(2nd project

When The Troublemakers slash the power wires at the Umi City Power Plant, a city-wide black happens, at night. Team Umizoomi must fix up the wires, but they have another problem. Geo's afraid of the dark!

Intro: Geo's NightmareEdit

(Scene starts in the Fountain Headquarters in the kitchen) (Milli is cleaning the counter with a yellow wash cloth while Bot is putting some dishes away)

(Milli looks at the screen and is surprised) (She turns to Bot)

Milli: Bot, it’s Umi-Friend!

(Bot looks at the screen)

Bot: Oh hi, Umi-Friend. It’s nighttime in the city now.

(Milli nods her head)

Milli: Yeah, Geo’s already asleep. Right now, we’re doing some cleaning in the kitchen.

(She puts the yellow cloth down)

Do you help clean up in your kitchen? Umirific!

Bot: *Quietly* Shh! Milli, keep it down. You don’t want to wake Geo up.

Milli: *Quietly* Oops! *Giggles* Sorry, Bot.

Bot: Speaking of bedtime, I believe it’s time for you to go to sleep.

Milli: Already? But I can still help clean up.

Bot: Well,you already did a great job tonight.

(The counter sparkles)

Th counter looks really clean. Come on now.

Milli: *Yawns* Okay, Bot. 

(They both walk over to Milli’s room, but they hear something in Geo’s room that doesn’t sound good)

(Moaning is heard) Bot: *Surprised* Uh, Milli, should we see what's going on in Geo's room?

Milli: Yeah, maybe something's up with Geo.

(They both walk into Geo’s room which completely dark) (Two small purple lights can be seen over where Geo’s bed is)

Bot: Look at those two small lights. What color are they? Purple, right.

Milli: *Gasps* Uh, oh. Geo’s antenna are glowing with purple lights!

Bot: *Confused* Huh?

Milli: That means he’s having a bad dream.

Bot: A bad dream!? Sizzling Circuits! We have to wake him up!

(They both run over to the purple lights) (Bot turns a lamp and they see Geo tossing and turning in his sleep)

(Milli shakes Geo gently)

Milli: Geo! Geo, wake up!

(Geo wakes up, startle)

Geo: AAAHH!!!!

(His scream surprises Milli and Bot a little) (He looks around him) *Sighs*

Bot: *Quietly* Geo, are you okay?

(Geo trembles with a scared look on his face)

Geo: That was so scary.

(Tears start to pour from his eyes)

Milli: *Quietly* Oh, Geo.

(She hugs him

Bot: Don’t worry, it was just a dream.

(He uses a handkerchief to wipe Geo’s tears away)

Do you think you can tell us what happened in your dream?

Geo: Well, everything was really dark and so… scary.

(His voice starts to break and he hides his face from Milli and Bot)

Now, I’m really afraid of the dark.

Milli: Geo, everyone has bad dreams.

(She looks at the screen)

Have you ever had a bad dream? Ooh! That must have been very scary.

Bot: You know Geo. Milli used to be scared of the dark.

(Geo lifts his face up and looks at Milli)

Geo: You were?

(Milli nods her head)

Milli: Yep. But then I remembered that Bot is always looking out for us and he would never ever let anything bad happen to us. Then the dark never did seem scary at all.

(She gets an idea)

(She runs out of the room)

(Geo looks at Bot who lifts his shoulders) (He doesn’t know what she’s up to)

(Milli comes back holding a night light in her hands)

Milli: When I used to be afraid of the dark, I used this, and I wasn’t scared.

Bot: What’s Milli holding? A nightlight, right! Wait, Milli, are you giving Geo your nightlight?

Milli: Yeah. Nightlights provide a little light when it gets dark. It helped me when I was afraid of the dark, so I thought that it could help Geo with his fears.

Geo: Thanks, Milli.

Milli: You’re welcome.  Now I'll just plug in this nightlight and--

(Suddenly, everything goes dark and the team’s clothes glow)

Geo: *Scared* *Gasps* It’s dark!

(Hides under the covers)

Night of The Dark CityEdit

Milli: Bot, why is everything dark?

(Bot walks over to the window, which is completely dark everywhere)

Bot: Yoinks-A-Doinks! It’s a city-wide blackout!

(Umi-Alarm sounds)

It’s the Umi-Alarm! That means there’s a problem in Umi-City!

Milli: What could have caused this blackout?

Bot: There must be a problem at the power plant. That’s a building where power is made for all over Umi City. Let’s what going on my Belly-Belly… Belly-Screen!

(The screen whirls to show the Umi City Power Plant)

Milli: Is that the Umi City Power Plant?

Bot: Yep. Let’s take a closer look into the machine that makes the power. (The screen zooms in to show the machine) (The screen then zooms inside the machine which has some wires cut)

Sizzling Circuits! The power wires that power the machine have been cut!

Milli: *Gasps* That’s terrible! So that’s why the city’s having a blackout! Somebody cut the power wires on the Umi City Power Plant’s machine. Who would do something like that?

Bot: Even need to guess?

(The screen whirls out to show the Troublemakers sitting on a window admiring the dark city)

Milli: *Gasps* The Troublemakers!

Little Trouble: Ah, just look at that dark view.

Big Trouble: Well, that dark view is going to cause quite a bit of trouble.

Little Trouble: So true, old chap.  Now let’s get out of here. Now that it is not so bright anymore, I’m getting tires,

Big Trouble: Good thing we’re not afraid of the dark. *Laughs*

Little Trouble: Hope you have troublesome dreams, Umi-City. *Laughs*

(The Troublemakers hop down the window out of sight)

(The screen turns back to normal)

Bot: Oh! I really can’t stand those Troublemakers!

Milli: Me neither! We have to fix the power plant and fast!

(They both look at the screen)

Bot: And we need your help. Will you help us fix the power plant? Gr-eat! C’mon, Geo! This is a big emergency!

(Geo removes the covers off his head, but he’s still scared)

Geo: You mean scary emergency. It’s so dark out there and it’s so… scary.

(Bot and Milli walk over to his bed)

Milli: Don’t worry, Geo. We’ll be right by your side.

Bot: Yeah, we won’t let anything bad happen to you.

Geo: But, it’s really scary out there.

Milli: Come on, Geo. You can face your fears, then you won’t be scared of them anymore.

Geo: *Gulps* Okay, I’ll go.

(He climbs out of his bed)

Milli: Umirific! Oh! Check these out.

(She pulls out a blue flashlight and a pink glow-stick)

I found these when I was look for that nightlight.

Bot: A flashlight and a glow-stick are perfect for the mission. And I have my own tool that will light up the night. Robo-Flashlight, activate!

(His satellite signal turns into a flashlight)

Milli: I’ll use the glow-stick.

(She bends the glow-stick which glows bright pink)

Geo, you can use my flashlight.

(She gives Geo the flashlight)

Geo: Got it.

(He turns it and it accidentally shines on Bot’s eyes)

Bot: Yaaah!

(He turns away and starts wiping his eyes)

Geo: Sorry, Bot.

(Bot stops rubbing his eyes)

Bot: It’s okay. Just be careful with it.

Milli: Now let’s go!

(They all hop out of the window and begin heading to the power plant)

The Sights and Sounds of NightEdit

Geo: *Scared* I never knew Umi City was so scary at night…

Milli: Remember, Geo, we won’t let anything bad happen.

Geo: But, we’ve never been out in Umi City after dark before.

Bot: You don’t have to worry at all. We know Umi City better than anybody. We’ll be at the power plant in-

(He bumps into something)

Oof! …no time...

Milli: Bot, are you okay?

Bot: I’m OK, but there’s something in the way.

(He shines his Robo-Flashlight on the something which shows that it’s really tall and puffy at the top)

Hmmm… Whatever that is looks really tall and skinny, but puffy at the top. What do you think it is? A tree?

(The Robo-Flashlight brightens to show it is a tree)

Oh yeah, it is a tree. It’s so dark, I didn’t that coming. C’mon, let’s walk around the tree and keep going.

(They all slowly walk around the tree) (A chirping sound is heard) (The team, especially Geo, is startled)

Geo: *Nervously* What’s that?

(The chirping sound is heard again)

(Milli puts her hand to her ear)

Milli: That sounds like a chirping sound, but all the birds are asleep. What kind of animal comes out at night and makes that sound?

(The bushes rustle and a silhouette of a cricket appears chirping)

A cricket, right!

(She shines her glow-stick over at the cricket)

Hey look, there’s a cricket.

Bot: *Waves* Hi, cricket.

(The cricket waves to him and then hops off)

Gee, I never knew that nighttime is just as cool as daytime.

Geo: *Scared* I don’t nighttime is cool.

Milli: Don’t worry, Geo. There won’t be anything bad happening.

Geo: But, there are so many sounds, and it’s making me nervous.

Bot: Hmm… Looks like we need to use our ears so we can find out what those sounds are.

Milli: Good idea, Bot.

Bot: Now let’s keep going, and keep your ears open for animals.

(Hoot sounds are heard)

Bot: Mysterious Metals, what was that sound?

(Something flies over on a branch and hoots) (He turns around and sees an owl)

An owl, right.

(The owl turns his head around)

Hey, did you see that? The owl spun his head around. So cool. Let’s keep going.

(They continue to walk) (Squeak sounds are heard) (They stop walking) Listen.

(Squeak sounds are heard again)

What animal makes that sound?

(A bat is hanging upside down from a tree)

A bat, yeah, and look, she’s hanging upside down.

(He does a handstand)

Like this. Whoaaa!

(He falls down)

Oof! I’m okay.

Milli: *Giggles*

Bat: Not quite like that.

(He looks at the bat)

Bot: Actually, I wasn’t expecting to fall down.

Bat: Are you lost in these trees? I guess you can’t see in the dark.

Milli: Whoa! You can see in the dark?

Bat: You’re right about that! Bats, Owls, Crickets, and other animals that come out at night have big eyes. We can’t play at daytime because the Sun’s too bright for our eyes. But at night, our eyes are like night vision.

Bot: That’s cool. Hey, can you give us directions to the power plant?

Bat: You bet. I love the dark, but I love it even more with all of the pretty lights. First find the big tree up ahead and take the street with a carrot on it.

Bot: Carrot Street, got it.

Bat: Go through the yellow gate at the end of the street.

Bot: The yellow gate, okay.

Bat: Finally, go over the bridge where the duck sleeps, and it’s the building that’s farthest away from where the sleeping squirrel is.

Bot: Bridge where the ducks sleep and building farthest from the sleeping squirrel. Thanks, Bat.

(He records all of the information in his Robot Computer)

Bat: Happy to help. Good luck!

(The team runs down the path that bat gave them as she waves good-bye to them)

(Milli calls out to her)

Milli: Bye, Bat.

Bat: Thanks for “hanging” out with me. *Giggles*

Getting RustyEdit

(The team stops in front of a big tree)

Milli: Look, guys. It’s the big tree. We’re going the right way.

(Bot’s Robot Computer whirls to show a carrot on it)

Bot: Okay, Bat said that we need to take Carrot Street. We need to find the street sign that shows Carrot Street, so we can continue going to the Power Plant.

(Computer whirls back to normal)

(Geo turns on his flashlight up to the street sign)

Geo: Hey, I see the street sign.

(He looks really closely)

Uh oh. I think there something wrong with the street sign.

(Milli sees what’s wrong)

Milli: *Gasps* The sign is all brown dirty. I can’t read it.

Bot: I know what the problem is. The sign’s just rusty.

Milli and Geo: “Rusty?”

Bot: Yep. Sometimes when metal gets wet, it gets all brown and starts to fall apart. But I have just the thing to clean off that rust. Robo-Rust Cleaner, activate!

(His flashlight lowers back into him and a brush appears in its place)

With my Robo-Rust Cleaner, I can clean off any rust. Legs, Extendo!

(He extends his legs up to the street sign and calls out to Geo)

Geo, shine your flashlight!

(Geo’s flashlight shines on his eyes)

Yaaah! Shine it on the sign, not on me!

Geo: (Off the screen) Sorry, Bot!

(He shines his flashlight on the street sign)

(Bot rubs his eyes)

Bot: I’m OK! Now I’d better clean the rust off. Umi-Friend, I need you to look at the street sign and figure out which sign points out Carrot Street.

(He uses the Rust Cleaner to clean off one of the signs and it shows sunglasses)

Is this sign for Carrot Street? No, it’s the sign for Sunglasses Street. Let’s clean off these other two signs.

(He cleans off another sign and it shows a cat)

Is this the sign for Carrot Street? No, it’s the sign for Cat Street. Let’s clean off this last sign.

(He cleans off the last sign and it shows a carrot)

Is this the sign for Carrot Street? Yes, it’s the sign for Carrot Street. According to this sign, Carrot Street is that way!

(He points down one of the streets ahead)

(He lowers his legs down to Milli and Geo and changes his Rust Cleaner to his flashlight)

C’mon, team, we got to hurry to the Power Plant!

(The team hurries down the street)

Milli: I hope we reach the Yellow Gate, soon. It’s getting late, and I’m getting tired. *Yawns*

Bot: Don’t worry, Milli. Bat said the Yellow Gate is just-

(He bumps into the Yellow Gate)

Oof! …right here…

(He gets up)

The Mysterious ShadowEdit

(Milli tries to open the door)

Milli: *Gasps* It’s locked.

Geo: *Nervously* Uh, guys, you don’t think we’ll see any-

(Suddenly, his flashlight shines on a big shadow)

???: Who goes there!?

Geo: *Scared* Monster! *Screams*

(He drops his flashlight and skates off somewhere)

(The shadow comes close and it’s actually…)

Doormouse: Team Umizoomi?

Bot: *Whew* Doormouse, you gave us a scare.

Doormouse: Sorry.

Milli: Hey, Doormouse, can you open the gate for us? We’re in a hurry.

Doormouse: I’d love to, but it’s so dark, I can’t see where I left my keys.

(Bot sees Geo’s flashlight on the ground) (He picks it up and gives it Doormouse)

Bot: You can use Geo’s flashlight.

Doormouse: Thanks, Bot. But where’s Geo?

(Milli and Bot look around, but they don’t see him)

Milli: *Worried* He must have been so scared of Doormouse’s shadow that he ran off to hide somewhere! Bot, we gotta find him!

Bot: Don’t worry, Milli. We’ll find him, with my… Robo-Radar!

(His Robo-Flashlight changes to his antenna)

Milli: Doormouse, you look for your keys, and we’ll find Geo.

Doormouse: Got it!

(They hurry off)

Pattern PotsEdit

(Milli and Bot run over to a store with flower pots outside) (They stop because they hear a voice)

Geo’s voice: Help me!

Milli: *Gasps* I hear Geo! But where is he!?

(His Robo-Radar pings)

Bot: According to my Robo-Radar, Geo is in one of those Pattern flower pots.

Milli: ‘Pattern flower pots?’ Hmm… I bet I can find Geo.

(She shines her glow-stick on all the flower pots which are arranged in a flower pattern by rows) *Gasps* Some of these flower pots do not belong in this pattern.

Bot: Is Geo be inside one of them?

Milli: Yep! I can follow any pattern with my…

(She jumps up and spins around) (The pattern on her dress changes color to match the flower pot pattern)

Pattern Power!

The pattern of the pots go in this order:

(Screen zooms in and shows the pot pattern based on a picture on the outside)

Pink flower, Blue bird, Orange. That’s the pattern. We need to figure out which pots don’t belong in the pattern. Geo’s inside one of them.

(The flower pots glow one-by-one as she calls them out)

Pink flower, Blue bird, Orange, Pink flower, Blue bird, Orange, Pink flower, Purple butterfly…Huh? This part of the pattern? No, what’s should go here? Blue bird!

(She peels a blue bird off her dress and it goes in place of the purple butterfly)

Bot, is Geo inside the pot?

(Bot checks inside the pot with the Blue bird)

Bot: Nope, it’s empty.

Milli: Let’s keep going.

(The pattern keeps on going)

Blue bird, Orange, Pink flower, Blue bird, Banana… Is Banana part of the pattern? No, what should go here? Orange!

(She peels an orange off her dress and it goes in place of the Banana)

Bot, is Geo inside that pot?

(Bot checks inside the pot with the Orange)

Bot: Nope, just air…

Geo’s voice: Milli! Bot! Get me out of here!

Milli: Don’t worry, Geo! We’ll find you!

(The pattern continues)

Orange, Pink Flower, Blue Bird, Orange, Sun… Is Sun part of the pattern? No, what should go here? Pink Flower!

(She peels a Pink flower off her dress and it goes on place of the Sun)

Bot, check the flower pot.

(Bot notices the flower pot is upside down)

Hmm… I wonder why this pot’s upside down.

(He lifts the flower pot up and sets it upright) (Geo is seen underneath huddling and trembling in fear)

Hey, there you are Geo!

(Geo notices him)

(Milli changes the pattern on her dress back to normal) (She runs to Geo and Bot)

Geo, are you all right?

Geo: *Nervously* Yeah…

Milli: Thanks for helping me fix the pattern and finding Geo.

Geo: But what about that monster?

Bot: Geo, that shadow wasn’t a monster, it was Doormouse’s shadow.

Geo: Really?

Doormouse’s voice: I found them! I found my keys!

Geo: *Confused* Huh?

Milli: C’mon! 

(They all run back to the gate)

(Doormouse is holding Geo’s flashlight and a set of keys)

Bot: Hey, the gate’s unlocked.

Doormouse: I unlocked the gate, so you guys can head to the power plant. Oh, I guess you need this flashlight back.

(When he tries to give it back, the light shines in Bot’s eyes)

Bot: Yaaah!

(He rubs his eyes)

Doormouse: Whoops! Sorry, Bot. You okay?

(Bot stops rubbing his eyes)

Bot: I’m OK. Hey, I’m kinda starting to get used to a flashlight shine.

(Doormouse gives Geo back his flashlight)

Milli: *Giggles* Oh, Bot. Now we really need to get going.

Bot: Oh, yeah. Right! Let’s go!

(Bot, Milli, and Geo all run through the gate)

(Milli calls out to Doormouse)

Milli: Bye, Doormouse!

Doormouse: Bye, Team Umizoomi! Good luck getting to the Power Plant.

(He talks to himself)

I think I better get to bed. I’m getting tired.

(He stretches his body and walks off)

Ducks and SquirrelsEdit

(Bot stops walking and looks ahead)

Bot: Look! There’s the bridges.

Milli: Bat said that we need to use the bridge that’s closest to a sleeping duck. I’ll use my glow-stick to find the sleeping duck.

(She tiptoes quietly to the bridges)

(Quietly) I need your help to find the sleeping duck. When you see him, whisper, “Duck.”

(The screen moves past a sleeping frog, a sleeping rabbit, and stops in front of a sleeping duck)

Milli: Duck. There he is.

(The screen widens to show the duck is closest to the second bridge)

Which bridge is closest to the duck; the first, the second or the third?

(The second bridge lights up)

The second bridge, right. Let’s hurry.

(They all hurry over the second bridge and stop to see entrances to three different buildings)

Bot: Sizzling Circuits!

Milli: *Quietly* Shh! Bot, there are animals sleeping.

Bot: *Quietly* Sorry. There are three buildings. Since it’s so dark out, I can’t see which one is the power plant.

Geo: *Quietly* Didn’t Bat say the Power Plant was farthest away from a sleeping squirrel.

Milli: Right, Geo.

(She shines her glow-stick)

Help me find the sleeping squirrel. When you see her, whisper, “Squirrel.”

(The screen moves past some flower buds, two bushes, and stop at a tall tree with a knot with a sleeping squirrel inside)

Milli: Squirrel. There she is.

(The screen widens out to show that the squirrel’s tree is closest to the third building)

Which building is farthest from her tree; the first, the second, or the third?

(The first building lights up)

Oh, yeah. The first building, that’s the Umi City Power Plant. C’mon, guys. Let’s go.

(She starts running to the Power Plant)

Bot: Okay.

(He runs after her)

Geo: *Nervously* Alright…

(He skates cautiously behind them)

Geo's CourageEdit

(They run into the Power Plant and find the power machine)

Bot: *Normal tone* Look! There’s the Power Machine!

Milli: *Normal tone* Now we can fix the machine and get rid of this blackout.

Bot: And I know how to enter the machine. Follow me, guys!

(They all run to a side of the machine)

Robo-Screwdriver, Activate!

(His right hand turns into a screwdriver)

(He counts the screws as he unscrews them with his screwdriver)

1, 2, 3, 4!

(He removes the plate the screws were holding and his hand goes back to normal)

Check it out! We can go through this secret entrance to fix the machine.

Milli: But Bot, you can’t fit through this hole; it’s too small for you.

(Bot looks at the hole) 

Bot: Hey, you’re right. But I already know how to fix it. One of you has to go inside and patch up the wires with my… TPR Tape!

(He removes a special tape from Bot-O-Mat)

Geo and Milli: Huh?

Bot: It means “Trouble-Proof Robo-Tape”.

Milli and Geo: Oh.

Bot: If we use this tape on the power wires, the Power Machine will continue powering Umi-City, and the Troublemaker won’t be able to mess with the Power Machine again.

Geo: *Normal tone* That’s a clever idea, Bot. *Nervously* *Gulps* But it’s so dark in there…

Milli: Don’t worry, Geo. I’ll do it.

(Bot gives her the TPR Tape)

Bot: Just be careful in there, Milli.

Milli: I will! Wish me luck!

(Geo calls out to her)

Geo: Good luck!

(She crawls in)

Bot: Geo, you find out when she’s fixes the Power Wires. Meanwhile, I’ll find the switch that powers Umi City.

Geo: Okay.

(Bot walks off somewhere)

Milli’s Voice: Hey! *Grunts* What’s going- OW! That’s hurts!

(Geo, scared, calls out to Milli)

Geo: Milli, are you okay?!

Milli’s Voice: *Grunts* My ponytail is stuck in something! OW! And it hurts. Geo, I need your help!

Geo: *Scared* Me?! Milli needs my help!? But it’s so dark in there! Umi-Friend, will you go with me? *Sighs deeply*

(He has a courageous look on his face)

Okay, then. Let’s help my sister. Here goes nothing…

(He crawls into the machine and calls out to Milli)

Milli, where are you?

Milli’s Voice: I’m up here, Geo!

(Geo looks up and sees Milli at the top of the machine with her ponytail stuck between some wires)

OW! Hurry!

Geo: Look at all those buttons. They have a lot of shapes in them. Hey, that gives me an idea. We can rescue Milli with my…

(He pulls out his…)

Shape Magnet

(The magnet shows a heart at the top)

What shape is this? A heart, right! That means my Shape Magnet will stick to any heart we can find. Let’s look at the buttons up there.

(The screen moves up to a group of buttons)

Where do you see a heart?

(The red button glows)

Yeah, that red button is a heart!

(The heart from the Shape Magnet zips out on over to the red heart button)

All right! My Shape Magnet stuck to the heart like a magnet! Now don’t let go!

(He zips up to the heart button and the next section)

Yeah! That was fun. Now let’s find another heart.

(The screen moves up to a group of buttons)

Where do you see a heart?

(The blue button glows)

Oh, yeah, that blue button is a heart.

(The heart from his Shape Magnet zips up to the blue heart button)

Yes, now we can head to the next section! Here we go!

(He zips up to the heart button and lands on the next section)

All right!

(Milli calls out to him)

Milli: Geo, hurry!

(Geo calls out to her)

Geo: Hang on, Milli! I’m coming! We need to find one more heart and fast!

(The screen moves up to the last set of buttons)

Where do you see a heart?

(The pink button glows)

Yeah, that pink button’s shaped like a heart. Go, Shape Magnet!

(The heart from his Shape Magnet zips up to the pink heart button)

Okay, Umi-Friend. Hold on to your helmet!

(He zips up to the pink heart button and right to Milli)

Whee-hee-hee! All right! We made it! Thanks for your help, Umi-Friend.

(He puts his Shape Magnet away, leaving the heart shown) (The heart is extended)

Milli: Geo! You made it!

Geo: Don’t worry, Milli. I’ll get you free.

(He carefully unties the knot in her ponytail and it comes out)

Milli: I’m free! Thanks, Geo.

(She hugs him)

You were so brave.

Geo: *Embarrassed* Awww, you’re welcome. And you were right. Once I faced the dark, it wasn’t so scary.

Milli: Oh, Geo. I’m so proud.

(Geo realizes what’s really important)

Geo: Wait, but what about the wires?

Milli: Oh, yeah! I almost forgot. Want to do it together?

Geo: That would be awesome!

(Geo holds the wires together while Milli wraps the TPR Tape around the power wires)

Milli: The TPR Tape is working.

Geo: It’s so strong. The Troublemakers won’t be messing with the Power Machine again. Now let’s get out of here and tell Bot the good news.

(He pulls out his Shape Magnet which attaches to the same pink heart button)

Hang on tight, Milli!

(Milli holds his hand and closes her eyes)

Both: Wheeee!

(They zip down to the bottom and crawl out the machine)

(Bot is waiting on the outside)

Bot: Milli, Geo! You did it!

Milli: Actually Bot, if Geo hadn’t helped me out of a tight spot, I still be stuck in the machine.

Geo: *Embarrassed* Well, I couldn’t leave Milli in there. But that’s not important. We need to turn on the machine and get rid of this black-out.

Bot: I’m on it! Legs Extendo!

(He extends his legs up to a red switch, which is pointed down) (He starts to push the switch up) *Grunts*

(The switch is pulled up)

Got it!

(The Power Machine whirls up power and soon lights go up everywhere)

(Bot lowers his legs back down to Milli and Geo)

We did it!

Milli: Wha-hoo!

Geo: Alright!

Bot: Now it’s really bedtime for you both. Let’s head back to Headquarters and go to bed.

Milli: Okay.

(They leave the Power Plant and start heading back to the Fountain Headquarters)

Geo: By the way, when I went inside that machine to help Milli, the dark didn’t seem so scary at all.

Bot: That’s great, Geo. You faced your fear of the dark. Does that mean you’re no longer afraid of the dark?

Geo: Uh, I’m still a little afraid…

Milli: It’s okay, Geo, and you know what? You’re braver than you think!

Geo: Really?

Bot: She’s right. We all get afraid sometimes, but we can’t ever let our fears get the best of us when others need us.

Milli: That’s right!

Geo: Well, I know there’s nothing to be afraid when I’m with you guys.

(Milli and Bot both hug him)

Milli: Awww, and we know there’s nothing to be afraid with you either.

(A while later, the team reaches the Fountain Headquarters)

Good Night, Team UmizoomiEdit

Milli: *Yawns* Night adventures really take it out of you. I’m going to bed. Good night.

(She walks into her room and turns off the light)

Geo and Bot: Good night, Milli.

Geo: Hey Bot, can you tuck me in?

Bot: Sure, Geo.

(They both walk into his room) (Geo hops into his bed)

Bot: Geo, you really made Milli and me proud tonight.

Geo: Yeah, but facing fears can make me tired.

Bot: Night, Geo.

(He begins to walk out)

Geo: Uh, Bot? Can you turn on the nightlight?

Bot: Of course!

(He turns on the nightlight)

I guess you still want to try out the nightlight, huh?

(No answer) Geo?

(Geo is already asleep with a big smile)

(Quietly) Sweet dreams, Geo.

(Bot quietly leaves Geo’s room)

Thanks for your help tonight, Umi-Friend. Now we fixed the blackout and Geo’s no longer really afraid of the dark. You know, I wonder what he’s dreaming about this time.

(It is shown that Geo is dreaming about the ending song: “Crazy Shake” with the heart, doing the Crazy Shape dance)

{The End}

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