Molaura is the Tooth Fairy of Umi City. She appears in A Tooth Fairy In Distress.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Molaura is a bit chubby. Her skin is dark. Her eyes are light brown. Her hair is brown with blue and pink streaks dyed in to match most of her dress and styled in a short spiked-up hairdo.

Her dress has pink and blue stripes in her 3/4 sleeves, leggings, and peplum. Her top, skirt, and ballet flat shoes are purple. She also wears pearl jelwery (based off the phrase "pearly whites"). The pearl necklace has a tooth cameo brooch.

Molaura carries a wide wand with a large tooth-shaped tip adorned with purple oval and circular jewels. The wand handle has pink and blue stripes as well and golden finishes. Her wings are slightly heart-shaped with a pattern of teeth.

Her ideal voice actress is Rihanna.


  • Molaura's name is a pun on "molar".
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