She receives the text.)

Milli: (reading the text) "You have a lot of pompous and you're ugly every day. Let's fight." Huh. Geo always has the predictive text on.

(She then hears the boys talking in her room.)

Geo: *behind the door* You don't think she's gonna get mad, do you?

Milli: *gets a sneaky look on her face* You don't say? *starts texting*

(Camera cuts back in the room where the message is sent.)

Milli's text: *on-screen* I'M COMING 4 U!! >:(

Bot: *reads the text* She's coming for us. And she put greater than, colon, bracket.

Geo: ???

Bot: *>:[ face*

Geo: He's gonna get us!

Bot: He?

Geo: It's a boy, right?

(text appears)


Bot: *sees the text* WAY over the line, Geo.

Geo: I know. But how did she know what I said?

(text pops up)

Milli's text: Because I can hear you😼

Bot: *reading the text* "Because I can hear you. Tiger grin emoji."

Geo: ...

Bot: *😼 face*

(the whistling is heard)

Geo: I think she's in here.

Bot: *looking around* I don't see her.

Geo: Me neither.

(Milli steps behind them in costume)

*to the viewer* Where's the ghost? *short pause* R-right behind us?

Bot: *nervously* I don't wanna look.

(They turn around before violin screeches are heard.)

I looked.

(They run away before the camera zooms in on Milli, who has revealed to be making the violin sounds. She stops playing before taking her head out of the sheet.)

Milli: *giggles* After them, Umi-friend! *gives chase*

End of part 1