Milli, the leader of Team Umizoomi and the orthinologest, is also wanted to be the judge.

The plot on Aristocats II is Toulouse and Marie teased Berlioz so made him angry.

So the police, Special Agent Dotty from Special Agent Oso arrested Marie.

Milli is the Judge.Mario is The Office

Bot is the Lawyer.Luigi is The Police

Duchess is the claimer.

Berlioz is the victim.

The crime for Marie is teasing her younger brother. Berlioz told Milli that his older brother, Toulouse and his older sister, Marie teased and laughed at him. But Dotty, Wolfie and Oso did not found Toulouse and only caught Marie. So he asked Milli to punish his older sister.

The second, Milli asked Marie that why she taunted her younger brother.

But Marie said angrily that she and Toulouse was just done for fun or looked like that.

The Audience just feel bad about Marie.

Duchess claim that she scold Marie and Toulouse when they done that.

Thomas said that Marie is being bad to her younger brother.

So Dotty said that she has to be sent to permanent punishment.

Marie just said excuse that her older brother had did too.

So that made the agents very mad.

So Bot, Dotty and Wolfie said that Marie has to sent to death.

When her family, Duchess, Thomas, Toulouse and Berlioz are watching. Toulouse just came to watch this.

Milli confirm that Marie will be sent to death. She gave her poison to kill Marie.

And Berlioz said thank you, Judge Milli. Her niece, Bianka and her nephew, Charles (Aka Charlie) said that is too much but Milli said that's too late. The arrow is already gone.

Mean while, Marie had gone to hell and her heart stopped. Duchess, Berlioz, and Thomas were happy at first.

But Geo's son that is Milli's nephew, Charles cried when he saw his aunt and his father is killing a female kitten. Dotty said that she deserves it because she is the police.

So Duchess doesn't have any female kitten anymore, because her only daughter, Marie was died from punishment to haress the younger brother.

Milli made a new rule.

Any older sister who is abusing, telling lies, or haress, tease their younger sister/younger brother will be sent to death. If you don't do good to your younger sister/brother, then you will be deserve this and there's NO excuse and might happen like Marie.

So the girls are scared to tease the younger sister or younger brother.

But Toulouse just feel sad and angry for Milli.

How about you guys? Was Marie deserves it or it is to heavy punishment for her?

Character PresentsEdit

  • Team Umizoomi
  • Special Agent Oso
    • Dotty
    • Wolfie
    • Oso
    • Mario
    • Luigi
  • The Aristocats
    • Duchess
    • Thomas
    • Toulouse
    • Marie
    • Berlioz