(4th project)

In this adventure, Team Umizoomi meets Mr. Stork, who delivers baby animals to their families. However, he hurts his wing and can't deliver 3 baby animals in the city. It's up to Team Umizoomi to get the baby animals to their families. Can they manage it?

Intro: Lookout For Mr. StorkEdit

(The episode starts with Team Umizoomi at Lake Umi)

(The team waves their hands)

Geo: Hi, we’re Team Umizoomi.

Bot: Today, we’re at Lake Umi with our friend, Ms. Duck.

(Ms. Duck waves her wing)

Ms. Duck: Hello there. It’s nice to meet you. *Quack*

(Other female ducks are heard nearby)

Other ducks: *Quack* *Quack*

(Milli points them out)

Milli: Hey, look! Are those some of your duck friends, Ms. Duck?

(The other female ducks are seen out on the lake each with their own baby duckling)

Ms. Duck: Why yes, they are.

Ducklings: *Peep* *Peep* *Peep*

Milli: *Gasps happily* Look, they all have baby ducklings! They’re so cute!

Geo: Yeah, they’re so adorable.

Ms. Duck: *Sighs sadly* Yes, adorable…

Bot: Is something wrong, Ms. Duck?

Ms. Duck: Well, all of my friends as you can see have their own ducklings, but I don’t have one.

Milli: *Sympathetically* Aw, poor Ms. Duck. She wants her own duckling like all of her duck friends, but she doesn’t have one.

Bot: I wish we could do something about it.

Geo: Well, maybe Mr. Stork will deliver you your own baby duckling.

Bot: What!?

Milli: Huh!? Geo, a stork is a white bird with long legs.

Geo: But I heard that he delivers baby animals to their mothers.

Bot: Oh, Geo. Mr. Stork is just an old fairy-tale.

Geo: He’s not an old fairy-tale! I believe he’s real, and he could be flying above us right now.

(A male voice is heard above them)

Voice: Look out for Mr. Stork!

(Bot looks up and see something flying down)

Bot: Duck!

Ms. Duck: Oh, Bot. It’s ‘Ms. Duck,’ you silly robot.

Bot: *Embarrassed* I’ll take that as a compliment. *Shouts* But meant the other duck!

Others: Oh!

(They all duck their heads and the ‘something’ crashes into a tree nearby)

Voice: I’m alright!

(They all run over to the tree and see a stork with 4 white bags)

Stork: I need to work on my landings.

Milli: Um, excuse me, sir, who are you?

Geo: *Realizes something* Wait a second! Are you, Mr. Stork?

Mr. Stork: Yep; I’m the Mr. Stork! I guess some kids know that I’m not just an old fairy-tale.

(Bot and Milli both get really embarrassed)

Bot: *Whistles innocently*

(Milli blushes while she twiddles her thumbs)

(Mr. Stork pulls out a notebook)

Mr. Stork: Now, could you tell me which one of you is Ms. Duck?

Ms. Duck: That’s me, Mr. Stork. *Realizes something* Wait a minute! I have a delivery!?

Mr. Stork: That’s correct! Just a moment.

(He walks over to his 4 white bags, but he look confused)

Uh, oh. I need the bag that’s the smallest, but I forgot which one it is.

Geo: I can help with that, Mr. Stork, sir.

(He looks at the screen)

Help me find the bag that’s the smallest.

(The screen shows the four white bags)

Which bag is the smallest?

(The third one glows)

Yeah, that one is smaller than the others!

(Mr. Stork picks up the third bag)

Mr. Stork: Yep, this is him.

Bot: *Confused* “Him”?

(Mr. Stork gives Ms. Duck the white bag) (The bag wiggles and a kind of baby animal pops out)

Baby Animal: *Peep, peep*

Milli: *Gasps* Look, it’s a baby duckling, and he’s so cute!

Duckling: *Peep*

(Ms. Duck kisses her new duckling)

Ms. Duck: *Mwah* Oh, he’s the perfect little duckling for me. And I’ll call him… Oh, I know! Fuzzy.

Fuzzy: *Peep*

Ms. Duck: Thank you so much, Mr. Stork. I’ll take really good care of him, and I’ll love him like any great mommy would.

Fuzzy: *Peep* *Peep*

The Team Fills inEdit

Mr. Stork: Your welcome, Ms. Duck. I’m just doing my job.

(He looks at his watch on his wrist)

Uh oh! I gotta get going. I have three more baby animals to deliver!

(He picks up the other three white bags) (He suddenly drops them)


(Team Umizoomi runs over to him)

Geo: Mr. Stork, are you okay!?

Mr. Stork: I hurt my wing. …Must’ve been the fall. But that won’t stop me. I have to get these baby animals to their mommies, today.

(He hold his wing)


Bot: But you can’t go anywhere, not without resting that wing.

Mr. Stork: But these baby animals are counting on me, and they can’t wait to meet their mommies.

Milli: You’ve got a good point, Mr. Stork. Guys, there just has to be something we can do.

Bot: But what?

(The team starts to think)

Milli: Hmmm…

(Geo gets an idea)

Geo: I know! Maybe we can take the baby animals to their mommies!

Milli and Bot: Huh!?

Geo: Uh, what I mean is… Mr. Stork, is it alright if we fill in for you until your wing is better.

Mr. Stork: Well, all these baby animals are being delivered around Umi City. So… okay, it’s fine with me.

Geo: Thanks sir! We won’t you down!

Milli: Uh, Geo, how are we supposed to carry the animals?

Geo: Let’s call UmiCar.

(He pulls out his Umi-Phone)

He can help us out.

(He dials the number on the phone)

(Through the phone) Calling UmiCar, calling UmiCar! Come and get us!

(UmiCar appears and stops in front of them)

UmiCar: UmiCar!

Geo: Hi, UmiCar!

UmiCar: *Beeps*

Geo: Listen, we have three baby animals to deliver to their mommies. Can you help us carry them?

UmiCar: *Vroom-vroom*

(Three comfortable beds in a wagon appear behind him)

Bot: Look! Umi-Car has a comfy bed wagon.

Milli: Aw, the baby animals will love it.

(Geo skates over to Mr. Stork)

Geo: Um, Mr. Stork, what are the baby animals and where do we take them?

Mr. Stork: I’ll show you.

(He walks over to the 3 white bags) (He uses his wing, which is the one that isn’t hurt, to untie the first bag) (Inside is a fox kit)

Kid: *Yawns*

Geo: Aw, it’s a baby fox.

Milli: She’s so adorable.

Mr. Stork: Ms. Fox from the Umi City Forest will think so too.

Bot: The baby fox goes to Ms. Fox in the forest. Got it.

(He record it in his Robot-Computer)

(Mr. Stork places the baby fox in one of the comfy beds)

(He goes back to the other bags and uses the same wing as before and unties another bag) (Inside is a little lion cub)

Lion cub: *Yawns and meows*

Geo: Awww! It’s a baby lion. He’s so adorable.

Mr. Stork: Mr. and Mrs. Lion at the zoo are his parents.

Bot: The baby lion goes to the Umi-City Zoo. Okay.

(He record it in his Robot-Computer)

(Mr. Stork places the lion cub in the second bed)

(He goes to the last bag and unties it) (Inside is a little lamb)

(The lamb flutters her eyes open and gets up)

Little Lamb: *Excited* *Baa*

(She starts to run around)

Milli: Awww, it’s a little lamb! She is just the cutest little lamb ever!

(Little Lamb starts to looks around)

Little Lamb: *Baa?* *Baa?* *Sadly* *Baa*

Milli: Bot, why is Little Lamb so sad?

Bot: It looks like she wants her mommy. Mr. Stork, where is Little Lamb’s mommy.

Mr. Stork: Well, her mommy, Ms. Sheep is over at the farm.

Bot: The farm, got it!

(Milli walks over to Little Lamb)

Milli: Don’t worry, Little Lamb. We’ll take you to your mommy.

Little Lamb: *Happily* *Baa*

(She nuzzles Milli)

Milli: *Giggles*

Mr. Stork: Now, little one, let’s climb into your little bed, okay?

Little Lamb: *Baa*

(Little Lamb hops into the last bed) *Baa*

Milli: Those baby animals are so adorable. But a baby fox, a lion cub, and a little lamb are not going to be easy to deliver.

(She looks at the screen*)

We really need your help. Will you help us get the baby animals to their mommies? Umirific! Team Umizoomi...

Team Umizoomi: It's Time For Action!

UmiCar: *Vroom-Vroom* *Beep* *Beep*

Geo: Umi-Car is ready to go, guys. I guess it’s time to get going!

(Milli, Geo, and Bot all hop in UmiCar)

Milli: Seatbelts, on!

(They put on their seatbelts)

Ms. Duck: Good luck, Team Umizoomi!

Fuzzy: *Peep-peep*

Bot: *Waves* Bye, Ms. Duck! Bye Fuzzy!

Geo: Step on it, UmiCar. Our first stop is the forest.

Umi-Car: *Beep* *Beep*

Team Umizoomi: Umizoomi!

UmiCar: *Vroom-Vroom*

(He zooms off) (Ms. Duck and Mr. Stork wave to them)

Mr. Stork: *Calls out to them* Be careful with the baby animals!

Bot: Who's going to get the animals to their mommies?

Team Umizoomi: We are, Team Umizoomi!

Milli: Who's going to get the animals to their mommies?

Team Umizoomi: We are, Team Umizoomi!

We're on a mission to save the day.

Here we come, we're on our way!

Geo: We're going to get the animals to their mommies!

Team Umizoomi: Yeah, Team Umizoomi!

Rowing in Umi RiverEdit

(Umi-Car speeds down a dirt path into a forest)

Bot: Look there’s the forest!

(Umi-Car drives into the forest)

Geo: Bot, where does Ms. Fox live?

Bot: She lives on the other side of the river.

(Milli looks ahead)

Milli: UmiCar, stop!

(UmiCar screeches to a stop)

(Geo and Bot see what’s in front of them, the river)

Geo: Is that the river?

Bot: It certainly is!

(Milli sees something across the river)

Milli: Look!

(The screen zooms in on a cave on the other side of the river)

I see a small cave on the other side!

Bot: Actually, it’s a den. That’s a small cave that animals in the forest live in.

Geo: Are foxes one of those animals?

(The fox kit looks out and sees something on the other side of the stream)

Kid: *Yips*

Milli: Uh, guys? I think baby fox sees something.

(The screen shows a fox walking out of the den and stretching its body)

What is she seeing?

(Milli sees the fox on the other side of the river)

Oh, yeah. It’s a fox.

Geo: She looks like a big fox.

Bot: I think that she’s Ms. Fox.

(The fox kit hops out of her basket and runs to the river)

Kid: *Yips*

(Geo hops out of UmiCar and skates after her)

Geo: Baby fox, wait!

(The fox kit stops right at the edge of river) (Geo skates up to her)

You can’t go in the river; you can’t swim.

Kid: *Confused* *Yip*

Geo: Don’t worry, baby fox. I know how to get across the river. I can make us a rowboat with my Super-Shapes!

(His antennae glow and the background around him is one big blueprint) (A blueprint picture of a rowboat is shown)

These are the shapes we need to make a rowboat. What shape goes here?

(The body of the boat glows in outline)

A crescent, right!

(He make a crescent from his Shape Belt and tosses it into its place)

Now let’s make the oars. What shape do we need? Rectangles, right!

(He uses his Shape Belt to make two of two different rectangles which all go in the oars’ outlines perfectly)

Now, to turn these shapes into a Super-rowboat, let’s sing… Super Shapes!

(The shapes transform into a rowboat) (The background turns back to normal)

Bot: Awesome rowboat, Geo.

Geo: Thanks, Bot. C’mon, baby fox. Let’s go!

Kid: *Yips*

Geo: Life-vest, on!

(His life-vest appears on him) (He and the fox kid hop into the row boat)

(He rows off)

Milli: *Calls out* Good luck, Geo! And be careful of the river rocks!

(Geo doesn’t realize that there are river rocks)

Geo: “River rocks?!” Uh oh. If the rowboat hits any river rocks, it will sink! Umi-Friend, I need your help. I can’t watch for the river rocks and row at the same time. When you see any river rocks, say “Rock!”

(A big rock comes into view)

Rock!? I better row to the left!

(He rows to the left and avoids the river rock) *Grunts in effort*

Whew, that was close, but there are more river rocks. When you see any river rocks, say “Rock!”

(Another big rock comes into view)

Rock!? I better row to the right this time!

(He rows to the right and avoids the river rock) *Grunts in effort*

Whew, that was closer. I just hope there isn’t a group of river rocks around…

(A group of river rocks comes into view)


(He turns around and sees the river rocks)

Uh oh! To get past the rocks, should I row left or right! Left? Okay. Here I go!

(He rows to the left and the river rocks are avoided) *Grunts in effort*

Whew, that was closer. Thanks for helping me get passed the river rocks! Look, we made to the other side!

(The boat stops at the bank) (Geo and the fox kid hop out of the rowboat)

(They run over to the den)

Ms. Fox must be in the den. I’ll call to her! *Calls out* Ms. Fox!

(Ms. Fox comes out) (She has a warm voice)

Ms. Fox: Hello? Is anyone there?

(She notices Geo and the fox kid)

Oh, why hello there, Geo. How are you, today?

Geo: I’m fine.

Ms. Fox: Who is this sweet little fox with you?

Geo: Well, she’s a delivery from Mr. Stork to you.

Kid: *Yips excitedly*

Ms. Fox: *Gasps happily* She’s for me? Oh, she’s so adorable.

(She cuddles with the fox kit)

Kid: *Yips happily*

(Her tail touches Ms. Fox’s nose)

Ms. Fox: *Laughs* What a fluffy tail you have. You know, I have the perfect name for you. Fluffy. Thank you so much, Geo.

Geo: No problem, see you around, Ms. Fox. Bye, Fluffy!

(Ms. Fox waves her paw)

Ms. Fox: Bye, sweetheart! *To Fluffy* C’mon, Fluffy, let’s go see your new home.

Fluffy: *Yips*

(The foxes go into the den)

(The screen shifts back to the other side of the river) (Milli and Bot see Geo row in the rowboat back over)

Bot: You did it, Geo!

(Geo hops out of the rowboat)

Geo: Ms. Fox loves the little fox, and her name is Fluffy.

Milli: I’m so happy!

Directory SignsEdit

Bot: Okay, team. We delivered the little fox to her mommy. Which baby animals do we still need to deliver? Yeah, the lion cub and the little lamb.

(Milli hears Little Lamb)

Little Lamb: *Sadly* *Baa*

(Milli walks over to her)

Milli: Don’t worry, Little Lamb, we’ll get to your mommy. I promise.

Little Lamb: *Happily* *Baa*

(She nudges Milli)

Milli: *Giggles*

(She jumps into UmiCar) (Geo and Bot are already inside)

Geo: C’mon, UmiCar! We have to go to the zoo!

UmiCar: *Honk-honk* *Engine whirls*

(He zooms off) (He leaves the forest and soon heads into the zoo)

Milli: There’s the zoo!

(UmiCar stops at a zoo directory sign)

Bot: Look, there’s the directory sign.

Geo: *Confused* The ‘diren-tori climb?’

Bot: No, ‘directory sign.’ It’s a sign and a map in the zoo. It tells you where to go.

Geo: *Embarrassed* Oh, uh, I knew that…

Milli: Look, the sign has pictures of all the animals at the zoo. We need to get Lion Cub to Mr. and Mrs. Lion.

Bot: Then we have to look for the picture of the lion.

(The screen shows the whole map)

Which one of these pictures has a lion on it?

(One of the pictures glows)

That one, yeah.

Milli: Then that means we go that way!

(She points in the right direction)

Geo: Step on it, UmiCar!

UmiCar: *Engine whirls*

(UmiCar zooms off in the right direction) (He stops at an exhibit)

Animal: *Roars*

Milli: I hear a roaring animal.

(She jumps up and a tiger is seen)

Wait a minute, that’s not a lion. What is it? A tiger!?

(The tiger notices her)

Tiger: *Roar?* *Roars loudly*

Milli: *Gasps* Yikes!

(She jumps down) (She jumps back in)

Geo: Hurry, UmiCar!

(UmiCar zooms off)

(The tiger sees them go)

Tiger: *Roar-roar* (Which means “Oh, well”)

(She walks off)

(UmiCar stops in front of another directory sign)

Bot: Another directory sign! Which picture looks like a lion? That one, right!

Geo: We need to go that way!

(He points to the left)

Go, UmiCar!

UmiCar: *Engine whirls*

(He zooms off into the right direction) (He stops near a zoo exhibit)

Geo: I wonder if this where the lions are.

(He hops up to see the exhibit) (A purple animal is playing in the trees)

That’s not a lion. What is it? A monkey, yeah. Hey, that’s our friend, Purple Monkey.

(He waves to Purple Monkey)

Hi, Purple Monkey!

(Purple Monkey waves back)

Purple Monkey: *Ook-ook* *Eeek-eeek*

(Geo hops down) (He hops into UmiCar)

Geo: Let’s keep going.

(UmiCar zooms off) (He stops in front of another directory sign)

Geo: Look! Another diren-tori climb!

Milli: Geo, it’s a ‘directory sign.’

Geo: *Embarrassed* I knew that…

Bot: If we figure out which way to go, then we’ll reach the lions. Which picture is a lion? That one, yeah! So we go that way!

(He points down the path that goes straight)

Geo: Let’s go, UmiCar!

UmiCar: *Engine whirls*

(He zooms off down the straight path) (He stops in front of another zoo exhibit)

Bot: I’ll see if this is where the lions are.

(He hops up)

Animals: *Roars*

Bot: Whoa! Look at all the lions.

(Milli, Geo, and the lion cub hop up)

Geo: Alright! We couldn’t have done it without the diren-tori climbs!

Milli and Bot: *In unison* ‘Directory signs!’

Geo: *Embarrassed* I still knew that…

The Lion Sleeps in the AfternoonEdit

Bot: C’mon! Let’s get lion cub to Mr. and Mrs. Lion.

Milli: *Nervous* Uh, Bot, the lions make me a little nervous.

Geo: Me too.

Bot: Don’t worry, I’ll handle it. Let’s go, lion cub!

Lion cub: *Meows*

(Bot and Lion Cub hop near a den)

Bot: Look, the lions live in dens, and the dens have numbers on them. Mr. and Mrs. Lion live in one of them. According to my Robot-Computer, they live in den number 6. We’re in front of den number 1. C’mon, lion cub!

Lion Cub: *Meows*

(Sleeping animals are heard in the den)

Animals: *Snores and roars*

Bot: Uh-oh! *Whispers* Some of these dens have sleeping lions. We don’t want to wake the lions. Lions get really grumpy when you wake them up. We better walk quietly.

(He tiptoes slowly with Lion cub crouched down and crawling slowly)

(They are in front of Den # 2)

(Normal voice) Here’s Den # 2.

Lion cub: *Meows*

Bot: Don’t worry, lion cub, not all of the dens have sleeping lions. Let’s listen for sleeping lions.

(He places his hand up to where he hears) (Nothing is heard)

Does this den have sleeping lions? Nope, we don’t have to walk quietly this time.

(He and Lion cub run past Den # 2 and stop in front of Den # 3)

Here’s Den # 3. Let’s listen for sleeping lions.

(He places his hand up to where he hears) (Snores and roars are heard)

Does this den have sleeping lions? *Whispers* It does. We better move quietly.

(He and Lion cub slowly move past Den # 3 and stop in front of Den # 4)

(Normal voice) Here’s Den # 4. Let’s listen for sleeping lions.

(He places his hand up to where he hears) (Nothing is heard)

Does this den have sleeping lions? Nope, it’s empty. C’mon, lion cub.

Lion cub: *Meows*

(They run past Den # 4 and stop in front of Den # 5)

Bot: Den # 5. Let’s listen.

(He places his hand up where he hears) (Snores and roars are heard)

Does this den have sleeping lions? *Whispers* It does. Let’s move slowly.

Lion cub: *Meows quietly*

(They both move slowly past Den # 5 and stop in front of Den # 6)

Bot: *Normal voice* Look, Den # 6. Mr. and Mrs. Lion are in here!

Lion cub: *Meows happily*

(A male lion with a big mane and a lioness come out of the den)

Mr. Lion: *Roars*

Mrs. Lion: I know, Leo. I wish the other lions would calm down while we’re sleeping.

(The lions notice Bot)

Bot: Excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Lion. I’m super sorry to interrupt your nap. But I have a delivery from Mr. Stork to you both.

Lion cub: *Meows*

Mrs. Lion: He’s for us?

Bot: Yep.

(Mrs. Lion hugs Lion cub) (Mr. Lion nudges Lion cub)

Mr. Lion: *Roars softly and happily*

Mrs. Lion: I’m happy too. And we’ll call him Leo Jr.

Leo Jr.: *Meows happily*

Bot: I think he likes his name. Well, I’d better get back to Milli and Geo.

(Mr. Lion lifts him up to his head)


(Leo Jr. is on Mrs. Lion’s back)

Mrs. Lion: How about a lion-ride back?

Bot: Thanks. I appreciate it.

(Mr. Lion gives him a ride back to the edge of the exhibit) (He hops off of Mr. Lion and waves to the lions)

Bye, lions!

Mrs. Lion: Bye!

Mr. Lion: *Roars*

Leo Jr.: *Meows*

(Bot hops down to Milli and Geo)

Geo: You did it, Bot!

Bot: It was tough, but a bunch of lions don’t scare this robot.

(A different lion is heard)

Different lion: *Roars loudly*

(The team is surprise)


(He runs into UmiCar)

Milli and Geo: *Laugh*

(They both hop into UmiCar) (Bot is ducking down)

Geo: Oh, Bot.

(Milli smiles while she shakes her head slowly)

Geo: UmiCar, let’s go!

UmiCar: *Honks* *Engine whirls*

(He zooms off) (He drives out of the zoo)

Milli: Bot, we left the zoo.

(Bot looks up)

Bot: *Embarrassed* I knew that…

(Geo tries not to laugh)

Veggie PatternEdit

Well, we delivered the little fox and lion cub to their families. What baby animals do we still have to deliver? Yeah, we still have to deliver Little Lamb.

Milli: (to Little Lamb) Do you hear that, Little Lamb, you’re going to see your mommy!

Little Lamb: *Happily* *Baa*

Geo: C’mon, UmiCar! We have to hurry to the farm!

UmiCar: *Engine whirls*

(He drives faster) (The farm comes into view)

Bot: Look, there’s the farm!

(Milli points somewhere around the farm)

Milli: And look!

(The screen zooms into where she’s pointing)

There’s Ms. Sheep!

(Ms. Sheep looks sad)

(The screen goes back to normal)

Geo: Let’s go, UmiCar!

UmiCar: *Honks* *Engine whirls*

(He drives over to where Ms. Sheep is) (The team hears a man’s voice, who is the farmer)

Farmer’s voice: Come back here, you rolling veggies!

(UmiCar stops at a hill) (He moves away from the hill to avoid a bunch of vegetable, rolling down the hill)

Bot: Hot Hard-drives! Look at all those vegetables!

Geo: We’ll won’t get to Ms. Sheep with all of these vegetables rolling down.

(Milli has a thinking look on her face) (She gets an idea)

Milli: I know! I can ride Little Lamb up the hill!

(Little Lamb hops out the wagon and let’s Milli hop on her back)

Bot: But Milli, how are you going to get past all the vegetables?

Milli: The vegetables are in a pattern. And I can get past any pattern with my… Pattern Power!

(She jumps and her dress’ pattern changes to match the vegetable pattern)

My dress shows the vegetable pattern. It goes: Cucumber, Squash, Pumpkin. To get past the vegetables, Little Lamb will have to walk over the Cucumbers, crouch down to get pass the Squash, and jump over the Pumpkins. Over, Crouch, Jump; that’s the pattern. Can you do it, Little Lamb?

Little Lamb: *Baa*

Milli: Then let’s go!

(Little Lamb gallops up the hill)


(The vegetables rolling down the hill start to appear)

Over the Cucumber…

(Little Lamb gallops over the cucumber)

Crouch down…

(Little Lamb crouches down and avoids the bouncing squash)

Jump over the Pumpkin!

(Little Lamb jumps over the Pumpkin)

(As Milli says the pattern, Little Lamb does the action)

Over, Crouch, Jump! Say it with me! Over, Crouch, Jump, Over, Crouch--- What comes next? Jump!

Little Lamb: *Baa*

(She jumps over the pumpkin)

Milli: We’re doing it! Let’s keep saying the pattern!

Over, Crouch, Jump, Over, Crouch, Jump--- what comes next? Over! Now what? Crouch! And what comes last? Jump!

(Little Lamb does a big jump over the last pumpkin) (The two are at the top of the hill)

Wa-hoo! We made it past all the vegetables and we made it to the top! Great job, Little Lamb!

Little Lamb: *Happily* *Baa*

(Milli spins around and the pattern on her dress returns back to normal) (They both look at the screen)

Milli: And thank you, Umi-Friend. We couldn’t have done it without you.

First WordsEdit

(They look ahead and see Ms. Sheep lying down on some grass)

Look, Little Lamb! There’s your mommy!

Little Lamb: *Happily* *Baa*

(She gallops over to Ms. Sheep)

(Ms. Sheep notices her) (She gets up)

Ms. Sheep: Where did you come from?

Milli: Hi, Ms. Sheep. This little lamb is for you.

Little Lamb: *Baa*

Ms. Sheep: *Happily* She’s… for me?

(Milli hops off of Little Lamb)

(Ms. Sheep and Little Lamb both nuzzle each other)

She’s so sweet. I love her!

Little Lamb: *Baa*

(Little Lamb walks over to Milli and nuzzles her)

Milli: *Giggles* You’re so sweet.

Little Lamb: *Baa?*

Milli: Sorry, but I can’t stay and play some more. I’ve got some things to do.

(Little Lamb walks to a flower and uses her mouth to pick it) (She gives it Milli)

Is this flower for me? Aw, thank you!

Ms. Sheep: I think I’ve got the perfect name for a sweet little lamb like you. Sweetheart.

Milli: I think that name is perfect for you!

Sweetheart: *Baa* Milli!

Milli: *Gasps* Sweetheart, you said my name, and that was your first word!

Ms. Sheep: Oh, my little Sweetheart, mommy’s so proud!

Little Lamb: *Baa*

(Milli hugs her)

Milli: I’ll come and visit you.

Sweetheart: Milli…

Milli: I have to go now.

(She walks away and waves to the sheep)

Bye, Ms. Sheep. See you later, Sweetheart!

(She leaves them) (Ms. Sheep and Sweetheart wave)

Ms. Sheep: Bye!

Sweetheart: *Baa*

(Milli is on the hill) (She notices a piece of wood)

Milli: Hey, I can use this piece of wood to slide down the hill!

(She picks up the piece of wood and drops it on the edge of the hill) (She hops on the wood piece and slides down the hill)


(She slides back down to Geo and Bot)

Bot: Milli, you did it!

Geo: That was awesome, sis!

Milli: *Giggles* Thanks guys.

A Job Well DoneEdit

(Mr. Stork flies down to them)

Mr. Stork: Hey, Team Umizoomi!

(They notice Mr. Stork behind)

Geo: It’s Mr. Stork!

Bot: Hello, Mr. Stork. How’s your wing?

(Mr. Stork flaps the wing he hurt)

Mr. Stork: Much better, and I so proud of you, Team Umizoomi. All the baby animals are with their new families, and they look so happy.

Milli: We’re just happy you’re all better, and we feel so happy for sweet baby animals.

Mr. Stork: You all have such big hearts. For all your hard work, you deserve…

(He reaches into his bag and pulls out small wing medals)

these wing medals.

(He places the wings on each of them)

Geo: Thank you so much, Mr. Stork, sir.

Mr. Stork: Just doing my job, like you little guys. You maybe tiny, but you are mighty.

(He looks at a pocket watch he has)

Furry critters, I have to get going now! I love my job, but my work is never done.

(He flies off)

So long, Team Umizoomi!

(They all wave “bye” to him)

Milli: Bye!

Bot: Have a safe flight!

Geo: Hope we see you again!

Mr. Stork: *Calls out* I hope so too!

(He disappears into the horizon) (The team stops waving)

Bot: Well, team, looks like another job well done.

Milli: I’m so glad we helped all those baby animals get to their families.

Geo: I’m so happy you both believe in Mr. Stork!

Bot: *Embarrassed* Oh, uh, we forgot to tell you that we’re sorry for not believing you.

Milli: Yeah, sorry, little brother.

Geo: No problem. I guess it was kinda hard to believe.

(They all look at the screen)

Milli: Thanks for all your help, Umi-Friend. Now all the baby animals are with their families.

Bot: Yeah! Your math skills sure can ‘soar’!

(Milli and Geo both try not to giggle)

I feel a celebration coming on!

(The Crazy Shake song is performed)

{The End}

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