Plot Edit

Team Umizoomi hasn't seen Doormouse of days, until they get a distressed call from him to find out that he's broke! So the team decided to help, Milli's getting supplies, Geo tries to find money, and Bot's gonna help Doormouse on what his should look like, but it should be easy right?

Intro: Waiting For a Call Edit

(The intro starts with Team Umizoomi feeling bored with Milli looking out the window, Geo coloring, and Bot napping)

Milli: (Bored) Sigh, Hi's me, Milli, and we're real bored

Geo: (Offscreen and then skating east) We haven't seen Doormouse in days!

(A ringing sound is heard)

Bot: That sounds like a telephone!

Doormouse is Broke Edit

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