Summary Edit

When Zilch was visiting Umi-City he accidentally said a bad word. He was so embarrassed, he hid from Team Umizoomi. But when got stuck in a hive. More to that Geo knows those words from Zilch! Can Team Umizoomi help Zilch and Geo's mouth shut?

Characters Edit

  • Milli
  • Geo
  • Bot
  • Zigzag
  • Alphonse
  • Frogs
  • Zilch
  • Doormouse

The Word Edit

(The episode starts at Geo getting his stuff from his room)

Geo: Oh hi! I'm Geo, I'm gathering stuff from my room to Milli's because Zilch is staying at Umi-City for 2 weeks.

Milli: * Out of breath and sweating* Yeah! *huff* and *huff* it's hard.

(The door opens) Zigzag: I'll get it!

Zilch: Hi Zigzag!

Zigzag: Hi!

Geo: Zilch. I got my room ready!

Zilch: Thanks Geo. (He runs to Geo's room)

Zilch: Now, I should put my stuff where I shouldn't trip over.

Zilch: But first, I should try this "phone".

(Zilch turn on his phone but it says wifi not connected)

Zilch:... What...The...beep, Is this monstrosity wifi?

Geo: *Thinking to himself* ( What does that mean?)

Geo's Mouth Edit

(The screen changes to the kitchen where bot is preparing food)

Bot: Hi Geo!

(The Umi-alarm starts) Milli: The Umi-alarm!

Zigzag: Two words.

Alphonse: Trouble makers?

Zigzag: Yes.

Geo: Why the (Beep) do they like to cause (beep)ing trouble?

(Milli drops a plate) Milli: Awkward.

Zilch: ( behind the table) Whoops! I shouldn't say that.