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So… I know that this is a Team Umizoomi fandom. But did anything felt shocked at the Gordon Ramsay commercial? So, I thought of one creating one with Peter and Lois from Family Guy! Here it is!

Heading 2[]

Peter: Man this was weirder than that time me and Lois were on a Team Umizoomi Commercial.

(The scene then shows Peter and Lois having a plate of brownies)

Lois: Peter, there are too many brownies to eat!

(Team Umizoomi arrives)

Geo: Hiya Mr. and Mrs. Griffin!

Peter: Aagh!

Lois: Who the heck are you!

Milli: We're team Umizoomi!

Peter: Oh right, your that team where Chris never shuts up about…

Bot: Seems that you have 20 brownies on your plate.

Peter: Yeah! We can't eat it all!

Geo: Then let's divide them into equal parts!

???: Not so fast!

Milli: Oh no…

(The troublemakers are here)

Big Trouble: Let's see if you'll like your brownies, extra exploded!

(Little Trouble and Big Trouble shoot thier trouble ray on the brownies which cause them to explode)

Peter: …my Brownies

Little Trouble: Trouble you later!

(As they were about to drive off, Peter grabs them)

Little Trouble: Aargh!

Peter: You know what you did…

Big Trouble: Let.. us… go!

Peter: No! You ruin my brownies!

Lois: Peter, do what you must.

(Peter then nods, then Lois, then surprisingly Team Umizoomi)

Big Trouble: What are you doing?

(Peter then grabs a blender, drops them in the blender)

Peter: This is what happens to “troublemakers” who messes with brownies…

(Peter then turns the blender on, which causes Big Trouble and Little Truble to be grinded into a bloody puree as they scream)

Announcer: Team Umizoomi, let's your kids learn math by grinding up troublemakers ruining your food.

(Peter, Lois, and Team Umizoomi now eat “brownies”)

Lois: Mmm! These brownies are f(bleep)ing delicous!

Bot: Your damn right!

Peter: This sh(bleep) hits the fan!

Milli: Can we go now? I feel a bit sick…

Geo: Yeah, eating them is weird…

All: …Nah! They deserved it!