When Team Umizoomi discover a hidden temple in the forest, they find themselves in an alternate world, a world that needs their help. They set out to stop the evil force controlling the land, and seek to find their alternate selves, who may be able to help. But it won't come without surprises...

The Temple In The Forest

(Milli and Geo are running through the forest, playing tag.)

Geo (Tauntingly): Bet you can't catch up to me!

Milli: Oh yes I can!

(They continue to run through the forest, laughing and having fun, until...)

Geo: Aaaahh! (Trips and falls down a small hill. When he stops, he sees an odd crumbled brick in front of him.)

Milli: You okay?

Geo: Yeah, I think so... There's something odd down here though...

Milli: What's down there?

Geo: Some kind of brick, maybe? Looks like there's more ahead!

Milli: I'll be down in a second. I'm going to get Bot, okay?

Geo: Okay! Just be quick!

(Milli runs off to find Bot.)

(Geo looks around, although he feels an... unsettling presence.)

Geo: Wonder what this place could be?

???: I wouldn't dare check any farther, if I were you! Trust me, I would of never come to this place if I had known!

(Geo turns around to see a boy, standing in the distance. He looked almost like Geo, but with longer hair, which was black, a black jacket, and he had a strange, blue aura around him, and seemed to be wearing some kind of necklace of sorts, with a blue jewel.)

Geo: Who are you?

???: You don't have any need to know that. At least, not now.

(Boy turns away and runs. Geo chases after him. The boy seems to vanish near some strange hieroglyphs.)

Milli: Geo?

(Milli runs to Geo.)

Milli: There you are! You weren't at the beginning. I saw you running though.

Geo: There was a boy here though. He just disappeared into those pictures.

Bot: Just "disappeared"? something weird is going on..

(Bot walks over to the hieroglyphs. When he gets close, a portal appears.)

Milli and Geo: Wow!

Bot: What is this?

Geo: A portal, maybe?

Milli: I wonder where it leads to?

Geo: Hopefully somewhere really cool!

Bot: Should we go in?

Milli: No way else to find out where it leads to.

Geo and Bot: Then let's see!

(all of them hop in)

The Alternate World

(A portal appears over a temple in the mountains. Team Umizoomi fall out of the portal and land in a heap.)

Geo: Where are we?

Milli: I have no idea.

Bot: Maybe somewhere else in the world?

???: Maybe a different world... A world YOU shouldn't be in!

(Team Umizoomi, startled, turn around to see the boy Geo had seen before.)

Milli: Who are you?

???: No point in saying. I could ask you the same question, but I already know. Team Umizoomi. Superheroes, though you don't look like superheroes. (chuckles a bit)

Bot: Hey!

Geo: Wait. You're the person I saw in our world! What were you doing there!

???: Nothing of your concern!

(A new voice is heard, this one sounding like a girl)

Girl: It's at least MY concern!

(They turn around to see a girl, maybe 14, who has short (green) hair, jeans, and a green hoodie.)

???: So, is little Ms.Princess here to tell me what to do!? (Chuckles) Cause you can't! Your not even in power no more! I'm in charge here, and I do what I want!

Team Umizoomi: Princess?

???: WAS princess.

Girl: Soon you will be WAS king, soon, though, not now... You have no point in staying anyways, you can't use dark magic here.

???: Well, doesn't matter, got more important things to do!)

(the boy turns around to leave.)

???: (Yelling) Nice meeting you... NOT!

(Boy runs off)

Bot: So you're a..

Girl: (sadly) Princess... Yeah, at least I WAS, until he gained dark magic.

Geo: How?

(She looked at him in the eyes. She had a look of realization, though Geo couldn't tell why.)

Girl: Doesn't matter right now... Anyways, I'm Harper! And I'm on a mission, to get my crown back!

A Fallen Princess

Geo: So, who is he..?

Harper: He... Was someone I knew, a really long time ago...

Harper: He's king now, all thanks to- Wait... Why am I telling YOU this. I don't know who you are, at least, not in your world.

Bot: What do you mean "at least, not in our world." There can't be two of us, right?

Harper: Guess you've never explored another world, huh?

Milli: I mean.. No, we haven't .

Harper: That's what I thought.

Geo: Can you at least tell us what's going on?

Harper: Not until I know who you are.

Milli: Team Umizoomi, heroes of Umi City.

Harper: "Heroes," yeah right, that's what I've been told before, by people like you. Just, leave, go home, and don't worry about here, I made a promise to never let anyone get hurt again.. Because of him... Because of me.

Bot: (Steps forward) I.. I-

Harper: Save your pity, for someone who deserves it.

Milli: We just want to help, if you'll let us... We could fix whatever happened. Just, trust us.

Harper: Fine, I'll tell you, but not out here in the open. It's getting dark outside, and I don't want to be caught out here with all the creatures around here. Follow me

(The team follows her, uncertain of what "creatures" she's talking about)

The Truth

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