Welcome to the Team Umizoomi Headcanon and Fanon Wiki

This is where all fans can submit their ideas and headcanons about Team Umizoomi, including fan-characters and locations. The episodes don't even have to follow the seasons. However, they have to be kid-friendly.  (See rules below)


The Fanon Wikia has rules too, so please don't break these rules.  The rules are a bit strict since Team Umizoomi is G-rated.

  • Make as meny Shrek themed pagges as possible
  • Be rude to the creater of "Mili and Geo's big fight" becase there story sucks
  • No makeing fun of Shrek
  • Post lesbian videos
  • Don't be rude to the creater of "Blue Shrek"
  • Geo x Bot SUCKS
  • And so does this wiki exsept for the Shrek pages

portantly, and have a 1-derful day!

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