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Part 1: When Bot is having a fishing trip with Doormouse, Milli is forced to take care of Geo, so Milli decides to play a game with Geo, which ended up with Geo missing! Luckily he went to Plunderland a secret world in Umi-city but Milli and Blazey must find Geo before it's too late! Can she and find Geo before Bot gets back?

Part 2: Milli and Geo end up inside the Queen's castle and they must find their way out! But handling with guards, spiders and even the Kooky Cat, is hard to be unnoticed, can they survive through the castle or will they be Plundering in Trouble!

Part 1 Chapter 1 Milli the Babysitter[]

Milli: I'm Milli

Geo: I'm Geo

Bot: I'm Bot

Milli: Welcome to our secret headquarters

Doormouse: Hi There Bot you ready to go on our fishing trip

Bot: Yes I am

Mill: Um Bot, what about Geo?

Bot: Right I forgot about Geo, Why not you take of him Milli

Milli: Are you crazy, taking care of Geo, don't make me laugh Bot

Bot: Oh come on Milli what's the worst that could happen

Geo: Umm, What going on here

Bot: Um Geo, had you overheard what we were talking about

Geo: Um Yea I did

Bot: Now Milli, let's do this in a peaceful manner

Milli: Uh find I do it

Bot: Great now we will be going to Lake Umi to fish

Milli: Okay please come back

Bot: Don't worry we will be back around an hour later

Milli: Okay donki

Bot: Bye

Milli and Geo: Bye Bot

(Bot closes door)

Milli: Now what are going to do

Geo: We could play a game

Milli: We can do that

Geo: Now who is going to hide first?

Milli: I think I would go first on hiding

Geo: You sure because the last time you were in Bubble Trouble and Me and Bot had to save form that bubble

Milli: Um your right you there

Geo: Now start counting

Milli: Okay, but when should I stop counting

Geo: Umm, 20

Milli: I think I can count that

(After counting to 20)

Milli: Geo where are you

(A call from the Umi-Phone)

Milli: Geo where are you

Geo: I don't know I was hiding and then some purple bubble came in took me

Milli: Do you think it is the Troublemakers

Geo: Do the Troublemakers rule over a kingdom?

Milli: You mean Math Kingdom.

Geo: Nope not Math Kingdom

Milli: Oh Okay

Geo: It's a place called Plunderland

Milli: What's that

Geo: I don't know

Milli: It looks like a kingdom

Purple Dragon: Now to take YOU

Milli: Wait what? Where are you taking me?

Part 1 Chapter 2 Going to Plunderland[]

Milli: Where am I?

(Milli soon then looks at what's behind her and saw a tree)

Milli: What is this?

Purple Dragon: This is the entrance to Plunderland...

Milli: Really? What is Plunderland?

Purple Dragon: Why don’t I show you...

(The Purple Dragon soon then gets a key and puts in the tree forming a door and he soon then opens it, and enters the door)

Milli: Wait!

(Milli soon then enter the door and saw many doors and a mushroom path)

Milli: Woah, look at these Mushrooms, Red, Orange, Yellow, Orange. Red, Orange, Yellow, Orange. It comes in a pattern!

(Milli then jumps on the Mushroom path stopping at a split where the top path that goes Red, Black, Blue, White and the bottom that goes Red, Orange, Yellow, Orange)

Milli: Uh Oh...there’s a split in the path, but don’t worry we have the correct path, Red, Orange, Yellow, Orange! That’s the patten (She then changes her dress to a brown dress with the mushrooms in the order of the pattern she stated)

Milli: Which path should we go? The top path or the bottom path?

Milli: (The bottom path glows) the bottom path right!

(She then heads to the bottom path ending at a dead end)

Milli: That’s strange...this path leads me to a dead end!

(The mushroom she is on, starts to shake causing Milli fall)

Milli: Oh no...(She then slips off the mushroom) Aaaaaaaah!

(Milli then lands on a pillow and she sees a door)

Milli: What is that thing?...A door!

Part 1 Chapter 3 A Plunderland Pizza Party[]

Geo: Hi Milli

Milli: Geo how did you get in here

Geo: Read the sign

Milli: Plunderland Pizza Party

Geo: Yeah

Milli: Sounds good enough

Geo: It says, wait are those shapes in a pattern

Milli: They look like it

Geo: I never seen anything like it

Mill: Yeah this time we need to work together like last time

Geo: You mean when Bot had put those crazy skates on

Milli: Wow, I remember that too.

???: Is there something you two are talking about?

(Milli and Geo turn around and sea a tall man in a maroon suit wearing a top hat)

Milli: Who are you?

???: I'm the Hat Master! The Master of Hats of all Hats!

Geo: That's nice... what's with the pattern on your "Plunderland Pizza Party" sign?

Hat Master: Ah Yes! I am a fan of all patterns! Both big and small! But sometimes I make mistakes... like this, (He then grabs dough in shape of a circle, pepperoni, broccoli and yellow pepper) Watch! Pepperoni, Broccoli, Yellow Pepper, Pepperoni, Broccoli, Carrot! See! I put random foods on my pizza! And when I bake the pizza in my oven! (He takes off his hat and pulls out an oven)

Milli: You have an oven inside your hat?

Hat Master: Yes... (He then puts the pizza in an oven and the pizza turns into a triangle) My pizza change shapes!

Geo: Oh dear...

Hat Master: Yes...If only I know what's wrong...

Milli: Maybe we can help!

Geo: Yeah! Milli will help with the toppings and I'll help with the oven!

Hat Master: Okay! Now let's start with the toppings, the toppings goe as Pepperoni, Broccoli, Yellow Pepper...

Milli: OK! Let’s remember! (She then changes her dress into a red dress with the toppings) Hat Master...let’s start!

Hat Master: OK! (He then throws the toppings with some of them being different)

Milli: Here we go, Pepperoni, Broccoli, Yellow Pepper! Pepperoni, Broccoli, Yellow Pepper! Pepperoni, Strawberry, Yellow Pepper! What seems to be wrong in the pattern

Milli: Right. The strawberry! alright, let’s change it up! (She then peels a broccoli and places it on the strawberry, which transforms into a broccoli)

Hat Master: Thank you Milli

Milli: You welcome

Hat Master: Now time for the oven

Geo: So Hat Master! You said that your oven always changes the shape of the pizza..right?

Hat Master: Yes...

Geo: Let’s look at the back (Geo then changes the oven to the back which reveals six buttons with different shapes, which are Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Star and Heart and the triangle button is on) What is the problem with the Oven Blazey?

Geo: Of course! The triangle button is pressed! So which button do we press?

Geo: Right Blazey. The circle button! (He then turns off the triangle button and turns on the circle button)

Geo: How hot does it need to be exactly

Hat Master: I'm glad you ask, read the note than

Geo: It says 300 degrees

Milli: Wow that hot

(After a few minutes laters)

Milli: I hope this works!

Geo: Me too...

Hat Master: I’m Scared!

(The pizza is revealed to be perfect!)

Geo: Yes! It worked!

Hat Master: Thank you so much you two

Milli and Geo: Your Welcome

(Milli’s Umi-Phone calls)

Milli: Hello?

Bot: (On phone) Hey milli!

Milli: Hey bot! How’s the fishing trip?

Bot: Going good, things have and doormouse have entered in a fishing competition!

Milli: Really!

Bot: Yes and where going to head back in 55 minutes!

Milli: Okay!

Hat Master: Who was that?

Geo: That’s Bot, our robot friend!

Hat Master: Friends are nice aren’t they?

Milli: Say...where do we head next In plunderland? We’re trying to leave...

Hat Master: Your not from here are you?

Geo: Nope! We’re from Umi-City!

Hat Master: Oh that’s nice...anyways the next way to the exit is to...

Milli: Where?

Hat Master: Head to the forest maze!

Geo: Okay! Bye!

(After Leaving the Hat Master)

Milli: Wow that dude was nice

Geo: I know

Milli: What's that

Geo: It says: Forest Maze

Blazey: Vamonos! Let's go!

Part 1 Chapter 4 A Forest Maze That’s Kooky[]

Geo: Here's a map

Milli: Let's follow it

Geo: Umm Milli

Milli: Yeah

Geo: We can't follow because we don't have have a screen like Bot

??: I think I can help you with that

(They look behind them a tall dog about the size of Bot)

Geo: Who are you

??: My name in Kooky, Kooky the Kanine

Milli: How did you get there?

Kooky: Get Here, I am the keeper of this hear maze.

Geo: Well can you tell us to get out? We’re trying to figure out a way to exit Plunderland and enter Umi-City...

Kooky: Well I can tell you the way...always enter the path with the most...

Milli: Wait...what do you mean by “most”

Kooky: You’ll see (Giigles while he disappears)

Geo: He is surely strange... anyways let’s pick a path (He the path with nine which glows green)

Milli: Geo! Look!

Geo: Huh (Turns around) Hey! The number 9 is glowing green! Maybe when Kooky said that we have to enter the path with the most, we have to enter the path that is greater!

(Milli and Geo follow the path with the number 9 but they soon stop at another split with the path on the left having a 7 and the path on the right having a 32)

Geo: Which path should we go?

Geo: You're right, The right path! Perfect!

(Milli and Geo follow the path with the 32 and they stop at another split, this time with shapes, a triangle on the left and an oval on the right)

Milli: Uh oh...this time it’s shapes...

Geo: Let’s count the sides, the triangle has 3 sides, and the oval has one side...which path should we go Blazey?

Geo: Right! The left path!

(Milli and geo soon then follow the triangle path ending up in a split with 3 paths, on the left is a 5 petalled flower, one the right is a 16 petalled flower and one the center is a 4 petalled flower)

Milli: Now flowers! Which path should go now?

Milli: The right path! Perfect!

(Milli and Geo enter the path with the 16 petalled flower, and they soon stop at a split one last time with a heptagon at the left, a 6 petalled flower on the right, and the center path having a crescent)

Geo: Which path should head to next?

Geo: Perfect, the left path glows!

(Milli and Geo enter the left path and are soon out of the maze, and after they got out of the maze, Kooky the Kanine appears)

Kooky the Kanine, perfect Umizoomi, your out of The forest maze, your next stop is to the garden of wisdom...

Milli: The garden of wisdom?

Kooky: Yes...but the only way to head there is that you must take these (Kooky gives Milli and Geo two cookies, one blue and one red) Eat them when you see a sign... (He then disappears)

Geo: Wow... (His Umi-Phone rings) Hello?

Doormouse: Hey Team Umizoomi!

Geo: Hey Doormouse! How’s the fishing trip?

Doormouse: Going well... (Under hsi breath) If Mr. Mechanic stops using his robo-hook...

Geo: What?

Doormouse: (Normal Tone) Nothing! We’ll be back in 50 Minutes!

Milli: Wow...

Geo: Alrighty then! Let’s find our way to the garden of wisdom...if we find it...

(A caterpillar goes on Milli’s shoulder)

Caterpillar: Perhaps, I can help!

Milli: Really?

Caterpillar: Yeah! Do you have a cookie?

Geo: We do!

Milli: Do we eat them?

Caterpillar: must eat the cookies!

Geo: Ok!

(Milli and Geo eat the cookies)

Part 1 Chapter 5 The Wise Caterpillar[]

Milli: What did the cookies do to us?

Caterpillar: Of what are your names?

Milli: I’m Milli.

Geo: I'm Geo.

Caterpillar: Ah yes...what brings you here to plunderland?

Milli: My friend Bot is heading on a fishing trip with Doormosue, and I‘m taking care of which Geo got lost and found a a door in a tree brought a purple dragon to bring us here!

Caterpillar: Ah yes...the queen of plunderland’s royal servant...

Milli: Her servant?

Caterpillar: Ah yes...the purple dragon is the servant of the Plunderland Queen, she is quite shy...

Geo: Why?

Milli: Does she have friends?

Caterpillar: No...sadly...but she doesn’t want anyone to talk to her because she believes that they would hurt fact she isn’t allowed to exit the castle!

Geo: She’s stuck in her castle?

Caterpillar: No... it’s just that her security is really top notch...

Milli: you think she can find a way out of here?

Caterpillar: What do you mean?

Geo: We’re trying to get out quickly cause our friend Bot will return in an hour

Caterpillar: I can see that...

Geo: We already pass the Hat Master, The Forest Maze of Kooky the Kanine, where do we head next?

Caterpillar: To the crystal bay of course!

Milli: How do we get to the Crystal Bay?

Caterpillar: Just follow the spades!

Geo: What’s a spade?

Caterpillar: A spade is a shape that has a heart on top with a triangle on the bottom...(He then draws a spade)

Geo: Okay!

(Milli. and Geo leave the caterpillar and they try to find the spade path)

Milli: Remember, the spade path has a heart on top and a triangle on the bottom...

(Four paths open up... one that is spade, one that is heart, one that is diamond, and one that is club)

Geo: Which path should we go?

Milli: Perfect!

(They enter the spade path)

Part 1 Chapter 6 The Crystal Bay[]

(Milli, Blazey and Geo enter the crystal bay, where it’s an icy beach)

Geo: Wow cool place

Milli: I know it's just like Iceburg Bay

Geo: Oh Yeah, when we were trying recuse Umi-Car

???: (Angrily) What are you doing here?

Milli: Hello?

???: (Still angry) Are you deaf? WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING. HERE!

(The unknown person appears as a duke)

Duke: (Calm) What are you doing here?

Milli: We‘re trying to find a way out of Plunderland!

Duke: Ah yes...but why here? Many people try to find a way out, but they never get out...but if they have plunder dust they can...

Geo: How do we get Plunder dust?

Duke: From these crystals! (He shows a red crystal labeled 10) See!

Milli: Why do we need plunder dust?

Duke: Because the crystal bay has crystal growing non stop!

Geo: Is there an exit?

Duke: Yes... it’s just 60 miles away! But don’t worry! The crystals to form Plunder Dust can be only formed if it has the number 10 on it like this red crystal I have! (The duke soon then drops the red crystal which teleports them)

Geo: Wow!

Duke: See! If you could find crystals labeled 10, then that means that they can be used for teleportation!

Milli: Then let’s find them!

Geo: Okay!

Duke: We don’t need to look! Because I have another one! (He pulls out a green crystal also labeled 10) It will be easy as— (The crystal slips out of his hand and it soon breaks into 2 pieces, one labeled 4 and the other labeled 6) Oops...

Milli: It’s not the last one...right?

Duke: Yes it is...

Geo: But wait, the crystals are also labeled with numbers, one crystal is 4 and the other is 6!

Milli: 4 + 6 = equals 10!

Duke: Let’s use them!

Milli: Okay!

(Milli drops the 2 crystals which teleports them)

Geo: Let’s find two crystals that form 10!

(Milli, Geo, and the Duke each find to crystals)

Geo: Alright let's see which crystal pair is equal to 10, (Geo's crystal pair is labeled with 3 and 6, Milli's crystal pair is labeled with 2 and 8, and the duke's crystal pair is labeled with 7 amd 8)

Milli: Which crystal pair is equal to 10?

Blazey: That one? Is it yours Milli?

Milli: Right Blazey! My crystal pair glows! (Milli drop the crystals which teleport them)

Geo: Let's find more! (Milli, Geo, And the duke find crystals again this time Milli’s pair has 5 and 2, Geo has 3 and 7, and the duke has 4 and 4) Which crystal pair is equal to ten?

Blazey: That one? Is it yours Geo?

Geo: Right Blazey! Perfect! (Geo drops the crystals and they teleport some more)

Duke: Let’s find more! (They search for more crystals, which leaves Milli having a pair which is labelled with 1 and 7, Geo having a pair labelled 4 and 8, and the Duke having a pair labeled 5 and 5)

Milli: Which pair is equal to ten?

Blazey: That one? The Duke?

Milli: The duke! Right! (The duke drops his pair and they teleport more)

Duke: Only one more pair to find!

(Geo finds a crystal labeled 20)

Geo: Duke? I found this big crystal labeled 20?

Duke: 20? That will work if we slice it!

Milli: Okay Blazey. (She looks at Blazey) You need to count backwards from 20 to 10)

Duke: Ready!

Blazey: Ruff!

Geo: Alright!

Blazey: 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10!

Duke: Here we go! (Duke drops the crystal and they escape the crystal bay)

Milli: Alright! Thanks duke! You're a big help!

Duke: Your welcome...

(Geo’s phone rings)

Geo: Hello?

Bot: Hey Geo! What’s up?

Geo: Nothing, how’s you and dormouse?

Bot: (Sarcastically) Oh dormouse is a big help...he even told me to stop using my robo-hook and also how can you catch a fish with a net!

Dormouse (Offscreen) Oh please! At least I have money!

Bot: (Normal tone) Geo I gotta call you later... we’ll be back in 40 minutes...

Milli: So what’s the next place duke?

Duke: To the carnival!

Milli: To the carnival!

(Milli and geo enter the exit)

Part 1 Chapter 7 The Carnival Cards[]

Milli: Alright! (Does a samba dance) To the carnival yeah! To the carnival yeah!

(A spade card stops Blazey, Milli and Geo)

Geo: Hello mr card!

Blazey: Hola...Senor Tarjeta?

Spade Card: Hello... Geo and Blazey

Geo: Why are you here?

Spade Card: I’m here to show you the way to the carnival!

Milli: Where is it?

Spade Card: Here! (He grabs a crayon and draws a door)

Geo: Let’s enter it!

(Milli, Geo, Blazey and the Card enter the door, to see a bland carnival)

Spade Card: Huh...this used to be colorful!

(A diamond card walks by)

Diamond Card: That's because the paint levels are dry...and drop the cage

Geo and Milli: Wait what

(Geo and Blazey dodge but not Milli who is stuck)

Geo: Hey let my sister go

Blazey: Vete, Vete!

Diamond: That's because I am not Diamond Card

Spade Card: I am not even Spade Card

Milli: Then who are you then?

Spade and Diamond: We are the......

Troublemakers: Troublemakers

Milli and Geo: (gasp)

Blazey: Woof!

Big Trouble: If that what we said if we were actually them!

Geo: Huh?

(The Troublemakers remove the costumes to reveal two teddy bears one purple and one orange)

Purple Teddy Bear: We're the Teddy Twins!

Orange Teddy Bear: I'm Aurora, and that's my brother, Mark

Milli: Hello... will you let us out?

Aurora: Sure!

(Aurora lifts the cage)

Mark: Sorry about the trick we were planning to trick the Troublemakers

Geo: Really how do you know about the Troublemakers

Mark: I had a feeling you will say that Geo

Milli: Well tell us than don't worry about a thing

Aurora: Right and give us a reason why we should trust you both?

Milli: Excuse me how could you treat me like this I give you no problem

Geo: Now Milli please don't do this is not like you

Milli: Enough I am going to show you both not to mess with the Umi Ninjas

Aurora: No.. We trust you!

Milli: Good… so why are you here?

Mark: We're trying to paint the carnival!

Geo: Carnival?

Aurora: Yes… but we need some paint!

Geo: I think I can figure it out…