Team Umizoomi Headcanon and Fanon Wiki


  1. Milli VS Geo: As Milli accuses Geo for something he didn't commit, it's up to Bot to make Geo innocent.
  2. The Alternate World: When Team Umizoomi discover a hidden temple in the forest, they find themselves in an alternate world, a world that needs their help. They set out to stop the evil force controlling the land, and seek to find their alternate selves, who may be able to help. But it won't come without surprises
  3. Elemental Insanity: G.O.B.A.D.S Wolves released 4 elementals into Umi-City! And they're causing elemental mayhem! It's up to Team Umizoomi to bring back the elementals to where they belong!
  4. Honey I Shrunk The Lizard!: Blazey's lizard Bruni is tinier than ever when the Troublemakers shrunk him! He explore the wonders of Umi-City, without knowing that the Troublemakers are planning to take over the world! It's up to Team Umizoomi and Blazey to return their friend Bruni back to normal!
  5. The Umi City Takeover: The Wolves manage to takeover Umi City but only one member of Team Umizoomi escapes and that's Geo and it up to Geo to save Umi City with the help of Blazey.
  6. A New Dawn: As the city is entering a new dawn that means more missions form Team Umizoomi to do, and it's up to you to help them as new year of missions awaits to Team Umizoomi and their sidekick, Blazey!
  7. Buster's Powerless Predicament: The Wolves with help from the Troublemakers managed to build a device that zaps the mighty math powers out of Buster the Super Sleuth Dog, and that means he needs gain new skills form all kinds of different subjects.
  8. Brother and Sister Fever - As the Christmas season is entering Umi-City everyone is ready to enjoy themselves, but not Geo and Milli. As news reports telling everyone about a disease called the infamous Brother and Sister fever and both Milli and Geo had it because it only works when there is a brother and a sister at the same time, the cure is separation. However Blazey and Bot's Plan was that one of them can go on a solo mission or go with him, which one will work out in the end, and can this team ever work again without Milli and Geo side by side?
  9. The Judge Case: As things go bad as they always do, the Troublemakers pose as Team Umizoomi and make a huge mess, when the real the Team Umizoomi found out what was going, the fake Team Umizoomi came out as well, which one of these is the real one?, that's why the citizens made a new plan a judge can help figure out which is the real one?
  10. Team Umizoomi Save The World - As the Wolves developed a evil plot to take down the team and that means to take over the globe, as the team take their headquarters in lock-down mode it is up to them to save the world against every villain there is.
  11. Umi With Added Whizz: Team Umizoomi and Blazey get invited to watch Kerwhizz in umi-stadium. But instead of pods, there riding on skates, of course, Geo was excited. But right before they could begin the quiz the Wolves and the troublemakers steal all the skates for the race, even Geo’s when he’s not looking. Can Team Umizoomi and Blazey get all the skates back in time for the race?
  12. A Very Umi-City Christmas: It's Christmas time in Umizoomi, but Blazey doesn't know about Christmas can the Team teach Blazey about Christmas, will it end out to be good or bad for pour Blazey?
  13. Saving Summer: Bot is left to look after Blazey, but the Wolves dragon-napped Summer to their liar it's up to Milli, Geo, Bot and Blazey to save Blazey's best friend Summer.
  14. Team Umizoomi vs. Three Super Baddies: Squiddy, Shape Bandit and the Troublemakers team up, and the three super baddies take Bruni's light up collar! The Team must get his collar back and use their powers to stop them before the team of baddies destroy Umi-City!
  15. The Umi-Paws: Fluffy, Leo Jr, Sweetheart, Fuzzy, Buster and Bruni are teaming up with Milli, Geo, Bot and Blazey on an epic journey.
  16. Team Umizoomi Stops The Troublemakers: The Troublemakers are trying to capture the Blue Mermaid, and Team Umizoomi must rescue the Blue Mermaid and stop the Troublemakers.
  17. Where's Bruni?: Milli, Geo, Blazey, Bruni and Bot are playing hide and seek! But where's Bruni? The only way of Umi-City, Milli, Geo, Bot and Blazey looks for him and we find Bruni! The Team Umizoomi for the best!
  18. Pool Fun!: Team Umizoomi loves everyone at the pool fun for Annie! But when Squiddy takes the water from the pool! Oh No! The water is…GONE! This is for job for…Team Umizoomi! Team Umizoomi catch Squiddy from the water of the pool! And the pool was fun!