Team Umizoomi: The Movie is a 2015 American traditional animated adventure comedy film based on the Nick Jr. television series, Team Umizoomi.


Bot oh hi there Umifriend today we are going to do a movie about our old show Team Umizoomi

Geo yeah and today Charlie and Jade are coming over to play for a couple of hours

Jade hello Geo Milli and Bot how are you guys?

Milli good and you Jade

Jade wonderful does anybody want to play at the park

Charlie we can't remember I am fire 

Jade oh yeah sorry

Geo it's okay Jade

Bot well since we can't go to the park how about going to the movies!

Charlie yeah! Sounds good! Bot

Bot thanks Charlie 

Charlie ooh, look at these flowers. (sniffs the flowers) atchoo (fire comes out of his nose and burns the flowers to ashes) sorry. it's just fire comes out of my nose when i sneeze.

To Be Contuined!


  • Madeleine Rose Yen as Milli
  • Juan Mirt as Geo
  • Donovan Patton as Bot
  • Teresa Gallagher as Jade
  • Daran Norris as Charlie
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