Milli was binge eating Denny's, until her cheeks became rosy and a broad fart sound play. She then walked over to the bathroom, and saw poop. The Poop became a mecha, sprouting arms and legs. It then did a tribal dance to summon Dracula, and sucked all the strawberry juice and poop energy out of Milli. Dracula and the Poo Mecha equipped keys and pressed a button, summoning a spaceship that looks like a leaf, and flew into space all the way into the Death Egg, and contacted Eggman about the new feat. Eggman, Dracula, the Poo Mecha, and they used all the strawberry juice and poo energy to power a powerful spirit named Amheda Dudi VI that will make the universe into a giant thriving place for robots and Taco Bell customers alike.

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