Geo was sitting alone in his room crying, He got dumped by his girlfriend, Sasha. He was devistated and was lying down sobbing. Bot walked in and asked whatt was wrong. "I cant seem to find love" Geo said crying. Bot puased for a second, and said "here Geo, let me show you something". Bot passonetly kissed Geo on the lips and stuck his tounge in his mouth, exploring ever part of Geo's sexy little mouth. Geo pulled away, saliva dripping from their toungs "OMG BOT!? I never know you had that in you". "Oh Geo, I have more than that" said Bot seductively. Bot stck his hand up geo's shirt, feeling up his cheast and rubing his nipples, Geo moaned. Bot pulled geo's shirt and and licked his nipples. "OH BOT!" Geo moaned. Bot stuck his hand down Geo's pants, felling his soft member. "Oh Bot~" Geo moaned. Bot ripped his pants off revealing Geo's now rock hard member. Bot kissed Geo's cock and sucked it a little. Pre--cum leaked from Geo's hard cock. Bot laped up the semon dripping from Geo's small, but erect member. Geo squimed in plesure as Bots tounge ran up and dow his member, laping up every drop of cum. Bot lifted up his head and gentely turned Geo onto his belly."A... are we ready for this bot? Geo asked. "Of corse we are my darling" BOt responded, comferting Geo.Bot aimed his rock hard member at Geo's entrence, the head of his cock gentaly rubbing the edges of Geo's sexy tight ass. Bot slowly inserted his dick into Geo's entrence, cuaseing Geo to moan slightly. Bot started to lightly trust onto Geo's hips. Bot then felt a sudden urge and stopped thrusting. Geo was confused "Whats wrong babe?" Geo said softly. "SHUT THE FUCK U YOU DIRY LITTLE STUT!" Bot shouted. Geo shed a few tears whu... what?" Geo said, tears pouring ou of his face. "I SAID SHUT UP YOU STUPID LITTLE WHORE!" Bot shouted at Geo, who was crying his eyes out. Bot grabbed Geo's ass cheaks hard "Ow Bot yo... your hur... hurting me" Geo said crying. Bot did not responf, he started thrusting hard into Geo's asshole. "OW OW OW BOT PLEASE STOP I BEG OF YOU" Geo said, tears pouring down his soft sexy face. He was in so much pain, he couldent take it. Bot harshley came into Geo, their was so mutch cum that it started pouring out of Geo's swolen and slightly bleeding asshole. Bot quiqley pulled out of Geo and smashed his face into the bedsheet covered in cum. "SUCK ALL OF IT UP YOU LITTLE BITCH!!!" Bot commanded. "B... Bot, how could you do this to me? I thought you loved me" Geo said balling his eyes out, now with a bloody nose. "SHUT THE FUCK UP BICTH, I NEVER LOVED YOU, I JUST WANTED A TIGHT SQUISHY CHILD ASSHOLE TO PENITRATE, TO FELL LIKE I'M IN POWER, AND YOU WERE JUST THE RIGHT SQUISHY ASSHLE I COULD RAPE!!!". Bot harshley grabbed Geo's hair and pressed his face against the cum-covered mattress, forcing him to lick of the mixture of cum and blood. Geo cried as Bot walked out of the room. "LICK UP EVERY DROP BITCH" Bot shouted, as he closed and locked the door, trapping Geo inside. Bot walked into the kitchedn were Milli was making Bot a sandwich. "Hey Bot" Milli asked, "What Milli". "Have you sen Geo, I havent seen him all day" Milli said. "Oh Geo?, no I have not seen him today" Bot respnded. Latter that night, Bot walked back into the room where Geo was. Geo's asshole was still still battered and briused. Bot slapped Geo's face, making him fall to the ground. Geo cried "please Bot, please let me go". "Shut up slut, your staying here as long as I want you to whore" Bot said sturnley. Bot chaind up Geo's nude body. Bot draged Geo to a secret room that noone knew about. "noone will ever find you here bitch, exept for me" Bot said, smirking at Geo.

1 Month Later:

Geo has been in Bot's secret room for over a month now. He was starved beaten abused tortured, and raped on the daily. He was chained to a metal wall. The room was small and covered in blood from when Bot would brutally whip him every few days. No one know where he was, and after a while, he was pronounced dead.

Geo was crying on the floor like he normal does. He heard footsteps getting closer to the room, He knew what this meant. Bot slowly opened the door and walked over to Geo. Geo was crying on the floor, dosens of whip marks, bruises, cuts, and other marks lined his nude body. "p... plese Bot" Geo cried softly. "Oh no no no no you little bitch, I have to mutch fun with you to let you go".Bot then whiped get sevrel times on his back. Geo cried out in pain. Bot slapped Geo's bruised, red cheks "SHUT UP WHORE!" Bot yelled. Bot then started masturbaiting over Geo's tourtured body to get his dick hard. "Please Bot don't" Geo cried. Bot did not listen. Bot started to harshley trust and rape Geo. Geo cried out "Bot please stop I beg of you please!". "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU WHINY LITTLE BITCH!" Bot screamed, as he stomped on Geo's hand, Smashing it and cuasing blood to spatter beneath his foot. Geo muffled his crying to not make Bot madder. "Goodnight bitch" Bot said as he pulled out of Geo's bloody, briused asshole. "You wont get food untill next week for being a bitch" Bot said as he waked out of the room and closed the door.

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