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  1. Bubble Trouble: Milli got stuck in a bubble! She tries different ways to get out but she couldn’t is there a way to pop this big bubble?
  2. Milli in Plunderland Part 1: When Bot is having a fishing trip with Doormouse, Milli is forced to take care of Geo, so Milli decides to play a game with Geo, which ended up with Geo missing! Luckily he went to Plunderland a secret world in Umi-city but Milli must find Geo before it's too late! Can she find Geo before Bot gets back?
  3. Milli in Plunderland Part 2: Milli and Geo end up inside the Queen's castle and they must find their way out! But handling with guards, spiders and even the Kooky Cat, is hard to be un noticed, can they survive through the castle or will they be Plundering in Trouble!
  4. Geo's Glasses Dilemma: The Troublemakers accidentally blast a flashlight while Geo is standing in front of it. This causes Geo's vision to be very blurry. Bot has some glasses but he only has three pairs and everytime they need to get past a series of obstacles Geo's glasses fall of and break. Can they catch the Troublemakers and get Geo's vision back?
  5. Reeling in Trouble: Bot and Doormouse are having a fishing trip together, but little did they know is that the fishing trip is a competition of fishers against fishers, in order to win, Bot and Doormouse want to win the trophy as a team, but there is one problem Bot and Doormouse each have their own ways to fish! Can they work together? (This episode takes place in the same time as Milli In Plunderland)
  6. A Tale of Rat & Doormouse: A rat who’s in Umi-City looks suspiciously looks like doormouse is misunderstood as Doormouse making Team Umizoomi worried that Doormouse lost his memories! But Geo is unsure of it, believing that the Rat isn’t Doormouse, it is up to Geo to solve this mystery...
  7. Oh Bleep!: After hearing a cleaning man‘s trash bag opening, Geo hears a word that isn’t for kids... Geo wants to know what the word means but he learns that it shouldn’t be said...can Geo learn what the word means?
  8. Breaking the Ice: Team Umizoomi must rescue a polar bear in an ice cave but that would lead new foes to enter and cause trouble... (This is the introduction of the new team of baddies, Team G.O.B.A.D.S. which contains Alpha, Omega, Beta, Gamma, Sigma, and Delta)
  9. Team Umizoomi...FRAMED? Part 1: Team Umizoomi is accused by a fish of stealing the pearl of Atlantis, in order to clear their name, Team Umizoomi must prove that they’re innocent, they meet Jade, an octopus who was wrongfully accused of also stealing the pearl, luckily she knows where the pearl is but they must return by running from sea guards...can they do it?
  10. Team Umizoomi...FRAMED? Part 2: After Team Umizoomi lost their powers to Poseidon, Jade sends a letter to the fans of Team Umizoomi, Zigzag and Alphonse, they learned that Poseidon kept their powers in 3 gems guarded by 3 other gods, can Zigzag and Alphonse rescue Team Umizoomi and their powers back?
  11. Team Umizoomi...FRAMED? Part 3: Now that Team Umizoomi learned that Kelp took the pearl, he claims to be king of Atlantis! It’s up to Team Umizoomi, Jade and Poseidon to stop Kelp and his new army of fish.
  12. Tiny Umizoomi: Zeppo has accidentally cast a shrink spell on Bot and the only way to return to his original size, is to collect 3 ingredients...
  13. Tick Tock Stop: Something strange is happening in Umi-City... everything stopped! As it turns out...Zilch was preparing a spell that accidentally caused the clocktower gears to stop, it’s up to Team Umizoomi to solve the problem...
  14. Geo Saves The Day: The Shape Bandit, The Troublemakers and Squiddy team up to destroy Team-Umizoomi by starting with Milli and Geo, but instead of Geo they kidnapped Bot and Milli, meaning now it is up to Geo to save his sister and robotic friend from this combined villain team.
  15. Milli and the Land of Snow: During Christmas Eve Milli has turned tinier than what she used to be! In order to return to her original size, she must find the Fairy Queen but one certain spider won’t allow such a thing.
  16. Team Troublezoomi: The Troublemakers had zapped Milli, Geo and Bot and change them to bad-guys, soon Troublezoomi then became rogue and the troublemakers must return Team Umizoomi to change to Good Guys.
  17. Let’s Do Time Travel!: Team Umizoomi has been sent to different time periods, Milli in the Stone Age, Geo in the Vikings Age, and Bot in the Robots Age, and their time counterparts are in their world, the only way to do this is to find the 3 Chrono Shards but they must have Zeppo to keep the Cavewoman Milli, The Viking Geo, and the Rogue Robot Bot safe and unknown...
  18. Team Umizoomi and You!: Imagine this...being the star of Team Umizoomi! You have been shrunken by G.O.B.A.D.S. and you need help from Team Umizoomi!
  19. The Counting:  When Team Umizoomi got lost in the middle of Winter they stay at a mysterious hotel, but they soon realized that the hotel is locked and they need to find ways to get out of the mysterious hote, but can they survive a see of numbers, an endless hallway and even a cold maze?
  20. Team Umizoomi vs. Troublemakers: The Final Showdown between Team Umizoomi and the Troublemakers. Who will win the Good or the Evil?
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