This song is about Milli sang from Geo

Lyrics Edit

Geo: 🎵She's my sister, my big sister, I look up to her🎵

Geo: I'm her ace of ♠️spades♠️.

Geo: She's my queen of ♥Hearts♥.

Geo: I'll bring her a ♦diamond♦.

Geo: And bring her a ♣club♣.

Geo: I hope she'll be okay!

Geo: Because she is my sister!

(The screen changes Milli in a tower)

Milli: I didn't mean those words.

Milli: But now look at me!

Milli: I'm a monster~a monster.

Milli: A big scary monster.

Milli: I was terrible sister!

Milli: I hope everyone will forgive me.

Milli: Especially, Geo you'll see.

Milli: Your sister is a monster.

(The screen changes with Geo and Milli singing together)

Geo: I don't think you're a monster.

Milli: You really should.

Geo: Your bestest sister ever!

Milli: No I'm not!

Geo: You are!

Milli and Geo: But I still... love you.

(The screen fades to just only Geo)

Geo: Don't worry Milli, I'll find you.

(The screen shows Geo skating away)

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