Summary Edit

When Zilch was visiting Umi-City he accidentally said a censored word. He was so embarrassed, he hid from Team Umizoomi. But when got stuck on the internet. More to that Geo knows those words from Zilch! Can Team Umizoomi help Zilch and Geo's mouth shut?

Characters Edit

  • Milli
  • Geo
  • Bot

The Word Edit

(The episode starts at Geo getting his stuff from his room)

Geo: Oh hi! I'm Geo, I'm gathering stuff from my room to Milli's because Zilch is staying at Umi-City for 2 weeks.

Milli: * Out of breath and sweating* Yeah! *huff* and *huff* it's hard.

(The door opens) Zigzag: I'll get it!

Zilch: Hi Zigzag!

Zigzag: Hi!

Geo: Zilch. I got my room ready!

Zilch: Thanks Geo. (He runs to Geo's room)

Zilch: Now, I should put my stuff where I shouldn't trip over.

Zilch: But first, I should try this "phone".

(Zilch turn on his phone but it says wifi not connected)

Zilch:... What...The...beep, Is this monstrosity wifi?

Geo: *Thinking to himself* ( What does that mean?)

Geo's Mouth Edit

(The screen changes to the kitchen where bot is preparing food)

Bot: Hi Geo!

(The Umi-alarm starts) Milli: The Umi-alarm!

Zigzag: Two words.

Alphonse: Trouble makers?

Zigzag: Yes.

Geo: Why the (buy some apples) do they like to cause (buy some apples)ing trouble?

(Milli drops a plate) Milli: Awkward.

Zilch: ( behind the table) Whoops! I shouldn't have (buy some apples)ing say that.

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