List of Episodes Edit

  1. The Umizoomi Rescue:  Team Umizoomi is in trouble! When Doormouse showed Team Umizoomi his new magic trick he accedently sent them in bubbles! Meanwhile Zigzag and Alphonse were trying to find Team Umizoomi and met Doormouse and saw Team Umizoomi in different locations. Can Zigzag and Alphonse find Team Umizoomi and save them. (This is the first Time Team Umizoomi got new team members)
  2. Wacky Weather: One Summer day...the team saw something strange, it’s sunny, raining, snowing and windy all at the same time! That’s when they learned that Zilch had created a wheather machine which allowed prople to create what weather they want however, he accidentally created a mess of weather! It’s up to team Umizoomi to return things right.
  3. Caught!: A crazy money maker believes that Team Umizoomi is worth millions of bucks! Team Umizoomi doesn't want to be sold for a price so the only way to do it, is to hide!
  4. Abraca...who?: Team Umizoomi had accidently been placed by a spell which swapped each others’ bodies! It’s up to Team Umizoomi to enter the magic hat and figure out what went wrong!
  5. Night of the Living Crayons: One strange day...Zigzag’s new crayons came alive! And their coloring things all wrong! The sky is orange, the water is brown and the world is in a colorful catastrophe! Can Team Umizoomi find a way to collect the crayons and return everything back to normal?
  6. Team UmiDigit: A virus is making machines go loco and it is causing mayhem! What’s that Bot is affected as well! It’s up to Geo and Alphonse to find the virus and Milli and Zigzag to keep bot control!
  7. Alternate Umizoomi: Doormouse feels like things should change for Team Umizoomi, that is when he finds a portal to a different dimension, in which the bad guys are...Team Umizoomi? What is going on? Can Doormouse find a way to get out?
  8. Art Blocks: A magic paintbrush grabs the attention of Alphonse which causes things to be artistic, but little did he know that this brush can make art pop into real life! Can Team Umizoomi do something of this artistic escapade?
  9. Powerless Predicament: OH NO! The teams powers have been taken by a superpower collecter called "Power Poacher" now Team Umizoomi must chase down this villian without their powers so they can be hero's again. Can they get their powers back?
  10. Robo-Ruckus: Every night...A robot causes mayhem in Umi-City, this makes Bot feel unsure of what's going on, what's also strange is that no one would rely on Bot which makes Bot feel guilty of something he didn't do...So it's up to Team Umizoomi to find out what's going on and who is that robot and why he is blaming bot...
  11. Women of Time: Milli wants to know about how women can be powerful, luckily Zilch’s time spell now works! So Milli learns about history’s famous women, from Jeanne of France, Queen Cleopatra and Helen of Troy! But soon then she invites them to Umi-City and things get crazy! Can Milli do something about it?
  12. Runaway Robot: A Robot Machine Cmpany mistakens Bot as a runaway robot, this causes a tension between Team Umizoomi, so it's up for Team Umizoomi to sneak around the halls and find a way to bring Bot Back!
  13. Return of the Crazy Skates: Doormouse found some skates for skating! But wait why are they red... OH NO! It's the crazy skates! Team Umizoomi must save him!
  14. The Great Space Race Part 1: Team Umizoomi had entered in a Race... In Space! But soon then they see another team known as “Wild Card” want to win as well! So Team Umizoomi wants to help Wild Card win! But can they handle 20 other racers?
  15. The Great Space Race Part 2: Team Umizoomi and Wild Card land on Venus where they find out that martians are making the race ina maze where there is a shortcut to a mansion! Team Umizoomi, Wild Card and the remaining 15 racers must find the next exit to Jupiter, but can this race get any worse? But wait... who’s that extra racer?
  16. The Great Space Race Part 3: As Team Umizoomi and Wild Card get ready for Jupiter, the gravity causes them to sink! They must find a way to get back to the surface!
  17. The Great Space Race Part 4: After the explosion on Jupiter, Team Umizoomi and Wild Card got separated, not only they must find the racers they must also find each other!
  18. The Great Space Race Part 5: Team Umizoomi and Wild Card learned that the mysterious racer is actually Arth! Gwen's missing brother! As it turns out, the prize is false! They must work together to free Gabe on the biggest race yet!
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