Series overview

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
1 1 November 5, 2017 ???

Season 1

Episode # Season # Title Original airdate Prod. Code[2]
1 1 The Heroes Return November 5, 2017 101

Ten years in the future, Team Umizoomi has retired in between and taken up different interests, with no mention of whether or not the Team will return to heroics. Team Umizoomi eventually learns of a serious threat that will put Umi City in hot water and force Milli, Geo, and Bot to get back into action.

Episode # Season # Title Original airdate Prod. Code[2]
2 1 A Troubling Revenge ??? 102

Team Umizoomi's first day in the Umi City Guards goes from daunting to dangerous one they learn that their exiled enemies, The TroubleMakers, are terrorizing the city. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman named Viridian comes into the scene, warning Team Umizoomi of the dangers that lie ahead.

Episode # Season # Title Original airdate Prod. Code[2]
3 1 Through the Eyes of a Bandit ??? 103

When a new enemy named Cheshire is robbing museums at a rapid pace, Team Umizoomi vows to take him down at all costs. When Geo finds out about Cheshire's true identity, he becomes conflicted as whether to reveal this revelation or keep it to himself.

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