Swords and Shapes (Also known as Swords & Shapes or S&S for short) is a game that was featured as a major plot device in the episode Virtual Umizoomi. This game happens to be one of Geo's favorite video games. It seems to play in the style of The Legend Of Zelda.

Background Edit

Swords and Shapes was the game where the climax of the episode Virtual Umizoomi took place. When Milli and Bot found Geo, Zilch took Geo to his tower. After Milli and Bot navigate the tower, they both reach Zilch at the very top. Zilch then sent out his army of Mean Green Goblin Minions after him. Milli and Bot both used swords Geo gave them to transform them into shapes. However, Zilch traps the two in a bubble. Seeing this, Geo decides to save the day himself by blowing into his bubble and surprising Zilch, which made him drop his sceptar and get trapped within a bubble himself. The Dragon also helped out by bouncing Bot and Milli out of the tower. Geo then thanks the Dragon for the help, and Geo floats into the starry night sky. A victory celebration then takes place with Team Umizoomi getting medals as rewards for saving their kingdom. Team Umizoomi then use Geo's magic Bubble to get themselves home.