Prince Neptune is one of the Children of the Oceans and the ruler of Laufeia.
Prince Neptune


Prince Neptune currently rules the kingdom of Laufeia in the Pacific Ocean. One day, he was taking care of his little sister, Princess Aqua, when he noticed a black cloud heading right for his kingdom. He and his servants went out to observe and then battle the cloud. He had one servant take care of Auqa while he was away. He went to the cloud, thinking it could be rid. He hadn't come back ever since.

Neptune is noble, wise, strong, and brave. He knows what's right for Laufeia. Unlike his other sibilings, The Children of the Oceans, Prince Neptune doesn't have an army in Laufeia. Instead he and his servants fight whatever threatens the kingdom. He is more than willing to take on any task.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Neptune has a skinny build. He has medium-length cobalt hair and light blue eyes. His tail is also cobalt. He wears silver armor and a light blue sleeveles shirt. His chest armor is adorned with a blue pearl in the middle.

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