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Mio has realised that Geo has been sleeping in more and his hair was getting messier. Milli and Bot have also realized this, and are concerned about it. Mio has decided to follow Geo and is shocked when she see’s him going out with.... Wei!? This happens for a few more weeks until Mio decides to confess it to Bot what she had seen. Will this go over well with Geo?

Intro: Sneaking Out[]

(the fountain headquarters at night, then Blazey runs into the kitchen to see Milli eating cereal and Bot washing dishes. Blazey runs to Milli)

Blazey: Hi Milli!

Milli: hi Blazey, I’m Milli and this is my best robot friend, Bot.

Blazey: Hi Bot!

Bot: hello Blazey,

Blazey: Where's Geo and Mio?

Bot: Blazey, Geo and Mio are sleeping in their room, we don’t want to wake them up.

Milli: I think I should be going to bed too Bot, good night Bot.

Bot: good night Milli.

Blazey: Buenas Noches!

(As Milli walks to her room she passes Geo and Mio’s room, the camera moves closer to the door and she sees Mio on the right pink side of the room with black glasses on her face reading a book. Then Geo on the left blue side of the room sleeping or at least trying to. Blazey sneaks into Mio and Geo's room)

Mio: this is such a good book, it’s all about singing songs that are a bit harder to sing then-

Geo: Mio, stop reading, I can’t sleep with your fairy lights still on.

Blazey: Ruff!

Mio: ok fine.

Blazey: Buenas Noches!

(Mio puts her book on her bedside table with her reading glasses, and soon falls asleep.)

(The camera zooms out from Mio to see that Geo and Mio are sleeping. Blazey runs out and Geo opens his eyes and gets up and takes a dark blue hoodie out from under his pillow and puts it on and sneaks out of the room.)

(Geo walks out the door and sneaks down the hall and jumps out of a window. And then Mio appears from behind a plant.)

Mio: I knew people were replacing me with Bruni and making me a tiger, so rude. Oh, and there still doing it, so annoying!

(Mio turns to Lulu with an embarrassed look on her face.)

Mio: sorry Lulu, but it is very rude to replace someone with someone else just because you don’t know them.

Lulu: yes, the same thing happens to me with Blazey. But it’s not there fault, I heard the same thing happened to-

Mio: it doesn’t matter, I need to follow Geo, this is the third time this week he’s been sneaking out.

(Mio puts on a black hoodie, and jumps out the window to chase after Geo)

(Mio lands on the ground and then looks around)

Mio: Lulu, I think I can see Geo.

(Lulu looks in the direction of where Mio is staring)

Lulu: yes that’s definitely Geo.

(The camera pans over to Geo where he seems to be waiting for someone)

(a couple of moments later a figure in a black hoodie with the hood up walks towards Geo)

???: hey Geo, how are you?

Geo: I’m doing fine Wei, are you ready.

(The camera pans back to Mio and Lulu who are behind a bush. Mio has binoculars and Lulu is writing things down in a notebook)

Lulu: what are they doing?

Mio: it looks likes they’re having a conversation.

(Lulu writes down what Mio said while muttering it aloud)

Lulu: having conversation.

Mio: ok, ok, now they’re walking away.

Lulu: Walking away-


Lulu: follow them-

(before Lulu could finish, Mio was dragging her by the arm and was sneakly chasing after Geo and Wei.)

Stuck in the mud[]

Lulu: Mio! Slow down! You’re going too fast!

Mio: I can’t stop now Lulu! Don’t worry there going into...

(Mio let’s go of Lulu’s arm)

Mio: hey! Let’s play the game we used to do all the time.

Lulu: what are you talking about?

Mio: where one of us describe’s something and the other one needs to figure out.

Lulu: oh yeah! I remember now!

Mio: ok, the building that Wei and Geo walked into, is black, has pink and turquoise light line lights, and has a sign of noodles and chopsticks.

(the camera pans to 3 buildings and the one with Mio’s description appears on the end.)

Mio: Lulu, which building did they go into?

(after a few moments, the last building on the right glows up)

Lulu: the one on the right!

Mio: that’s the umi-city Chinese restaurant!

Lulu: Cool! Awesome place for a date! Wei is from China-

Mio: did you say... date?

Lulu: yeah a date.

Mio: two boys can’t date.

Lulu: um... well... two boys can have a play date.

Mio: yes they can! Come on! Let’s follow them.

(Mio and Lulu walk into the restaurant, and it’s kinda crowded)

Lulu: wow! How are we supposed to find Wei and Geo in this place.

Mio: it’s fine, we can find them. How about we play another game we used to play.

Lulu: oh ok, I think I know this one, it’s kinda the same but you’re trying to fine someone or something.

Mio: that’s right! Now Lulu, if you see Wei and Geo say, Wei and Geo.

(the camera pans through some people walking past until we see Wei and Geo walk into a room.)

Lulu: I saw them! They walked into that room!

Mio: well what are waiting for!?

Lulu: my noodles.

Mio: ok fine, you stay here and have your noodles, I’m going in after them to see what there up to in the...

(Mio stops to read to sign on top of the door.)

Mio: the um... kids play area.

Lulu: ok, ok, have fun with that.