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When Milli catches a bad sickness called the Pattern Pox, Geo and Bot must find all the ingredients for the cure. Unfortunately, The Troublemakers have found out their plans and try to stop them.

Intro: Pattern Pox

(It all starts in the morning at Fountain Headquarters where Geo and Bot are in their kitchen) (They have just finished their breakfast)

(Bot looks at the screen)

Bot: Hi there! It’s us, Team Umizoomi!

Geo: We just finished our breakfast. Hey, what do you like to eat for breakfast? Oh, cool!

(Bot realizes something)

Bot: Hey, Geo, where’s Milli this morning?

Geo: Well, she looked tired this morning, so I let her sleep in.

Bot: It's not Milli to sleep in like that.

(A coughing sound is heard which alerts them both)

Bot: *Surprised* Whoa! Sizzling Circuits! That doesn’t sound good.

Geo: And that coughing sounded like… *Gasps*

Both: Milli!

(They both rush out of the kitchen and right into Milli’s room)

(Geo calls out to Milli)

Geo: Milli! Where are you?

(Milli’s bed moves and the coughing sound is heard)

I hear her, but I don’t see her.

(Bot looks at the screen)

Bot: Umi-Friend, do you see Milli?

(Milli’s bed moves to show Milli lying in her bed)

Where is she? In her bed?

(The two rush over to her bed)

Geo: Milli, are you okay?

(Milli weakly turns around) (She has lots of colorful spots all over her body)

Milli: *Weakly* *Coughs* Hey, guys…

Bot and Geo: *Surprised* *Gasp*

Bot: *Concerned* Milli, are you… sick?

(Milli nods her head slowly)

Geo: *Concerned* Bot, why does Milli have all those colorful spots all over her?

Bot: Hold on a second there, little buddy. I know what’s wrong with her.

Geo: What is it, Bot?

Bot: Milli has caught a bad case of… The Pattern Pox.

Geo: *Surprised and confused* Uh… What’s the Pattern Pox?

Bot: It’s when you get lots of colorful spots all over you and they appear in different patterns.

Geo: *Upset* Oh no! Milli has the Pattern Pox!

(He starts to get stressed)

What do we do?! What do we do?! What do we do?!

Bot: Whoa, whoa there little buddy. Let’s not panic about this. Just calm down and take a deep breath.

(Geo takes a deep breath)

Geo: *Calmer* I’m OK, now. But what do we do about this, Bot? Is there a way to make Milli feel better?

Milli: *Weakly* Yeah… Is there a way…*Coughs*

Bot: I know just the cure. Let’s use my Robot-Computer.

(Robot computer beeps as Bot looks up the medicine) (A glass with a pink liquid appears on the screen)

Aha! This is the cure for the Pattern Pox, but before we use it, we need to make it.

(A recipe is shown on the screen)

Here’s the recipe: 3 slices of a peach, one half glass of orange juice, and a honey-suckle.

Geo: What’s a honey-suckle?

Bot: It’s an herb. An herb is a special kind of plant. It’s used in lots of medicines, and a honey-suckle has a sweet taste in it that can actually be quite healthful.

(He shows a picture of a honey-suckle on the screen)

Here, it looks like this.

Geo: Got it! So, where do we find them?

Bot: To find them, we have to buy them.

(Robot Computer whirls)

Oh! My Robot Computer has calculated where we can get a peach. There are peaches over at the Fruit Farm, so let’s start there. Come on.

(He starts to leave the room)

Let’s get-

Geo: Bot, hold on!

(Bot freezes up)

Bot: I’m-a holding on.

(He walks back to Geo and Milli)

Is there something wrong, Geo?

Geo: What about Milli? We can’t just her here like this.

Milli: *Weakly* Don’t worry about me-*Coughs* -geo… I’ll be fine…

Geo: I don’t know…

Bot: Geo, she’s right.

(To Milli)

Now you just get some rest. We’ll get those ingredients in no time.

Milli: *Weakly* *Coughs* Thanks, guys. Just… hurry.

(Both Geo and Bot leave her room)

Bot: Getting those ingredients will be tough. We’re gonna need your help? Will you help collect the ingredients, so we can make to cure to make Milli feel all better? Great!

Geo: Team Umizoomi…

(They both strike their heroic poses)

Both: It’s time for action!

Bot: Let’s get going!

(Both leave the Fountain Headquarters to get started on their mission)

The Troublemakers Get Involved

Bot: Okay.

(Robot computer beeps)

We need to buy a peach at the Fruit Farm to get the 3 peach slices.

Geo: Let’s go to the Fruit Farm and get a peach.

(He looks around)

Uh… where’s the Fruit Farm?

(Bot pulls out his Umi-Goggles)

Bot: To find it, let’s use our Umi-Goggles. Umi-Goggles, on!

(Screen reverts to Umi-Goggle vision)

The Fruit Farm has a sign with fruit on it. When you see the sign, say “Fruit Farm!”

(Screen moves to shows different wooden signs: vegetables, milk, sheep, and pauses on a fruit sign with an apple, an orange, and a strawberry)

Fruit Farm! You found it!

(Screen turns back to normal)

C’mon! Let’s go!

(Geo and Bot start running to the Fruit Farm)

(The screen shows Trouble Truck drive up with the Troublemakers inside) (The Troublemakers hop out)

Little Trouble: Did you here that, old chap?

Big Trouble: Yeah! They’re going to the Fruit Farm!

Little Trouble: *Annoyed* Yes, I know, but I didn’t mean that. Those boys are trying to make a cure for their sweet little Milli. What do you say we give them some trouble? *Laughs diabolically*

Big Trouble: Ooh… I love the word “Trouble.” We love trouble, ‘cause we’re…

Both: The Troublemakers!

(Music to Troublemakers theme plays)

(Let’s skip the whole song for now)

Little Trouble: Let’s go, Trouble Truck!

Big Trouble: *Laughs* But I thought we were going to try to find their secret headquarters.

Little Trouble: We’ll do that later!

(They both hop in Trouble Truck, who zooms off)

Down on The Fruit Farm

(The screen reverts back to Geo and Bot who have made it to the Fruit Farm)

(Bot looks around him)

Bot: Whoa, isn’t the Fruit Farm so big?

(Screen zooms out to show more of the farm: People are carrying baskets with fruit, a woman wearing overalls gives some oranges to a man who gives her some coins)

Woman: *Southern accent* Thank ya’ kindly, sir!

(The man walks off)

Come again, now! Ya’ hear?

(Geo and Bot hop up to the wooden board in front of the woman)

(She waves to them)

Howdy, boys! Nice day, isn’t it?

Both:  *Southern accent* Howdy, Amelia!

(Bot looks at the screen)

Bot: *Normal voice* This is our friend, Amelia. She’s the head farmer here on the Fruit Farm.

Amelia: Howdy, it’s very nice to meet you, sweetie.

(She looks down at Geo and Bot)

Now where might that sweet, little Milli be today?

Geo: *Normal voice* She’s sick with the Pattern Pox.

(Amelia covers her mouth in surprise)

Bot: We need a peach, so we can make the cure that can help her feel better. Do you know where they are?

Amelia: I sure do! I’m not the head farmer for nothing. They’re on the rack with a number six on it!

(She points to a different direction, possibly where the peaches are)

Bot: *Southern accent* Thank ya’ kindly, Amelia! *Normal voice* Come on, Geo! Let’s go get that peach!

(Both hop off the table and run in the direction Amelia gave)

(Amelia waves to them)

Amelia: Good luck, little dears!

(Screen shows Geo and Bot near some racks)

Bot: Hmm… Amelia said that the peaches are on rack number six.

(Geo hops on top of a rack with the number one on it)

Geo: This rack has the number one on it. That means it’s rack number one. We need to count to six to find the peaches. Count with me. Start with 1. 1, (He hops to the next rack which has the number two on it)


(He continues to hop on racks counting up to six)

3, 4, 5, 6! Here we are!

(The screen zooms out to show lots of peaches)

(Bot is at the bottom of the rack)

Bot: And here are the peaches! I’ll get one. Arms Extendo!

(Bot’s arms extend and grab a ripe peach)

Got one!

(He reels his arms in and places the peach right next to him)

(Geo hops down to Bot)

Geo: Awesome! That was no trouble at all!

Little Trouble: *Nearby* Did I hear someone say “trouble?”

(Geo and Bot turn around in surprise) (They see the Troublemakers up on a rack near a basket of cherries)

Big Trouble: *Laughs dimwittedly*

Bot: Uh oh! It’s the Troublemakers!

Geo: *Annoyed* Oh, no… Not today! What are you doing here?

Little Trouble: We’re going to make sure you don’t make that medicine for your little friend!

(He pulls out the…)

Trouble-Dee-Trouble-Dee Trouble Ray

Trap them underneath that big basket!

(The Trouble Ray zaps a purple ray on a big empty wooden basket which lands on Geo and Bot, trapping them inside)

Bot: *Startled* Hey! What’s this!

Geo: *Startled* Let us out!

Big Trouble: *Laughs* No way! Trouble you later, boys!

(He speaks to himself)

Hey, I always wanted to say that. *Laughs*

(The Troublemakers walk off and Big Trouble snatches a cherry from a basket)

The Digout

(Geo tries to lift the basket)

Geo: *Grunts*

(The basket doesn’t budge)

I can’t lift it. It’s too big. But we have to get out of here! If we don’t get out of here, Milli will--*Upset* I don’t want to think about it!

Bot: Hold on, Geo. Let’s not panic just yet. Let’s take a deep breath.

(Geo takes a deep breath)

Geo: *Sighs* I’m okay.

Bot: Now let’s think. We can’t lift it because it’s too heavy, and we can’t cut the basket. The wiring is too thick.

(Geo gets an idea)

Geo: I know! Let’s dig our way out!

Bot: Great idea!

(He realizes something)

But we don’t have anything to dig with.

Geo: Umi-Friend, I can make a tool that we can use to dig our way out of this basket. What can dig our way out of this basket: a saw, a hammer, or a digger drill? A digger drill, yeah! I can make one with my Super Shapes! (His Shape Belt spins around and shapes appear as he calls them out and they form the shape of a digger drill)

Triangle, rectangles, circles, long swiggly line!

Super Shapes!

(The shapes turn into a digger drill)

Bot: Digging Desktops! *Southern accent* That’s one mighty fine digger drill there, partner.

Geo: *Southern accent* Thanks, partner! *Normal voice* Now let’s get out of here! Digger drill, on!

(Geo turn the digger drill on and drill underground) (Bot, holding the peach, follows him) (The drill digs outside of the basket where they hop out)

Geo: Yee-haw!

Bot: *Fast voice* Nice drilling little buddy!

Geo: Thanks Bot! Now let’s hurry and purchase the peach!

(They both rush to where Amelia is)

Amelia: You got the peach! Great job there.

Geo: *Southern accent* Why, thank you kindly, ma’am.

Amelia: A peach cost 4 Umi-Cents here on the Fruit Farm.

Bot: I’ve got some coins in my Bot-O-Mat!

(The Bot-O-Mat opens up to show a tall pile of coins)

Count 4 Umi-cents with me.

(He puts the coins on the counter while counting them)

1, 2, 3, 4. 4 Umi-cents. There you go, Amelia!

(Amelia collects the coins)

Amelia: Thank ya’, kindly, Bot!

Bot: No, thank you!

Geo: *Normal voice* C’mon, Bot! Let’s go get the rest of the ingredients!

Bot: OK!

(They both hop off the counter)

(Amelia waves to them)

Amelia: Good Luck, boys! Say howdy to little Milli for me!

Both: *In the distance* We will!

(Amelia looks at one of the other farmers)

Amelia: Aren’t those boys such sweet little darlings?

(The farmer nods his head)

Another Supertrip to the Supermarket

Bot: Better put this peach away for safe keeping.

(He opens his Bot-O-Mat and places peach inside)

There we go, safe and sound.

(Robot Computer whirls)

Oh! I got information on how to get the orange juice. We need to buy a bottle of orange from a place where there’s shopping carts, food, and a cash register.

(Computer shows three different locations)

Should we go to the restaurant, the super market, or the library? The supermarket, right!

(Computer whirls back to normal)

(His ringtone sounds)

Oh! I got a call! Let’s see who it is on my Belly-Belly...

Both: Belly-Screen!

(The screen whirls to show Milli inside her bed)

Geo: It’s Milli.

Bot: How are you feeling?

Milli: *Weakly* not so… well… *Coughs* are you almost… *Wheezes* d-done…

Bot: Don’t worry, Milli. We’re going as fast as we can. Just hang in there a little longer.

Milli: *Weakly but sounding painfully* I’m… *Wheezes* trying…*Coughs*

(The call ends)

Geo: *Worried* Poor Milli. Bot, we really need to hurry.

Bot: Yeah. Milli’s counting on us.

Geo: Hey, Bot! There’s the supermarket.

(He points to a big building nearby)

Over there!

Bot: Yep! There’s the supermarket. Now let’s go, Geo!

Geo: Yeah, we gotta find that bottle of orange juice.

(Both run into the supermarket)

(Nearby, a male employee gives a plastic bag to a woman and she gives him some coins) (The woman then walks out of the store)

Man: Thank you for shopping with us!

(Geo notices the man)

Geo: Look, Bot! It’s our friend, Gary. He works here at the supermarket.

Bot: Let’s go talk to him.

(They both hop up to where Gary is)

(Gary waves to them)

Gary: Hi, Geo. Hey, Bot.

Both: Hi, Gary!

Gary: What brings you two to the supermarket and where’s Milli?

Geo: Milli’s sick with the Pattern Pox.

Gary: *Surprised* She is? Oh, that’s terrible.

Bot: Don’t worry. We know the cure, but we need orange juice. Do you know where the orange juice is?

Gary: Yep!

(He points to somewhere in the store)

It’s on Aisle 8.

Bot: Thanks, Gary.

Geo: C’mon, Bot! Let’s go get that juice.

(Both hop down and Gary waves to them)

Pattern Jars

(Bot looks at all the aisles)

Bot: Whoa! There certainly are a lot of aisles. But we need Aisle 8.

(He walks in front of the aisle with a 1 on top)

Let’s count up from 1 all the way number 8. Count with me!

(After each number, he runs to the next aisle)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Whoo-hoo! Nice counting, Umi-Friend! We made it Aisle 8.

(Geo points to the end of the aisle that has different kinds of juice)

Geo: And there’s the juice! Let’s go get the orange juice!

(They both start running to the end of the aisle)

(They suddenly stop because they hear two familiar voices)

Little Trouble: I told you the basket was a bad idea!

Big Trouble: But it was your idea, not mine!

Little Trouble: Oh, *Clears his throat* right.

(Geo and Bot notice them)

Geo: *Whispers* Uh oh, it’s the Troublemakers.

Bot: *Whispers* It looks like they haven’t noticed us!

(Big Trouble notices them)

Big Trouble: Hey, it’s those boys!

Bot: *Normal voice* Or maybe not… If they did, then let’s… *Shouts* RUUUUN!

(Bot and Geo run as fast as they can to the juice)

Little Trouble: You can run, but you can’t hide from my…

(He pulls out his…)

Trouble-Dee-Trouble-Dee Trouble Ray

Knock over those jars!

(The Trouble Ray zaps some jars of jam, peanut butter, and pickles, which all fall down in a pattern)

Have fun getting out of a jam! *Laughs*

(To Big Trouble) Get it? “Jam?”

(The Troublemakers both leave, laughing)

Geo: Look out!

(He dodges a jam jar)

Bot: Yaah!

(He ducks down to avoid a bouncy peanut butter jar)

Watch out!

(They both jump over a pickle jar)

Geo: Whoa!

(Geo realizes something)

Geo: Uh, Bot? Aren’t the jars are in a pattern?

Bot: Hey, you’re right.

(The screen shows the jars rolling towards them)

They go:

(The jars glow individually as Bot says their name)

Jam, Peanut Butter, Pickles.

(The screen moves back to them)

Geo: How will we get pass them? There’s no way we can do it without Milli and her Pattern Powers!

Bot: Actually, we already know. According to my robot computer, We’ll dodge the Jam, duck under the Peanut Butter, and jump over the Pickles. Dodge, Duck, Jump. That’s how will get passed. Follow me, buddy.

Geo: OK!

(They both run down the aisle and call out the pattern) (As they call out the pattern, they do them to avoid the jars)

Both: Dodge, Duck, Jump! Dodge, Duck, Jump!

(Bot looks at the screen)

Bot: Say it with us!

Both: Dodge, Duck, Jump! Dodge, Duck…

Bot: Uh, what comes next?

Both: Jump!

Geo: It’s working. Let’s keep going!

Both: Dodge, Duck, Jump! Dodge, Duck, Jump!

Bot: What comes next?

Both: Dodge!

Geo: Then what?

Both: Duck!

Bot: And what comes last?

Both: Jump!

(They both stop running because they are at the juice and got passed all of the jars)

Geo: Alright! We made it pass all the jars and made to the end of the aisle!

Bot: Thanks for helping us remember the pattern.

(He notices a microphone that the workers use for emergency uses)

Hey, it’s the supermarket’s microphone. Geo, you go get the orange juice. I’ll take care of those jars.

Geo: Got it!

(Bot walks over to the microphone)

(Geo hops up to the juices)

Geo: Hmm… The orange juice bottle is orange.

(He looks at the screen)

Help me find it! When you see it, say “Orange Juice!”

(The screen moves along and shows many different kinds of juice) (The screen stops in front of a small bottle of orange juice)

Orange Juice! You found it!

(He skates over to the bottle, which is shorter than him, and lifts it up)

Nice work, Umi-Friend. Let’s go show Bot.

(He looks around but doesn’t see Bot)

Where is he? Do you see Bot?

(The screen shows him on top of one of the aisles holding the microphone) (Geo notices him)

There he is!

(Bot turns the microphone on) *Microphone gives feedback*

Bot: *Clears his throat* Attention, please. A bunch of jars are rolling off in Aisle 8. Can we have all available workers come and clean them up?

(3 workers come into the aisle and start picking up the jars and placing them back where they belong on the shelf)

(Bot jumps off the shelf down to Geo)

Bot: Looks like we won’t have to worry about those jars anymore. Now let’s go pay for this orange juice.

(They both carry the orange juice to a cash register to pay for the orange juice) (Gary is there)

Gary: Hey, you got the orange juice.

Geo: Of course we did. But Gary, we’re in a big hurry. Milli is getting sicker! How much does it cost?

(Gary types something on the cash register)

Gary: Oh, right! It costs 1 Umi-Dollar.

(Bot pulls out a Umi-Dollar bill and gives it to Gary)

Bot: Here you go.

Gary: Thanks guys. Good luck helping Milli get well!

Geo: Thanks, Gary. See you later!

(Geo and Bot hop down from the cash register and leave the supermarket)

Geo's Generosity

Bot: I’ll put this away for now.

(He opens his Bot-O-Mat and puts the orange juice inside) (His Robot Computer whirls)

Oh! I just got info on the honeysuckle. It’s at the Florist. That’s a shop that sells all kinds of plants.

Geo: That’s right next to the supermarket. Now let’s hurry, Milli’s counting on us!

(They both rush into a store with a green sunroof with a white pansy on top)

(Bot points to where a lady in green overalls is standing) (Over on the counter where the lady is standing is a pots with flowers on them) (The flowers are honeysuckles)

Bot: Look! There are the honeysuckles!

Geo: Let’s hurry and get them!

(They hop up to the counter)

Bot: Excuse me, miss.

(The lady notices them)

Lady: Hello there, how may I help you, Team Umizoomi?

Bot: Listen, we really need these honeysuckles for a cure. How much do they cost?

Lady: Honeysuckles cost 5 Umi-Dollars.

Bot: 5 Umi-Dollars!? I don’t have that much. Can’t you lower the cost just this one time? Milli is really sick and we really need that honeysuckle to make her better.

Lady: I’m sorry. But I can’t.

(Geo reaches behind him and shows that he had some Umi-dollar bills)

Geo: Hey Bot, we can use my Umi-Dollars.

Bot: *Surprised* Geo, you want to use your allowance money?

Geo: I want to help Milli get better.

Bot: Oh, Geo. You’re so sweet.

Geo: Thanks, Bot. But I have more than 5 Umi-Dollars.

Bot: Then we need to count the Umi-Dollars we need to buy the honey-suckle.

(Geo gives Bot his Umi-Dollars)

Count with me!

(He places the Umi-Dollars on the counter as he counts them)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 5 Umi-Dollars! Here you go, miss.

(He gives the money to the lady, who gives them the honey-suckles)

Lady: Thank you! And here are the honey-suckles. By the way, Geo, Milli is lucky to have a caring little brother like you.

Geo: *Blushes* Awww, thanks. *Nervous laugh* Bot, we have all the ingredients to make the cure for the Pattern Pox!

Bot: We did it, Geo! C’mon! Let’s go home before Milli gets really, really sick.

(They both hop down from the counter and the leave the shop) (The lady waves to them)

Lady: Thank you for shopping with us. Oh, and good luck making that cure!

Trouble's Brewing

(The boys run across the street but they stop because they hear a familiar voice)

Big Trouble: You two just don’t when to give up do you?

Geo: The Troublemakers! And just when we were so close!

Bot: *Calls out* We don’t have time for your games!

Little Trouble: But we love to play troublesome games! Especially with you!

(He pulls out his…)

Trouble-Dee-Trouble-Dee-Trouble Ray

Create a big and strong gust of wind!

(The ray creates a purple zap and a strong gust of wind heading for Geo and Bot)

Big Trouble: That wind will blow away the flowers! *Laughs*

Bot: Sizzling Circuits! We gotta do something!

Geo: If we don’t, the wind will blow away the honey-suckles!

(Bot looks at the wind and sees something in it)

Bot: Look! There’s a number in the wind! What number is it?

(The wind shows a 6 in the wind)

6, yeah! If we count down from 6, we can shrink the gust of wind down to a small breeze. Count down with us; start with 6!

(As they counts down, the wind gets smaller)

Both: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

(The wind, which has become a small breeze reaches them and barely blows on them)

Geo: Hey, that felt good!

Bot: *Whew* That was close!

Big Trouble: *Surprised* How did they do that?

Little Trouble: It doesn’t matter! I’ll just make an even bigger wind!

(His Trouble Ray makes an even bigger wind)

Bot: This wind looks stronger. What number is that?

(The wind shows a 10 in the wind)

Bot: 10, yeah! Count down with us; start with 10!

(As they counts down, the wind gets smaller)

Both: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

(The wind has become a small breeze and it barely blows on them)

Geo: That was even closer, and that breeze felt good too!

Little Trouble: How can that be!

(Big Trouble pulls out his Trouble Ray)

Big Trouble: It’s time to give them some double trouble!

(The Troublemakers use both of their Trouble Rays to create a huge gust of wind)

Geo: *Nervously* That’s the biggest wind of all!

(The wind shows a 16 in it)

Bot: What number is that? 16?! Yoinks-A-Doinks! Count down with us; start with 16.

(The wind get smaller the more they counts down)

Both: 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

(The wind becomes a breeze which is barely felt)

Bot: We did it!

Geo: That breeze felt good too.

Bot: Oh, yeah.

Big Trouble: I don’t believe it! This was all you’re your idea!

Little Trouble: Well, you let them win!

Big Trouble: No I didn’t! Hey, is that a gust of wind coming this way?

Little Trouble: *Shocked* Uh oh!

(The wind picks them up)

Both: Whoooooaaaa!

(They fall into a pile discarded herbs)


Big Trouble: *Sniffs the herbs* Yuck!

(The Troublemakers hold their noses)

Little Trouble: These plants stink!

Big Trouble: Not as stinky as your plan!

Little Trouble: Oh! Just… Be quiet!

Geo: Hey, Bot, do you notice that the air has just gotten fresher now that trouble’s out of our way?

Both: *Laugh*

Bot: Oh, Geo. Now let’s go. We really need to get home now!

Geo: Okay!

(They both hurry back to the Fountain Headquarters) (They’re both outside the fountain that conceals their headquarters and home)

Both: Headquarters door, open!

(A small section of the fountain opens and they go inside)

The Cure is Made

(They go into the kitchen) (Bot pulls out the peach and the orange juice from his Bot-O-Mat)

Bot: Geo, get the blender. We’ll be able to mix the ingredients faster.

Geo: I’m on it!

(He skates over somewhere and brings the blender over) (Bot has already cut 3 slices from the peach and poured some of the orange juice in a glass)

Bot: Let’s add the ingredients.

Geo: 1, 2, 3 peach slices.

(He puts the slices one at a time in the blender container)

One glass of orange juice.

(He pours the juice into the blender container)

And some honey-suckles.

(He puts 6 of the honey-suckle flowers in the blender container)

(Bot puts the lid on the blender)

Bot: Now let’s mix them up!

(He turns the blender on) (The blender whirls and mixes up the ingredients)

The cure will be ready when the mix is pink. Umi-Friend, help us watch the blender. When the mix is pink, say “Pink!”

(The blender mix turns lavender, then mint green, then cream, and finally pink)

Pink! It’s ready!

(He turns the blender off) (He removes the lid from the blender container)

(Geo carries an empty glass over) (Bot pours the pink mix into the glass)

Geo: We finally got the cure to the Pattern Pox! Now let’s take it to Milli!

(They both hurry to Milli’s room) (Milli is still in her bed weaker than before)

Milli, we got the cure!

Milli: *Weakly* Oh, that’s great… *Coughs*

(Milli slowly gets up)

Geo: Here you go.

(He gives her the glass)

(Milli drinks the pink mix)

Milli: Mmmm… It’s yummy!

(Her voice doesn’t sounds weak at all) (The spots all over her body disappear)

Hey, my spots are gone. I feel…

(She jumps out of her bed)

All better!

Bot: Whoo-hoo!

Geo: All right!

Bot: We’re so glad you’re feeling all better.

Geo: Yeah, but I was thinking that maybe… uh, never mind.

Milli: Thanks for helping me feel better, guys.

(She uses her ponytails to grab them and hug them)

All: *Laugh*

Geo: And thank you too, Umi-Friend. We never could’ve gotten it without you.

Milli: Hey, guys, you know what I feel?

Geo and Bot: *Confused* Huh?

Milli: I feel a celebration coming on!

(A disco ball appears over Bot’s head) (They do the Crazy Shake)

{The End}

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