Princess MilliEdit

  1. (The episode starts in Milli's bedroom. Milli is wearing her Rainbow Princess Dress instead of her usual clothes.
  2. Milli: Hi, it's me Milli! I'm a tiny superhero, but you can call me Princess Milli! (giggles) check it out! I look just like a princess because tonight in Umi City, there is a royal party and everyone will be dressing up as princes and princesses. Do you like parties, Umi-Friend? Umiriffic!
  3. Bot:milli you have to see my costume
  4. Milli: Coming, Bot! (Milli goes to see Bot wearing armor and a cape.)
  5. Milli: This is Bot, my best friend.
  6. Bot:Hello there see if you can guess what I'm wearing what is this a cape right I'm dressed up like a prince
  7. Milli: Bot, where's Geo? He should've been asleep again!
  8. Bot:Oh he went out with his friend fauna
  9. Milli: Who's Fauna?
  10. Bot:fauna is a fairy like sunny but she is powerful she has glitter-covered long-sleeved gloves shell-crested wings a wand a pendant of fairy dust on her neck, and bare-footed boots
  11. Milli: So pretty!
  12. Bot:We better go get the banquet set up before the party starts
  13. (Geo calls his teammates on the Umiphone.)
  14. Bot:Oh I'm getting a call on my belly-belly
  15. Milli and Bot: Belly-Screen!
  16. Bot:It's geo
  17. Geo: Milli, Bot, I am a bit busy right now, and I can't make it to party.
  18. Milli: What's wrong Geo?
  19. Geo: The Troublemakers blasted my skates and now Fauna has some new wheels but she doesn't have any tools to fix my skates.
  20. Milli: (gasps) Yikes!
  21. Bot:Don't worry geo we'll be there soon and fix your skates with my robo tools
  22. Geo: Thanks guys, see you soon.
  23. Bot:We have to fix geos skates before we can get to the royal party on time
  24. Milli: And we your help. Will you help us fix Geo’s skates? You will? Umiriffic! Now, your on Team Umizoomi with us, we'll call you: Umi-Friend!
  25. Bot:Hello umi-friend or whatever
  26. Mili: I'll head to the party to set up the banquet, Bot.
  27. Bot:Ok milli good luck don't worry geo help is on the way
  28. (Milli heads to the royal ball and gets half of the banquet set up.) That should do it. Now to see how Bot is progressing.
  29. Bot:geo,fauna
  30. Fauna: Bot, your just in time do you have your robo tools?
  31. Bot:I never leave home without them now to use my gun.
  32. (Bot’s belly screen shows April, who is from Team Umizoomi: Umi Egg Hunt)
  33. April: You’ve got a gun, Bot? Is it a Disco Gun? Oh! Hi, Umi-Friend!
  34. Fauna: (Hands Bot the skate wheels.) Here are the wheels.
  35. Bot:doormouse thanks fauna (Bot activates his gun) geo this your wheels on nice and tight
  36. Geo: Thanks, Bot!
  37. Geo:Come on fauna let's go to the royal ball
  38. Fauna: Right behind you, Geo!
  39. (Back at the party, Milli has finished up the banquet and ready to dance.)
  40. Mill: There we go, the banquet is complete.
  41. (Geo, Bot, and Fauna make it on time for the ball but DoorMouse stops them.)
  42. DoorMouse:Not so fast
  43. Geo: DoorMouse, your the security attedan?
  44. DoorMouse:That's right, and anyone who is going to royal ball must be dressed either a prince or a princess
  45. Geo: Well, DoorMouse, my friend and I are going in there. Besides, we are dressed perfectly.
  46. DoorMouse:Well then you may enter
  47. (After Geo, Bot, and Fauna find Milli, she sees them and meets Fauna in person.)
  48. Bot: Thanks for all your help today umi-friend or whatever
  49. Milli:Yeah with your help we stopped the Troublemakers and saved the royal ball.
  50. Geo: Fauna?
  51. Fauna: Yes, Geo?
  52. Geo: May I have this dance?
  53. Fauna: Yes you may!
  54. (Geo and Fauna dance of the dance floor happily ever after.)