Hawaiian VacationEdit

  • (The episode starts at the Honolulu International Airport. Inside, a lot of people boarding off a plane, of which All of them are Team Umizoomi with The Bean Team. Milli and Butterbean and Poppy and Their Best Friend Princess Peach are wearing yellow sundresses, sandals, and yellow stars in their hair. Geo and Jasper and Cricket and Their Friend Mario are all wearing light-blue short sleeved shirts, blue shorts, and sandals as well. Bot and Luigi and Their Friend Dazzle are wearing typical Hibiscus shirts and a large sun hats. They're all carrying luggage bags each. The Team and The Bean Team and The Mario Gang then stops and looks to the screen.)
  • Bot: Hi, Umi-Friend. We're Team Umizoomi, and guess what? We're on a vacation along with Butterbean and Her Friends and The Mario Gang.
  • Milli: We're here at Hawaii, one of the best place for luaus, surfing, and even exploring new things.
  • Geo: Have you ever been on a vacation? (Mario:Yes) Where to? (Luigi:Puddlebrook) That sounds really nice.
  • (The Team and Butterbean and her Friends starts walking again to the front doors.)
  • Milli: So were are going first?
  • Bot: To a hotel.
  • Super Mario Gang: We Can Watch Umi City For You Team Umizoomi
  • Milli: Yeah and maybe Mario and his Friends Can watch Over Umi City
  • Geo: Aren't we doing something fun first?
  • Bot: We have to settle in first before we can do somthing else. Aahh, this is the life. We has no missions to do, no crazy things to worry about, and best of all, no troubles.
  • Milli: Speaking of troubles, what about the Troublemakers and The Wario Bros?
  • Bot: They promised that they would leave the city alone as long as we're away.
  • Geo:That Good I Think i'm going to play some Super Mario

Stowaway TroublesEdit

  • (As Milli, Geo, and Bot leave the screen, we are then shown three young adults who appear to be college students. They stop for a brief moment.)
  • [F, Blonde] College Student: Dingilolm, can you take a picture of me and Siso.
  • Ryan: Sure thing, guy.
  • (Ryan goes to open up the top front pocket of his breifcase to get his camera, only to find a familiar purple creature popping out. It was Little Trouble. He is wearing a blue shirt with a single yellow wave across it, foregoing the gloves.)
  • Little Trouble: (coughs) Has this person ever considered washing his bags?
  • (Suddenly, the bottom pocket unzips and another familiar purple creature pops out eating, what was to him, a giant submarine sandwich. It was Big Trouble. He is wearing an orange, short sleeved, zip-up hoodie with a purple sleveless shirt underneath.)
  • Big Trouble: (mouth full) No, but he does make a great submarine.
  • Little Trouble: Submarine?!
  • Big Trouble: (swallows the food) It's a sandwich made with French or Italian bread. (points to the sandwich) Some people call this a hoagie.
  • Little Trouble: That's even more disgusting to put there. (He looks at the college students, who are confused, around him. Little Trouble then laughs sheepishly as Big Trouble takes another bit of the sandwich.) (To Big Trouble) Let's get out of here before they take us to the authorities. (Little Trouble jumps out of the top pocket. The rest of his outfit is a purple pair of bermuda shorts and crocs. He carries a hiking backpack and a large trolley case. He runs off the screen.)
  • Big Trouble: (swallows the food) Thanks for the sandwich, bro. (Jumps out of the bottom pocket. The rest of his outfit is a pair of yellow board shorts and trekking sandals. He carries the same baggege as Little Trouble.) Wait for me! (Big Trouble runs after Little Trouble).
  • (The college students continued to look confusingly at Ryan's bag before Ryan picks up the partially eaten sandwich and takes a bite of it. Caitlin and Maline look in shock and disgust.)

A Bus Full of TroubleEdit

  • (We cut to the bus that Team Umizoomi is taking, as we see the Team entering the bus.)
  • Milli: Don't worry, our vacation's fine.
  • Geo: 🅰🅰🅰🅰🅰🅰🅰🅰🅰🅰🅰🅰🅰🅰🅰🅰!!!!!!!!!
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