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  1. So Many Lies To Tell: Luna the Jaquin drank some juice which in reality was potion created by the Troublemakers which forces her to lie, it's up to Team Umizoomi to solve this problem ASAP!
  2. Runaway Dinos: G.O.B.A.D.S. decided to pull a trick on Umi-City, by placing 100 baby dinos! Team Umizoomi must find a way to take away the baby dinos, with the help of Dump Truck... they can bring the babies back where they belong!
  3. Diamonds in the Rough: G.O.B.A.D.S. is planning to use an ancient gem that causes bad luck known as the “Bijou de Malchance”, and is planning to use it on Umi-City! Can Team Umizoomi save Umi-City from bad luck of the Bijou?
  4. Star Crossed: Team Umizoomi got a call from... Deneb! The star of Cygnus, and claims that two stars preferably Altair and Vega are causing mayhem! It's seems like it's the cause of G.O.B.A.D.S. and it's up to Team Umizoomi to solve it! However though Luna is into this magazine about “Dodecascopes”, can Team Umizoomi solve this Cosmic Case?
  5. Blazey's Mystery: When the new bedroom for Blazey goes missing in Fountain Headquarters, the team and Blazey became detectives to solve the mystery!
  6. Blazey's Sleepy Singalong: It's bedtime at Fountain Headquarters and the team was getting ready for bed. But Bot and Blazey need to put Milli and Geo to sleep by choosing different lullabies.
  7. Mission To The Moon: When a baby wolf named Willa is having trouble howling at the moon, Team Umizoomi and Blazey want to cheer her up and get her home to Moonlight Mountain for her sleepover with them.
  8. The Umi Sleepover: It's bedtime at Sonya's house, But Sonya and Blazey need to sing lullabies to help the team fall asleep.
  9. Umi Egyptian Adventure: When Team Umizoomi are in Egypt looking for the lost Cat’s Eye necklace of Cleocatra, but they have to get to the necklace before the Troublemakers do.