Nick V. HumiCar is the character and team member of Team Umizoomi.

Nick V

He has 3 powers.

His first power is to fix broken things with his super tech-drills. His second power is a flashlight he uses called a “High Tech Flash Light!”, and his third power is a super tech visor he uses.

Character’s Information Edit

He is a boy with lots of technology to solving a problem.

Inspiration Edit

Live Action Movie Directors

Moose A. Moose

Sonic the Hedgehog (because Nick uses his super duper fast skates to get to where guests need to be fast)

Nickelodeon Logo

Geo (Milli’s little brother)

Quotes Edit

Reminder: Italics in bold are singing.

“Oh no, it’s Dr. Chaos!” -Nick when he sees Dr. Chaos

”Places, and action!” -Nick taking charge of the movie director’s job.

Super Tech-Drills!” -Nick pulling out his super tech drills to fix up broken stuff.

High-Tech Flash Light!” -Nick pulling out his high tech flash light to look for things in the dark.

”Time to use my super tech visor to look for Dr. Chaos!” -Nick turning on his super tech visor to look for Dr. Chaos.

Appearance Edit

Lights, Camera, Action! Edit

Nick V. HumiCar is the member of the team to direct the Live Action Cinderella movie and take charge while the movie director is on break. He grabs his megaphone and says “Lights, Camera, Action!” and the screen goes to movie theater form. If an actor does something wrong like swearing or fighting, Nick shouts “Cut!“ and the screen goes back to normal form. After several fails, Nick plans to get the scene right.

School Play Night Edit

Nick V. HumiCar now directs a school play, instead of saying “Lights, Camera, Action!”, he says “And action!” to start the scene of the school play. If a school play actor does something wrong like sneezing or falling off the stage, Nick shouts “Cut!!!!!!!!!!” as a reference to the same phrase Nick shouts in Lights, Camera, Action! After several trips and slips, Nick plans to get the school play right.

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